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"The smattering of tents on Belmont Ave E has been growing larger over the last few weeks, and it was only a matter of time before attention was drawn."

Is "attention was drawn" the SLOG euphemism for "encampment shooting?"


@1 It is. As well all know, The Stranger doesn’t want to admit the homeless camps aren’t some hippie utopia.


"... the states argued that allowing abortions would constitute harm to the tiny blob of cells that conservatives think is a human being."

they like to Claim it's a BABY
until it's Born, of course

& then it's just another
and UN-Deserving of ANY
Support from the Populace.

so whilst it IS Human and
soon-ish Will be a Being sorta
all on its Own it IS parasitic in nature
and its destiny Should BE up to its Host

and not up to some super-religious
Fanatics who have Seized our Courts.


@1 & 2
and the far right and their complicit corporate Centrists all like to pretend that all that Money flowing up to the one percenters has nothing at all to do with the situation in our Parks and on America's Streets.

can you Not con-
nect the Dots?


Yesterday while driving south on the ship canal express lanes, the lower reversible lanes, cars braking hard and swerving to avoid hitting the two guys in dark clothes crossing freeway lanes west to east, presumably to access a camp in some green space east of freeway all fenced off in other directions. Fucking nuts, it surely should be swept. What a nightmare.


"Facebook is
blocking users
who point out that
abortion pills can be mailed."

well duh.
zucky's gonna need
waaaay more Billions of 'Babies'
to keep his data-gathering near-Monopoly gig
growing like the insidious Cancer it's morphed into.

they don't fucking GIVE a Fuck
about this or any Country
just as long as they can
continue Harvesting
the Planet's


@6: It could be that, but more likely Zucky and Sheryl just doesn't want the litigation from Attorney Generals of red states. Google and Microsoft could follow (shudder).

I saw a tweet today that men should download period tracking apps to raise havoc.


The zygote is protected until it is born - then it must work at minimum wage for $7.50 an hour, and don’t even think about social security when you retire!


As an Amtrak bride, I have to say that that crash must have been something if all the cars ended up on their side. Those Superliners (the double decker cars) are literally built like tanks.

As for the whole Monkeypox thing: I admit to not paying sufficient attention, but if it's more widespread than the officials think, why aren't we seeing legions of people with puss filled sores? I thought that was one of the symptoms of it. Are some people asymptomatic?


@10 can I join you in pretending the left has never advocated for universal healthcare access in addition to secure housing as a solution to addiction and chronic mental health issues among unsheltered populations? After that we can agree that people would have an easier time addressing the issues you describe if they were instead NOT provided housing and had to additionally deal with sleeping outside and having their personal belongings destroyed by the city because they have nowhere else to put them, because theres decades of evidence showing how effective that is, right?


@8 that must be some more of that love for the free market you lot are always talking about


OMG the Symptoms

but you Never look
at the fucking Causes.

Precisely what the so-called
'right' is Counting on.

fools & tools
they'll pat you
atop the head as
you dig your own graves


@6 - anything we can do to corrupt the databases helps. And its not just period tracking. If we all make a point of clicking on a few ads that we have absolutely no interest in each day, the personal tracking data becomes less valuable for ad targeting.



If we can metaphorically (soon literally) put a gun to a woman's head and force her to give birth against her will, what would be so hard about putting a gun to an addict's head and forcing them to dry out? Next, we can put a gun to overweight people's heads and force them to eat healthy, and do the same with - well, pretty much anyone. Because six religio-fascist judges just decided no citizen of this country has an inherent right to decide what to do with their own bodies, so that should apply to everyone, amiright?


@1, @2: The level of criminal violence in the encampments has finally reached a point where even the Stranger can no longer ignore it completely. This, along with their recent admission that mental disorders were driving homelessness, means the Stranger might embrace a data-driven approach sometime before the last homeless person in Seattle dies violently or of an overdose.

@17: The devil remains in the details:

"Houston has housed over 24,000 people in the last 10 years through their housing first program, placing people in homes with no strings attached with a 90% success rate,"

Nope. That 90% success rate was valid only for the two years prior to the publication of that article. We do not know what the success rate was before then.

One of the reasons given for the success of the program was, "a strong reliance on good data to drive decision-making." Compare with the Seattle City Council absolutely refusing to allow actual performance data to affect which homeless service providers get contracts, refusing to admit that mental disorders (including drug addictions) drive homelessness, and continuing to insist Seattle had merely a housing-affordability issue with locals, not an influx of already-homeless persons, most of whom arrived already addicted. Seattle's City Council, fully supported in all of that by the Stranger, thus took -- and still takes! -- the very opposite of the approach needed for success.

' "we urgently need more one-bedroom, all-bills-paid apartment units to continue to house our clients." The Coalition estimates that the city needs 1,900 new affordable housing units to provide housing for all who need it.'

"The average rent for an apartment in Seattle is $2,190." (

"The average rent for an apartment in Houston is $1,263." (

(And let's recall, "all-bills-paid" will cost far more.)


I know how trivial it seems in light of other issues at hand, but that poster (you asked, Matt) looks like a print of all the underwear ads getting press at the time:Calvin Klein?
It’s an expensive shoot, with the garments featured. Could even be a product placement? Aren’t there rabid ‘Friends’ fan clubs you could ask?
Good luck


Ooops. ‘SEINFELD’ fans.

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