The West Seattle Bridge will open on the day the lord rested after creating the whole universe and everything in it, the seventh day of the week, that is Sunday—and this particular one falls on September 18. The bridge was closed over two years ago (nearly 900 days) when SDOT found cracks on it. The large and 40-year-old chunk of car infrastructure was crumbling like a cookie. When it reopens, cars will be free to get stuck in traffic again, resume liberating carbon without abandon on it again, and to continue grinding the only world we will ever know and could only exist in into the dust.

900 lightning strikes yesterday. And I saw not one of them. Zero. And I heard nothing, too. It was a cloudy day and not much else. It seems the thunderstorm preferred Tacoma and skipped Seattle. Is this another indication of our city's decline? All we get these days is just the bland stuff, like lots of rich people, one luxury apartment building after another, art fairs, and so on. No wonder Nikkita Oliver is leaving Seattle for Detroit. Motown gets them, and we are left with Sara Nelson. So Seattle. 

If you are sick but not fighting for your life, then don't bother going to Harborview Medical Center. Fox 13: "[T]he hospital is over capacity by about 150 patients and will have to stop admitting patients with less acute conditions." In short, Harborview is sending people with non-life threatening illnesses and injuries to St. Elsewhere. 

What is going on, Harborview? I think we can blame a bunch of it on America just giving up: "CDC Says Quarantine After Covid Exposure No Longer Necessary."

Car chase one: "Two young adults that attempted to carjack a pizza delivery driver in Renton led police on a short pursuit where they crashed into a building, according to the Renton Police Department."

Car chase two: "A burglary at a public storage building in Shoreline led to a pursuit and crash on Thursday morning, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office."

Chase one and two are right now (5 pm) on KIRO 7's website. It reports both without at all questioning the logic or ultimate value of these presumably high-speed chases. One must keep in mind that the acceleration of an automobile adds more and more destructive power to it. I know. That's obvious. But I really think Americans have been trained only to think of speed as speed, and not as the accumulation of potentially explosive power. Imagine it this way. Imagine your car is not moving but instead simply sucking in energy that makes it larger and larger. And then finally it sinks into the ground. This is what speeding is, in fact.  

The future of Pike Place Market? Maybe this will stop the cars, finally.

What happened today in the Trump Show? Well, Attorney General Merrick Garland, who authorized the "raid on Mar-a-Lago," decided to ask the judge to unseal the warrant, which Trump possesses but has not shared with the public. Trump has apparently benefited from speculation exploded by the fact that most of his supporters, which constitute a considerable part of the US population, are ignorant of the fact that he knows why his Florida place was searched. Garland decided to, as CNN legal analyst put it, "call Donald Trump's bluff." The general feeling is that this was a smart move, because it basically took the heat off the FBI and returned it to Trump, who may actually reject Garland's decision. He may actually demand the warrant remain sealed because that, at least, has the advantage of buying time. 


And what was Merrick Garland looking for, anyway? Just some "classified documents relating to nuclear weapons," according to the Washington Post

While Garland was running circles around Trump, the police in Ohio were engaged in a six-hour gun battle with a MAGA man who tried to attack the FBI in Cincinnati this morning. His name is Ricky Walter Shiffer. He participated in Jan 6. He is no longer among the living.

Because my brother Gabriel Teodros is getting married to Ijeoma Oluo this weekend. Makorokoto to both of yous. 


Correction: The headline of this post originally stated that Harborview wouldn't see people unless they were dying. That was hyperbole, and it was inaccurate. The post also said the West Seattle Bridge repairs were over-budget, but SDOT says its "currently on track to be under this budget." We regret the errors.