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good Vid Matt

not that there's
Aything Wrong with it
but the 'Christian' Fascist Crowd's
far from Finished with
the Gay Issue

and if they happen
to Pull off the next two
Elections they're gonna Outlaw

what they call an


like your Life
Depends on it.


Why does the Pacific Northwest Ballet do business with SPU?


So what universal moral authority makes it right to decide the tenants of someone else's religion? Since something can't come from nothing, what is its source?

If there is no such universal moral standard, then what you believe and choose to practice, and what SPU believes and chooses to practice are just preferences about morality.

If one preference is as good as another, then none is better than any other. All preferences are meaningless.




The city needs to pass an ordinance making commercial property owners responsible for keeping the public parking spaces adjacent to their properties free of non-vehicular obstructions, just as they now must keep their adjacent sidewalks clear of snow and ice. Any complaints to the city about eco-blocks or whatever should generate a 30-day abatement notice, with noncompliance resulting in the city removing the obstruction and billing the owner for the cost plus a hefty fine (which if not paid becomes a lien on the property). That should more or less solve the problem.


“Is Des Moines the New Bothell?” In the absence of a resident astrologer at the stranger this mythology seems rather unfit to post, (what happened to free will astrology anyhow?).


Time to yank any public funds SPU is receiving. Let their hateful god pay their bills.


@3 I don't know how "something" came to be. Neither do you.

Weren't you the guy that got banned from tS for arguing that Covid was endemic and wearing a mask would protect you but not those around you? Something like that. If so, it's safe to use your original name now.


Bring back the mosquito fleet!


speaking of "How much does Seattle
Pacific University hate the gays?

Trump Sides with Russia Over Brittney Griner

The former president blasted the U.S. government’s attempt to free the WNBA star imprisoned in Russia for cannabis possession

During a podcast appearance on the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, the former president . . . maligned Griner as “a potentially spoiled person” who went to Russia “loaded up with drugs,” which is an exaggeration of her cannabis arrest.

During Wednesday’s ESPY Awards, Steph Curry, Megan Rapinoe, and WNBA athletes Nneka Ogwumike and Skylar Diggins-Smith pleaded for Griner’s release. “We cannot stop fighting for her,” Curry said.

Griner “deserves to be free,” Rapinoe added later in the ceremony. “She’s being held as a political prisoner.”

Griner, like Rapinoe, is part of the LGBTQ community, and Russia is notoriously hostile towards members of this community.



dj trumpf
a brave new leader
for a bold New Fascism


Why you hatin' on Des Moines city slicker? Saltwater state park, Des Moines Beach Park, the Marina. Most of what you prolly think is Des Moines is actually Kent, ever leave the highway?


@15 no no no. you’ve misunderstood, or perhaps not even tried. The shade is directed at the journalist spinning fictions about neo-liberal utopian bike-ped schemes (not exactly sure didn’t read it, don’t need to, I already have plenty of myths to work through in my search for truth.)


Matt - the YouTube vid is well-done - youre a great host! Good memories of a great show. Thanks!


@13: If you're dumb enough to be pro-Trumpist you're even batshit crazier then I am. You and your trolling ilk can split the difference and kiss my ass.
And that's @5 CKathes and @7 Brent Gumbo for the WIN, you MAGA moron.


damn, Matt. ya salty today, show us on the doll where the suburbs touched you my guy.
Des Moines sets-up a non-car transportation option, and you still gotta dunk on them for not being hip and big-city enough for you?
like, we get it, everyone who isn't privliged enough to have an apartment downtown in an uber-walkable neighborhood is a pleb.


"If one preference is as good as another, then none is better than any other. All preferences are meaningless." --@FAXIIb

and yet if one 'preference'
is Evil -- like Dominiomism*
perhaps -- then who Needs

Reign over others
given solely to some
by Themselves, conveniently


"If one preference is as good as another, then none is better than any other. All preferences are meaningless." --@FAXIIb

and yet if one 'preference'
is Evil -- like Dominiomism*
perhaps -- then who Needs it?

Reign over others
given solely to some
by Themselves, conveniently

[LOVIN' this new
Edit feature! thnx tS!]


Nancy didn't have the courtesy to confer with President Biden about this trip. Dreadful.


@21, For one preference to be EVIL requires it to no longer be a preference, but a violation of an absolute moral standard that defines the preference as evil. Then it is no longer a mere preference.

Since something can't come from nothing, what is the source of the absolute moral standard that defines evil? Who came up with the moral standard that defines what is evil and what is good?


@23 If you believe that, I have a lovely bridge in Kherson to sell you. Nearly move-in ready, just needs a few touchups.


@23: OK, if CNBC falls below your threshold for accurate reporting:

"As reports of the trip solidified in recent days, Biden’s top spokespeople have been forced to say over and over that they cannot confirm or deny the existence of any upcoming trip, and at the same time downplay its significance.

“I want to reaffirm that the Speaker has not confirmed any travel plans,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters Monday, “So we won’t be commenting or speculating about the stops on her trip.”


Not exactly forthcoming is she?


Sigh. This gun nut lying dipshit changes his stripes every sock puppet incarnation but inevitably ends up attempting the same bullshit.


Vaccinated are about 5-15x less likely to catch CoVID19, depending on variant,etc, and therefore less likely to spread it.

And vaccinated people have generally lower rate of viral shedding if they do get CoVID19 because they generally clear the infection faster.

So yes. Vaccination slows the rate of infection and slows the rate of variant development. And there is ample proof of this fact in regions and nations with 80% + vaccination rates.


Gun nut dip shit repeatedly distorted these facts and always snaked his way into back door antivax rhetoric. That’s why he gets banned. That and his insane gun nut rants.

And It’s right there in the link. And nobody ever claimed vaccines 100% prevent spread of CoVID19. It’s all probabilities. Not absolutes. And the moment any speaks in absolutes in regards to something scientific, they are lying or deliberately distorting.


@26 The article doesn't say what you said it says. You said @23, "Nancy didn't have the courtesy to confer with President Biden about this trip." What the article makes clear is that the Biden administration doesn't think it's a good idea for Pelosi to go to Taiwan, but she's going anyway. Nowhere does it say that Pelosi isn't talking to the White House. IOW, she's making her own decision after whatever talks are happening behind closed doors. Or maybe the talks are Pelosi saying that she's going regardless of what Biden thinks.

What Kirby is saying is that he isn't going to publicly confirm any plans that Pelosi may have until she confirms them herself or it becomes public when a USAF passenger plane lands in Taipei. also, since she's flying USAF, it's not like the DoD and therefore the White House don't know about her plans.

So maybe it's just dreadful that Pelosi has a mind of her own?


You’re at liberty to parse Kirby’s words however you want.

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