Seattle hits the streets. Hannah Krieg



It’s gonna take the under 40 demographic to vote at an 80% rate to start undoing the damage our-proto fascist leaders have done.
That’s about double their voting rate currently.


@1 - yup, and they have to stop complaining that every Dem candidate is not promising them a workers' paradise. Just fucking vote. Every time.


More than a few Republicans detest Trump, but must kiss his evil, orange ass, because the 20% of voters who vote in primaries are the rabid Trump voters.
Yes, our system is seriously broken, but at some point, if elected leaders don’t follow what voters want, they get voted out!


Well, I’m sure elf queen Jill “Putin” Stein, who never got a single elector, was really prepared to “change the system.”

With her magical powers.


The vote-blue-no-matter-who strategy has clearly failed to protect Roe V. Wade.
For several decades now, many pro-choice Americans have pursued a two-pronged strategy for defending Roe: 1. Vote for Democrats themselves. 2. Convince so many other people to also vote for Democrats that Republicans can be reliably prevented from taking power.
And what do we have Democrats advocating, after what they have been warning about for so many years and decades has come to pass? Donate to Democrats, canvas for Democrats, tell your friends to elect Democrats. Even though this is a strategy that has shown to fail. Out of the 12 Presidential elections that we’ve had in the nearly 50 years since Roe, step 2 has failed exactly half the time. Even if Democrats had won a few of the closer elections this would have probably just bought Roe a little more time; as a gambler, I can tell you: keep rolling the dice like this and you’ll eventually get a string of bad luck.


No traffic control for parade. It will be nearly police free. Have a good time, but prepare for the worst. I suggest not wearing heels. You'll need to run if anarchists and/or proud boys make an appearance.


So what is your solution, FPTI dear? Freedom Socialists or The Green Party?


possibly Dems' last Best Hope
is for Far 'right' Extremists to
do what 'repubs' Always do:


once they get going there's seldom
enough Sane peeps to slow them down:

Adios Abortion
Adios Medicare
Adios Gay Marriage
and Adios Gays Etc.
Adios Contraception
Adios Social Security
Adios Workers' "rights"
Adios Interracial marriage
and Adios Voting -- unless you
happen to meet a few 'basic' requirements

and maybe just maybe it'll be Enough to wake up the Electorate so that we can Vote a few of them out at Midterms -- but as they're Experts at shit like stacking Courts, Judges and voting Districts -- in Their Favor -- plus Secretaries of State unencumbered by any Love for 'Democracy,' the Odds are rather fawking L o n g.

not to Mention:
they fucking OWN the
Means of Communication

'a 'Republic' if you
can fucking Keep it'?*

good Luck

you're gonna fucking Need it.

*so said the guy on this Nation's
Key to its Existence: the
Hundred Dollar Bill


so for now looks like we gotta
Rely on Kavanaghtius Maximus
and Pray he stays Sober for a Decade:

Abortion Ruling
Poses New Questions About
How Far Supreme Court Will Go

For his part, Justice Kavanaugh echoed and emphasized Justice Alito’s claim that the court’s decision to overrule precedents about abortion does not amount to overruling precedents about contraception and interracial or same-sex marriage, “and does not threaten or cast doubt on those precedents.”

The dissenting justices expressed disbelief at Justices Alito’s and Kavanaugh’s attempts to distinguish abortion from precedents about matters like contraception and same-sex intimacy and marriage.

The bottom line, they wrote, was that the reasoning about the 14th Amendment and 1868 was the same for that entire constellation of rulings.

“One of two things must be true,” they wrote. “Either the majority does not really believe in its own reasoning. Or if it does, all rights that have no history stretching back to the mid-19th century are insecure.

Either the mass of the majority’s opinion is hypocrisy, or additional constitutional rights are under threat. It is one or the other.”

--Opinion by Charlie Savage
June 24, 2022, 8:04 p.m.

tonnes more at


It was fifty years of democrats fighting for abortion rights that got you abortion rights in the first place, asshole. It was fifty years of democrats that kept abortion rights. Same with gay rights. And reproductive rights. That’s who did this. Nobody else.

