Former GA election worker Shaye Moss told the Jan. 6th committee that Trump's lies ruined her and her mother's lives. Pool | Getty



really shouldda scrolled down
hit Play then Schlogged

maybe next time
Jooooe Biden



@3 been hearing threats of the Mass Billionaire and Landlord and Cop Exodus since I moved here many years ago. Much to my disappointment, we're still waiting...


How is the best case scenario Joe Biden?

Because Progressives are mostly just Socialists with no place else to go. Politically, they're statistically insignificant. Lots of noise, not so many votes.


Well then, at least the richer neighborhoods in Seattle get their proportionate share of traffic fatalities.


Another encampment homicide. Gonna report it?

@2 Good luck voting for your socialist alternative candidates… I’m sure you’ll have lots of success!!!


"Today, the lawyers in Davison's Civil Division prevailed against the Chamber of Commerce's attempt to repeal the City's JumpStart progressive payroll tax."

The Stranger's confusion on this point is completely understandable. Last year, in both the primary and general elections for City Attorney, the Stranger endorsed a candidate who promised not to perform any duties of that office which she happened not to like. Having an officeholder actually do every part of her job, whether she happens to like it or not, must have been extremely confusing to the Stranger.

Let us hope City Attorney Davison's performance in office continues to amaze the Stranger. Everyone else seems to be happy with it; why not the Stranger, too?

@8: "Another encampment homicide. Gonna report it?"

Of course not. What ever gave you the idea the Stranger cares about the violent deaths of homeless persons in Seattle? The last time the Stranger ran a story about the deaths of persons who lived outside (complete with a file photo of a snowy encampment), several of the deaths had occurred to housed persons. If the Stranger cannot even figure out who actually died whilst living outside, how can they possibly have any detailed knowledge of how persons living outside actually died?


do you think if a Uvalde cop tries to do a traffic stop on someone now, the offender just says, "hey coward, fuck off!" and does a burnout in their face?
legit how do these people even show their faces around town?


"Violence on the rise in Seattle's South End streets" ... "the disproportionate share of traffic fatalities." Traffic fatalities aren't violence. Right? Was this just missed in editing? Two stories that got mushed together and muddled? A joke that I don't get? Or...what?


"Traffic fatalities aren't violence. Right?"

accidentally stepping
on a bug is violence
if you're the bug

how's them Lobes?

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