Thank you, Jesus, for healing the W Seattle Bridge.


Meh, if the US actually had any top secrets that were worth a shit, Prezinazi AntiChrist and Javanka already sold ‘em to America’s enemies years ago. That loose nuke’s long since launched. Just follow the trail of dead Ru$$ians.


I never want to hear another word from any fucking Republican, Trumper, conservative, cult member, whatever the fuck they want to call themselves. This FUCKING TERRORIST was put into power by white supremacist misogynists who decided a lifetime con man and criminal and motherfucking RUSSIAN ASSET was better than putting Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.

Every single motherfucker who ever voted Republican can eat shit until the end of time. They are literally all traitors. Every single one of them. There are no exceptions. They aided and abetted him. They didn't convict him when was impeached, TWICE. They spent years harassing people accusing them of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Fuck your feelings, they said. 70 MILLION OF THESE ASSHOLES VOTED FOR HIM IN 2020.

Are they going to hold their heads high as they continue to gaslight everyone they can about how this didn't happen? FUCK THEM. I HOPE THIS HAUNTS THEM UNTIL THE END OF TIME. And I hope every single person who ever supported a Republican EVER never lives this down. They need to eat shit daily, BIG FAT NASTY ASS PILES OF IT.


@4: That's a bit harsh, I suggest a touch of nuance.


By the time global sea rise got to the point where Pike Place was on a canal, the city would be long dead. Most of the industry would be flooded (along with a good chunk of the market)


@5. I suggest you join them at the table, though you may set yours with white linens and stemware for fine dining if you think it makes a difference (it doesn't).


@5 Anyone who still calls themself a Republican after January 6 is admitting that admitting that they are traitors who put keeping their party in power over the rule of law or the Constitution. The Republican Party's response since that disgraceful event to confirm that. Sorry, a party that allows any of its elected officials to call domestic terrorists victims of persecution is a domestic terrorist organization, and should be treated so by our government.


@8: I concur with that with the caveat that the Republican party is not a party anymore but a cult. My last R vote was for Mitt, who if elected could very well have short-circuited Trump's rise by removing a democratic foil.


Blip dear, it's widely accepted that only about one half of the eligible voters actually vote. Of that half, half of them are independent, and 25% of them are Democrats, leaving 25% of them as Republicans.

trumpers as a small, but loud minority. The trouble is that they vote.


And the score after 1 inning of play:
FBI - 1
Gravy Seals - 0


Commuters will be taking a more direct path to and from West Seattle, thus shortening trips and reducing carbon emissions.


Trump's said he won't block the release of the warrant & inventory.

I suppose they just intend to downplay taking 30 boxes of gubmint propurty as a misunderstanding.


The jaded tone of this sarcastic rant by Mr. Mudede is beyond depressing. Why hire someone to write about our city who clearly doesn't appreciate it here? To fuel the whining NIMBY's? How annoying. I just moved back to Seattle after 20 years and yes, it has issues, but it has also improved in many, incredible ways that I could have never imagined. And I'm a lower/middle class, full-time working artist who was just lucky enough to be showcased at the Seattle Art Fair. Which was a pretty incredible event that supported many hard working, local creatives like me. Should be all go back to struggling to sell $20 pieces at the Fremont Market to restore our integrity as starving artists? Would that make you view us as more legitimate? Because that's where I started, and it sucked. Move to Detroit, come back in 20 and let me know how great Seattle is because you clearly take this place for granted.

16, most of the "luxury apartments" as you call them are the solution to your housing problem. Because most have MFTE programs that allows working class people like me to live pretty well, while painting in my living room. There aren't many rich people in my building, although it looks fancy. I saved money on rent by relocating to W. Seattle from Bend, OR for christ sake! I had a long list of relatively affordable apartments to choose from, so thank you Seattle! I'm glad to be here.


Charles, Oliver left for Detroit because everyone in Seattle finally realized she was batshit crazy and kicked her to the curb. If there's any city that's dying (or already dead), it's Detroit. I went for a work trip, and left knowing that there was no way in hell I was hosting an event in that city. Having the local staff tell me it's not really safe to walk, well anywhere in downtown by yourself was enough to get me to write the city off my list.


@4 xina for the WIN!!! And thank you for once again for beating me to it.

@5: Try not to fall in when you flush, Elmer. There's more than enough toxic waste in Puget Sound already.

@8 Greenwood Bob: Amen.

@11 Catalina Vel-DuRay: You're exactly right. Your spot on comment is also Reason #1 why I continue to vote Democrat and will until I die. RepubliKKKans are shit and hate those who aren't dumb or corrupt enough to vote as they do. And, as you have aptly pointed out in previous comments, they are pathetically sore losers. If I am despised by the Orange Turd and its crime syndicate minions, I'm doing my job.


@15 BMD: Welcome back after 20 years, and congratulations on your recent artistic success!
I'm glad Seattle's current cost of living is working for you.


@13 -- Bullshit. Commuters on the bus have been able to use the lower bridge for quite some time now. So have people biking, and people delivering goods. It has only been people who want to drive to and from the north end of West Seattle who have been denied a more direct route. Boo fucking hoo.

It is common in other, more advanced cities for drivers to be forced out of their way to get somewhere. In Amsterdam, you can drive, but it means going around. As a result, more people take transit, or bike. As it turns out, driving is actually better too, since fewer people drive (which means that maintenance dollars go a lot further).

Since the bridge cost a lot to repair, they should increase the tolls to cross it. Oh, right, there are no tolls. Because West Seattle drivers are special.


Fuck you, Ricky Walter Shiffer, and all your January 6, 2021 insurrectionist ilk. Roast in Hell, you pathetic MAGA turd!
With the collapse of the GOP, Hell should pretty much be full to capacity for the next five hundred years.

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