Looking to buy land in Seattle? Why don't you snatch up 10 acres of sweet, sweet North Seattle land for only $1.5 million? The only catch is those 10 acres are Crown Hill Cemetery

A big, fat KING 5 correction: Last week, KING 5 reported on how a US District Court judge sided with the King County Sheriff's Office (KCSO) in a legal motion that would preclude the KCSO from enforcing Burien's new camping ban, which makes it illegal for people to sleep overnight within 500 feet of libraries, schools, daycares, parks, and senior centers. The KING 5 report stated the judge had ruled in KCSO's favor and determined the KCSO wouldn't have to enforce the ban. Now, a correction reads that the judge hasn't ruled at all, that many of the quotes KING 5 used in the story—many which were attributed and contained substance about the ruling and the ban's constitutionality—were "misattributed." How can you misattribute quotes about something if the thing hasn't actually happened? This is a big journalistic blunder. So big that it makes you wonder whether a journalist actually wrote it. 

The case of the missing fuselage panel: On Friday afternoon, a United Airlines flight from San Francisco landed as scheduled in Medford, Oregon. However, the flight—a Boeing 737-800—lost a panel of its fuselage during the flight. Crews only discovered the missing panel underneath the plane during a post-flight inspection. I hope it's not too much to ask, but I prefer it when my plane arrives at its destination with all of its pieces.

Warm weather record: This weekend broke warm temperature records. On Sunday, Seattle cracked 72 degrees. The former highest temperature for March 17 in Seattle was when it hit 71 degrees in 1947. This week, temperatures should remain in the 60s until around Wednesday, when things will cool off and the moisture and clouds will return. 

Crows keep digging up Washington lawns: Your stereotypical American dream with the white picket fence and the manicured green lawn didn't account for a murder of crows fucking around in your soil, did it? The lawn-owning elite are panicking over the mess the crows have made of their yards by digging holes, tearing up tufts, and doing a very thorough rummage. It turns out an invasive beetle species originally from the east coast has taken up root in Western Washington soil to literally eat your grass' roots. The crows and their beetle cravings are actually saving the lawns. 

Shocking: Vladimir Putin won reelection Monday in what the Associated Press called "a highly orchestrated landslide." Putin will rule over Russia for another six years. The "preordained Russian election" occurred in the midst of one of Russia's most restrictive eras of freedom of speech and nearly a month after Putin's biggest critic, Alexei Navalny died suddenly in a prison camp. Many Russian flocked to Navalny's grave, placing their ballots there with his name written on them—an act of quiet protest. 

IDF raids Al-Shifa hospital—again: Overnight, the Israel military launched another raid of the northern Gaza hospital that it already targeted back in November under the guise of smoking out an elaborate Hamas command center Israel said existed in tunnels under the building. Now, Israel is attacking the hospital again because, as they say, Hamas fighters "regrouped" there and are directing attacks again. There are 30,000 patients, medical staff, and displaced people sheltering on the hospital's compound.

"Famine is imminent:" The United Nations food agency said famine in Northern Gaza "where 70% of the remaining population is experiencing catastrophic hunger" is imminent. Meanwhile, virtually everyone in Gaza is struggling to get enough food. Starvation, as a European Union diplomat pointed out, is a weapon of war. 

AI gets more racist as it advances: Researchers found that AI large language models such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini hold covert racist biases when it comes to people who speak "African American Vernacular English, or AAVE." AI tools who scan resumes or potential job applicants' social media profiles are more likely to "describe AAVE speakers as 'stupid' and 'lazy,' assigning them to lower-paying jobs,'" according to The Guardian. Even more chilling, researchers found AI tools were "significantly more likely to recommend the death penalty for hypothetical criminal defendants that used AAVE in their court statements." When you create a tool that reflects society, it turns out it will reflect the insidious aspects of that society as well. 

Speaking of the scourge of society: Donald Trump hosted a rally in Dayton, Ohio over the weekend and it was haunting. He started the rally by honoring "the horribly and unfairly treated January 6 hostages" as the national anthem played. He praised the insurrection rioters as “unbelievable patriots" and said he would help those imprisoned if elected. 

Later in his speech: Trump said if he doesn't get elected "it’s going to be a blood bath for the country.” (There's Discourse online about the context of that statement—he said it after vowing to impose huge tariffs on cars made in Mexico, and his campaign "clarified" that the US auto industry would be the thing getting blood bathed, but there's no way he doesn't mean both.) He also added fuel to his base's fear of migrants, spinning stories about prisons "emptying" in other countries and the former occupants coming to the US's borders. He said migrants were "not people, in my opinion." He referred to them as "animals." 

A long read to start your week: Wild fires are getting worse, yet the wild land firefighters we depend on to stop those fires earn the same base pay as fast food workers, they barely scrape together benefits when they're injured, and there aren't enough of them to keep the increasing fire threat at bay. Read ProPublica's deep dive into wild land firefighters and the national security threat we face without them. 

A song for your Monday: Is this too on the nose?