You entitled dipshits thought that it was just something you had automatically. That’s not how it works. Rights take constant vigilance. And in this terrible system those rights are tenuous at best.

There was never going to be any other way but what was done since 1972 to maintain these rights. No constitutional convention. And any federal “codifying” would be reversed by this same decision.

You were told the ONLY way to maintain these rights was to maintain control of SCOTUS. And you laughed it off. You claimed no one would change anything because it was too central an issue for those evil “mainstream” party politicians.

You were wrong. You have been proven wrong. And you can’t except it.

Like it or not there is only one political party in this nation. The democrats. That’s all you got if you want progress and rights.

The republicans are a cult not a party.

And the so-called “third parties” are hopeless fantasies for dipshits, LARPers and children with no coalition and no power.

The democrats because they are not a cult are a tenuous coalition that can only inch progress forward an inch at a time. And that’s the best you are ever going to get. You’re not getting big revolutions without even bigger backlash.

This roll back of the rights of American women is directly tied to the misogyny and hatred for women culminating in the hatred for one woman Hillary Clinton. And had she been elected we would not be here now.

The tortured justifications you piles of shit attempt to postulate to deflect the fact you are wrong about everything only belies your own naïveté, ignorance, internalized misogyny and entitlement.

Go fuck yourselves. Anyone who didn’t vote in 2016 or voted republicans or third party can go fuck themselves forever. No one will ever listen to your stupid asses again.


I'm sure all the elected officials who have done nothing up to this point to pass a national law making reproductive rights legal are going to be heavily influenced by these protests to finally act. Yup, just wait and see.


but why would 'our'
Electeds gaf about we
the People? the system's set
up for multi-National corporations
to shovel money to whomever'll do their
Bidding. by the Supreme Court. for the Wealthy

to Fascism


Maybe if millennials actually voted instead of vote-shaming people who actually did vote, we wouldn't be here today.


peeps without a lotta Time
on their hands watch teevee
and when the Billions spent on
Advertising are nothing but 'That
guy Sucks!' 'No, the Other Gus Sucks!'

where's the g.d. Motivation?

perhaps reversing Roe
will be a Wake-up Call
prepare for many
Many More


@17: Anyone who didn't vote for Mrs. Clinton in 2016. In times like this some feel the compulsion to express how angry they are by venting to the choir with profanity-ridden 'I told you' admonishments.


so whatchya Say dewey?

are you feeling Safe
under the Fascists's
current Quest for
Dominionism &

how Will they treat those
not making their very
High moral standards

how Big a
Tent is it?

*that'll come later
when things get
Quieted up
a little


ok one more

a Working Definition of Dominionism:

"The belief that we (mankind) have a mandate to build the 'kingdom of God' on earth, restoring paradise, by progressively and supernaturally transforming ourselves and all societal institutions, through subduing and ruling the earth by whatever means possible, including using technology, science and psycho-social engineering; and then and only then will a 'Christ' manifest his presence on earth."
By Sarah Leslie

all this so 20,000 souls
can make it to Nirvana

and Armageddon for
those left behind

one Planet
6 or 7 Billion Lives and if you
were to ask those twenty thousands
they'd likely say 'Yeah, it was probably Worth it'


Nation’s Centrists Stubbornly Double Down On Claim That Roe v. Wade Not At Risk -


@22, " forcing riot cops to fire tear gas "

weird how they never have to break out the tear gas for angry crowds of proud boys or mass shooters


there wasn't any tear gas to be seen on 1/6 either btw. you were probably to busy strokin' it that day to notice


I can't believe I'm writing this, but I wonder how Auntie Grizelda is doing.


"No one
is stopping someone
from driving/traveling for an abortion."

of Course not.
it's only been
One fucking

you think the
Fascists're Joking?

Check Points an
State see also Children of Men

I know
we ain't
there yet

but wtf's gonna
Stop 'Em? Decorum?
a Dem win in November
may stem the Tide . for now


Roe v. Wade guaranteed a right to privacy that extended to all people, not just women. That right has been revoked and it will affect everyone, even you.

