Happy Presidential Primary Day: Today Washington State decides who it begrudgingly puts on the ballot for the presidential election this year. But, we at the Stranger Election Control Board say, why choose the lesser of two evils this March when you can instead channel a little ethical nonmonogamy and tell Biden you're not ready to commit. Whether it's the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, the way he's repeating right-wing rhetoric about immigration, or just that its annoying that Biden's still trying to make aviators his thing, you can tell the president he hasn't earned your vote yet by checking the box next to "Uncommitted Delegates." The Guardian wrote a good piece on the success of the uncommitted delegates campaign in other states, including in Hawaii where the option secured 29% of the vote, the highest win so far this season.

If you're a Republican, idk, vote for uncommitted delegates as well because its an own on Biden. Nikki Haley already dropped out, so just have a little fun with it.

You have until 8 pm to drop off your ballots today.  It's probably too late to drop them in the snail mail. Right now, the best way to make sure someone actually counts your ballot is to chuck it in an election drop box.

Mass demonstration scheduled today for Boeing Defense Supplier Summit: More than 50 Seattle organizations have endorsed a mass demonstration outside the Seattle Convention Center today to protest Boeing for profiting off the mass starvation and destruction of Palestinian children in Gaza. The group Resist US-Led War is spearheadeding the event, which starts at noon at Jim Ellis Plaza in Freeway Park. 

Speaking of Boeing: Boeing whistleblower John Barnett died on March from what police said was a "self-inflicted wound." Barnett spent the final days of his life testifying about how Boeing allowed substandard parts to be fitted into their aircrafts. 

Landlord boots Seattle's oldest newsstand: The City removed Turco's Last Stand on 3rd Avenue and Pike Street this week after the owner of the adjacent building called the stand an "eyesore." The operator of the stand, Ben Gant, had adjusted his business to serve the needs of the people on the block, handing out resource guides, leftover pastries, and harm-reduction resources. Rich has more on this loss to the downtown community. 

Cherry blossom season approaches: I'm an absolute sucker for these tissue-paper-thin petals and all the events surrounding their arrival. The third annual U District Cherry Blossom Festival starts March 16 and runs through April 1. Highly encourage people to go find some trees. I'm hoping this year I'll finally manage to snag a sakura bun from Saint Bread.

King County Sheriff's Office files lawsuit against Burien: Burien passed a law earlier this year expanding the City's camping ban to target the unhoused. King County Sheriff Patricia Cole-Tindall and King County filed a complaint with the US District Court in Washington, challenging the constitutionality of the ban. In the meantime, the sheriff's office has told its deputies not to enforce the ban, making Burien pout and stamp their little bigot feet about how the county's not keeping the city safe. On the other hand, King County government seems to be the only group that cares about the people of your city, Burien. 

Cops, who are some of the highest paid city employees, say they need higher salaries: KOMO seems determined to manufacture consent for the Seattle Police Department draining this City of its resources. Despite most SPD officers making literally six-figures in both regular salary and overtime, they're still complaining about their pay, and Council Members Tanya Woo and Bob Kettle said spending more on recruitment bonuses would be a good way to spend public funds. Go mess with this KOMO poll. 

A ship of aid heads to Gaza: A ship carrying about 200 tons of food departed from Cyprus and headed toward Gaza Tuesday morning, according to CNN. Gaza continues to teeter on the brink of famine as children starve to death. Queen Rania Al Abdullah told CNN earlier this week that aid could not replace a ceasefire. 

Special Counsel testifies about Biden classified document investigation: Special Counsel Robert Hur cleared Biden of wrongdoing regarding the way he handled classified documents after he left the vice presidency. But Hur also took an opportunity in his report to take some shots at the president for having a "fuzzy" memory. Hur defended his comments during testimony Tuesday morning. I dunno, seems like Biden was on some cool shit: 

Happy Tuesday, everyone: I woke up to the sound of my carbon monoxide alarm screaming about having a low battery. My friend told me to drown that out with some Christine and the Queens. Enjoy!