the Blue Angels
of Death are such
a Comfort knowing
they're not (currently)
here to Bomb us all to
Smithereens and Beyond

keeping the Planet
Safe for Capitalism
is a Big Responsib-
ility and that Trillion
Plus we spend on it's
well worth every penny
we Don't spend on things
like Healthcare, Housing and
Mental Health, Childcare and
all those things the Caring World
spends on its Citizens. if only We weren't
the Richest Country in the History of Planet
Earth we might too have Nice Things. maybe one day...


I feel for Brittney Griner but damn if she didn’t bring it on herself by bringing a vape pen with 2 vials of hash oil across an international border into fucking Russia.

Smuggling is smuggling and smuggling any quantity into a country carries severe risks.

She might be a wonderful person but damn if she isn’t dumb as a rock.


Alex Jones Trial: Jurors
Award Sandy Hook
Parents $4 Million

AUSTIN, Texas — A Texas jury on Thursday awarded the parents of a child killed in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School more than $4 million in compensatory damages from the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, the first time he has been held financially liable for defaming the victims’ parents by spreading lies that they were complicit in a government plot to stage the shooting as a pretext for gun control.

On Friday the jury will consider evidence of Mr. Jones’s net worth to determine how much, if anything, to award the parents, Scarlett Lewis and Neil Heslin, in punitive damages.

by Elizabeth Williamson

the Reich Wing nut jobs
are beginning to feel
their Feeling$.


Do ripped jeans go in and out of style on a semi-annual basis or something?


Ms. Linda moving to New York. Well, why not? I imagine, in keeping with the pattern, one of these days they’re going to take an axe to the Space Needle and chop that mother to the ground. But how contrary to history, no?, that a woman of a certain age is moving to NYC. Remember when (or maybe you can’t remember when) you moved to the Big Apple when you were young – for it took a lot of energy and fortitude, tried to make it, established yourself, and once you had acquired a certain amount of success and age and you could no longer handle the noise and bustle of the city, you found a nice, quiet place in New England or Florida. Now, of course, you need to be a millionaire to move and live well in Manhattan. Good luck, Linda. Thanks for the memories.

Someday we are going to have to answer for our cruelty to animals…still. Even though it’s much better than it used to be, you still hear about dogs (and babies) left in hot cars, kittens being drown, and almost as egregious is the religious philosophy that animals are here merely for our use and disposal. Something to eat. Something to hunt. Something to kill. Not saying that the jogger deserved what he got, but that is the bear’s back yard. And hey…if you don’t want to encounter dangerous animals, stay out of the fucking woods. Thank you. Killing the bear was wrong.

God, we’ve been bitching about the Blue Angels for as long as I remember, but it’s hard to kill off a tradition (see “Fiddler on the Roof”). And Seattle being Jet City and all. And you’ve got all those people in Kent and up in Everett and their families who get an absolute hard-on over roaring fighter planes. I think the BA are probably here to stay for the foreseeable future. The noise used to get on my nerves BAD.

Very happy Alex Jones is finally getting lanced and drained. It is little compensation to those parents in Sandy Hook who suffered a living nightmare.


@2 I'm sure you made mistakes. Y'know, 50 years ago, when you were her age.


we are going to have to
answer for our cruelty to animals... "
--@Bauhaus I

dominionism over the poor
dominionism over the creatures
dominionism over the womenfolk
dominionism over the not-White peeps

look how Far the patriarchy has come!
'christian' fascism brought to US
by your local chamber
of Commerce

it's just


“Forgetting” you have a controlled substance in your luggage before crossing an international border is a bit more serious than a mistake.

If it was you, or me, or any normal person it wouldn’t be reported on by the New York Times, and the only involvement by the US State Department would be, “sorry, but there’s nothing we can do.”

That she’s a rich and famous jock is not reason enough to free an arms dealer to exchange for her.


kristofarian dear, The Blue Angels are fighter planes, not bombers. Think Snoopy and the Red Baron (if that's not too archaic a reference for you).

My reaction to them, after all these years of living directly under them, is "meh". That is also the reaction of our dogs, who are old and largely deaf. I'm happy to see them arrive, and then happy to see them go.

We must remember that if we really want to be an inclusive and diverse community, there are things that we don't care about (Blue Angels, Golf, bicycling, religion) that other people care very much for, and allow them that joy.

As for Ms Derschang, God bless her. She has been a wonderful pillar of the community for almost thirty years. I hope she finds her dream in NYC.


@2 -- You are so sure that she did this, because the Russians never lie. They would never get anything out of arresting a very famous American either. It isn't like they would trade her for someone the Americans captured years ago, or anything.

Holy shit, you would make a great police chief for a corrupt department. What? They planted drugs? That's impossible -- these are cops!


Totally agree with you Charles that "work experience" credits to getting a high school diploma is a bad idea. It cheapens education and motivates kids to be intellectually lazy.

@11 - Ms. Griner admitted that the vape pen was hers. Putin is clever enough to have an irrefutable fact as a basis to pile on years of punitive punishment.


@9 but if it were you and I we wouldn't be facing 10 years in the gulag either. The Russian officials would probably confiscate said item, maybe issue you a fine and you'd be on your way. I don't think it's a big leap to assume the reason she has been arrested and put through a kangaroo court is to maximize publicity as a negotiating tool. We should not be trading her for an arms dealer but the US gov should be doing what they can to get her sprung so she can't be used as a political pawn.


Griner is clearly, already a political pawn. The state department will need to trade an arms dealer, 2 international terrorists, and 2 draft picks to get her back.
All kidding aside, what Ross said. Detainees in foreign countries routinely sign ‘confessions’ in the hope of release. The Russian Federation will gladly imprison anyone, so why not an American?


Griner should have moral guts of John McCain and refuse to be swapped out in a prisoner exchange unless all American captives can go.


yeah Catalina
I was speaking
about "angels"
in the sky who
may fire WMD
or merely fifty
caliber bullets
into the fleshy
parts of one's
body. yeah I
know they
don't but

thank God
and the American
Taxpayer our Angels
of Death* happen to be
on OUR Side as of today.

@11 -- "Holy shit,
you would make a great
police chief for a corrupt department."

ya think?

*thank boeing
raytheon and

who are much better
at spending our precious
tax dollars than we Socialists
might ever Dream of. Or not.


that how
You'd do it?


@18: I'd like to think so.


@12 In a better system, kids would have more time and focus for what Charles pointed out are "leisure" pursuits. As it stands, recognizing that needing to bring income into a family is required of many of these kids and both the lessons and constraints it gives them, is a less bad alternative the Department of Education can provide.

Under Reykdal’s plan, students would earn credits at a rate of 1 elective credit for 360 hours worked or 0.5 elective credits for 180 hours worked. Students will be allowed to earn up to 4 elective credits through work experience.

“I was in student government, played three sports a year, and had a full course load, but I also had to work all through high school to help my family,” said Andre Byoune Jr., a recent graduate. “If I could have earned even elective credit for some of that work, it would have taken so much pressure off me. This is a great opportunity for future students!”

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