We're still in the post-election afterglow: Even though voter turnout was less than 25%—yikes. That number is so concerning, a KOMO strategist speculates we should change the primary date to someday in September or during the school year to capture more attention. Some races in the county are still settling, but our Stranger analysts' major takeaway boiled down to: WHAT RED WAVE?????? Will explained today's ballot drop earlier on Slog, so don't miss that!

Oh god, I can't look away: Like a plot straight out of a movie, Alex Jones's lawyer apparently fucked up BIG TIME. Currently, the conspiracy theorist and Infowars host is being sued by two families of Sandy Hook victims for defamation after he repeatedly claimed the massacre wasn't real. And today their lawyer revealed that Jones's attorney had accidentally sent him two years of his client's unredacted texts and emails. Those documents provide proof supporting the argument that Jones consistently lied under oath. The phone also outlined Jones's long sought-after financials, showing that on several days in 2018, Infowars made over $800,000 per day, reports NBC News. Now the Jan 6 Committee wants a slice. Incredible. 

The fries are a bit off at Dick's: Apparently, that's because the local fast food chain is "at the end of their season on Washington potatoes," leading them to produce "fries that they say are not up to their normal standards," reports KIRO. Good that they acknowledge the problem, I guess, but...have their fries never not been floppy and little too greasy? That's the appeal!

Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski and two staffers—Zachery Potts and Emma Thomson—killed in a car accident: According to the cops, the Republican Congressperson's vehicle was struck by another car going the opposite direction. That driver was also killed in the crash. From Asia, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered the flags at the Capitol to fly at half-staff to commemorate Walorski's memory, reports NBC News. 

A Black man sues the Seattle Police Department for wrongful detention: Anthony Sims was making a delivery at a downtown 7-Eleven when cops suddenly surrounded him and ordered him out of his vehicle at gunpoint. The coppers detained him for several minutes before they realized they'd gotten the wrong guy. Now, Sims is suing SPD for discrimination, reports the Seattle Times. "The only apparent reason [the officer] would have stopped Mr. Sims was his race,” the lawsuit alleges.

Your Wednesday Moment of Wonder: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope keeps delivering hits. Yesterday, the agency dropped these stunning photos of the Cartwheel Galaxy, located 500 million light years away in the Sculptor constellation. According to a press release, the galaxy formed as a result of "a high-speed collision between a large spiral galaxy and a smaller galaxy not visible in this image." More from their website:

The collision most notably affected the galaxy’s shape and structure. The Cartwheel Galaxy sports two rings — a bright inner ring and a surrounding, colorful ring. These two rings expand outwards from the center of the collision, like ripples in a pond after a stone is tossed into it. Because of these distinctive features, astronomers call this a “ring galaxy,” a structure less common than spiral galaxies like our Milky Way.

Courtesy of NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI

Gamers, rejoice! GameWorks has reopened in downtown Seattle. If you'll remember, the carpeted arcade shut down all its locations during the pandemic nearly a year ago. But now, the joint is being brought to Seventh and Pike by Howard Brand and former GameWorks CEO Greg Stevens, reports Seattle Met. The next couple of weeks are a ~*~*soft opening~*~*, but the shop hopes to be open to its fullest extent by mid-September. I will always celebrate the opening of places where I can go on stoned friend dates. 

No, it's not just you, things are fucking strange: Could it be because the Earth is spinning over a millisecond- -and-a-half times faster than usual? Experts can't figure out what's going on

Joe Biden signed a new executive order to ensure abortion access for pregnant people: According to CNN, the measure would help people travel out of state to receive abortions, ensure health care providers are complying with federal law, and collect data to get a sense of how limited abortion access effects maternal health and other health conditions. 

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went home...this little dead piggy's cells were revived by scientists using a solution literally called OrganEx as part of study to see if human organs can be revived to increase the transplant supply, etc. Ok, so maybe this doesn't work as a nursery rhyme, but it sounds like a promising plot to a David Cronenberg film? 

The Senate votes to ratify Sweden's and Finland's NATO membership: The vote made the US the 23rd of NATO's 30 members to give Sweden and Finland the go-ahead to join the military bloc in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, reports WaPo. If the seven remaining members are on board, it'd "boost the alliance's military assets, which include "artillery, warplanes, and naval weapons." War—it's what's for dinner!

I wanna date her: But she lives several miles deep in the ocean next to "searing hydrothermal vents, which are bathed in toxic chemicals and can reach temperatures of more than 300C (572F)" so it'll never work out :\

Seattle City Council approves permanent cap on food delivery fees: According to GeekWire, the amounts that apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub can charge restaurants for food delivery is capped at 15%. The cap was temporarily in place when the pandemic started as a way to mitigate impacts on small businesses. HoWeVeR, there's an exception—delivery services can charge more "if restaurants purchase additional, non-delivery services, such as marketing and consulting."

Volcano erupts in Iceland: After a 4.6 earthquake, molten lava began spewing from the crevices of the Fagradalsfjall volcano this morning, reports ABC. A fissure around 100 to 200 meters long appeared near an old field of hardened lava, adding fresh magma to the mix. No one has been reported injured, nor do authorities think the eruption will have an impact on flights coming into Reykjavik. But this is a perfect reminder to watch one of the best movies of the year, Fire of Love

Today in corporate greed: Warner Bros. has killed the upcoming, already-filmed Batgirl movie instead of releasing it in theaters or on their streaming service HBO Max in order to save money, lol, reports THR. Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah released a joint statement today saying they were "saddened and shocked" at the decision, as it seems like Discovery is trying to blow up HBO's whole strategy. Sad!

For your listening pleasure: Badsista's set at Boiler Room Primavera.