Men benefit from abortion just as much as women do. Men are the cause of all pregnancy. And when the court overturns the right to access contraception, then men will be really fucked, because they will be financially responsible for every child they create. You think the government is going to pay for all of the additional costs? You're living a dream world.

Women are going to die because abortions happen in so many scenarios where otherwise a woman would die. And all of the girls and women forced to give birth (no matter by whom or by what means) will risk losing their lives from giving birth.

Men are going to be responsible for paying for these pregnancies and paying for the needs of these children. More than half the population are girls and women. They will be forced to give birth to every fertilized zygote whenever a man busts a nut. There will be a devastating loss to the workforce and men will have to work harder and longer and until death just to make sure all of the children they created that women were forced to give birth to live and thrive and survive until they can become either workers or incubators.

There are either human rights or there are no human rights. There is no parsing these rights out to certain people while denying them to others. Believing that to be true is what got us here in the first place. This country is not even remotely prepared for what is going to happen as a result of this obscene decision. And they are coming for the LGBQT community next. After that, who knows?

Laugh it up asshole. Your dehumanization is next.


@27: As you know, I'm no lefty you should really take this back:

"If you are so financially destitute that you can't travel a few hours, you should take a long hard look at why you so utterly failed at life to put yourself in that sort of situation."

Tell that to a poor black woman in the Mississippi delta who just got raped. Or the poor white woman in Tennessee who had a partial miscarriage and is carrying an unviable fetus. Or a hundred other heartbreaking scenarios. The typically don't American Express cards and jobs with paid time off.


"@29 [yours, Truly] Oh but
right-wingers are delusional about
lefties coming for their guns right?"

yeah calling for treating WMDs
like automoblies is just like
giving Parental Rights to
Rapists. you really
Got me there!


@35 -- well Said.


by all means
tell ius about them
Well-Regulated Militias
of One. next up: Liability
for manufacturers of WMDs

gotta Nibble at them Fasciis
they're quite Sensitive.*

*for a bunch
of Teabaggers


'I think it s [abortion] a shit
means of B[irth]C[ontrol].'

not to Worry
they're gonna Out-Law
that shit too give 'em till
the 9th of November or so

they smell
fresh Meat.



your Parsing
ain't gonna bring ANY
of those Murdered hundreds
of School kids back from the Dead

but Liability for manufacturers of WMDs
may save Tens of THOUSANDS of Lives

I know: but
your Narrative


thanks Blip
Great Comment xina
and NICE Pic Hannah!


mister ringer!

Women as
chattel: the Patriar-
chy Boldly Marches On

toss Away them Stockholm Syndrome
Shackles ladies. other than them
Psychos the Sex is better here


you're gonna Blame
three hundred years
of Slavery plus another
one-fifty of Jim Crow on
Black People?

yep -- looks like
ya Got me Again

your Awesome!


@44: Still wondering when you're going to name even one "well-regulated militia" in Washington State which was denied weapons. (You fled the other thread when your hand-waving refusal to answer completely failed to deter me.) As you've here indicated your intent to continue such evasions, I will remind you we're using your definition of "rights" from that thread: only those encoded into the text of the federal constitution itself, not those found by Supreme Court rulings written decades or centuries later.

Just one name, of a militia denied weapons in Washington state -- and "militia," let us recall, means an organization which would take orders from a Democratic President of the United States -- that's all. Then we're done, and you can return full-time to your wanking over the thought of teenage rape victims dying from sepsis.


@49 -- ya gotta learn to separate
the well-paid* trolls from those
just out to Own the Libs

prolly a One-Percenter
and Forced thru NO Fault of
his own making to hit the Streets
and Bring back some fucking Bacon

or maybe he's one a
them Russian Oilgarchs
doing a Solid for Putinski

let's let him put it in his Own words:

"Thinking is hard and when
you are jumping from
emotional rage bait
flavor of the month."

see what I'm saying?
way too much Stress
for one man to carry.

*I Do hope he writes his own Reviews
Putin gets wind of his 'performance'
here today he'll be thinking a Gulag
in Siberia's a Christmas Holly Day


@53: "Per the SCOTUS and DC vs Heller..."

Per SCOTUS and "Roe v. Wade" a woman has the right to control her own body.

I'm sorry, did you have a point?

"This has been reaffirmed by SCOTUS and other constitutional scholars (originalists and others) multiple times."

An individual's right to own weapons was confected by the SCOTUS in this millennium, in contravention of centuries of American jurisprudence up to that time. You know this perfectly well, hence your rage when anyone dares quote the ENTIRE text of the 2nd Amendment: your precious individual right to bear arms simply is not there.

"You are asking a stupid loaded question that with any answer I give you, will counter with some bullshit snark because you don't want a real answer."

Where's the militia, Lebowski?

"No, the militia in this context is not meant to take orders via a president."

That's actually a constitutional requirement for a militia, as I already quoted in the other thread. Any organization which fails to meet that requirement therefore cannot be considered a militia under our American constitution.

"There is a standing army for that and a state guard for the governor which can be mobilized at the federal level."

Yes, the "National Guard" is our modern term for "militia". (Not a "state guard for the governor," who is not actually a monarch.) A militia which either submits to legal, constitutional authority, or else has no "right to bear arms" under the 2nd Amendment.

"There does not need to be provision for a standing Army in the Constitution, that's a given. This is basic knowledge of the structure of the military."

Then why does the constitution (Article 1, Section 12, Clause 8) explicitly state the Congress shall have the power "[t]o raise and support Armies"? I guess the Founders had a little extra time on their hands that day in Philadelphia, and so decided to throw in some irrelevancies here and there? (Please, brag again about your knowledge of original thought in the constitution.)

"...tag on weird appeals to emotion at the end..."

Teenage rape victims dying of sepsis will again be a reality. That's a fact, over which you've been cackling with glee during your many posts here. Your excuse for doing this somehow involves some unnamed phantom leftists you claim to hate, but whose actual words you can't ever seem to quote.

"Abortion is not a constitutional right protected under a federal umbrella, try again."

Neither is your precious individual right to bear arms, and Heller can be overturned as easily as was Roe.


Happy Pride everyone. Great day for a parade.


Forced birtherism was used to create slaves. With the elimination of slavery in the United States (the 13th Amendment) and then the 14th Amendment stating that no state had the right to abridge the right to equality of the people who lived in that state, abortion is a constitutional right.

Girls and women have the right to autonomy over their own bodies and despite what the men in this country believe and have currently done to claim that isn't true, it is. Men have no right to rule over women.

White people have no right to rule over Black people.

I don't care how many people in this country with penises swinging between their legs believe otherwise (or how many Amy Barret-Comey type handmaid cult members believe otherwise), abortion is a right.

This ruling will not stop abortions. It will simply criminalize being a girl or woman who chooses to have autonomy over their own body and that is not a right anyone in this country has. Men want an all out war against women? There are more girls and women in this country than there are men and the girls and women (along with the men who support these girls and women and their right to bodily autonomy) will fight this war and it will not be won by the white male minority. The sick thing is, as always, the number of girls and women who will have to die fighting this war all because the white male minority can't stand their tiny penises and the fact they will never have the power they dream of having.


well said -- and it's all about the framing
sure wish you had a bigger Megaphone xina


"Men have no right to rule over women."

they have whatever Right
they Deem to them-
Selves . as do

"I don't care how many people in this country with penises swinging between their legs believe otherwise (or how many Amy Barret-Comey type handmaid cult members believe otherwise), abortion is a right."

divide and conquer
Unite and Prosper?

Women's Strike

Cuz WHAT have they
fucking Got to LOSE?

the iron is HOT


@58: Okay, but no need to disparage penises. They don't take criticism well.


On that note…
It won’t be long before outlandish penis enhancements become “gender-affirming medically necessary healthcare” for cis-males who “believe” themselves to be ‘short changed’.


where'd the Dipshit go?
he just up and Vanished
back into the ether from
whence he was spawned.

I guess ol' Putty (pronounced poo-
tee) Did get tired of his lamenessness.

well he'll no doubt
be back soon enough


@58 xina and @59 kristofarian for the WIN!!! Agreed, seconded, and thirded.
SO well said and summarized beautifully.

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