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There should be a law that when someone casually claims one of the most popular musical productions ever made is “bad enough already” they should be forced to list at least five they think are better.


So are the people running those starbucks stores inside supermarkets not employees of starbucks? Wondering if they can/could just unionize that location. Are they maybe QFC employees operating under a sb corporate license or something? Seems weird, but I guess it'd make sense, especially if it'd limit their power, or prevent them from negotiating outright.


There's such an underlying sadness to these Starbucks unionization efforts given the palpable animosity to the brand.


Schultz has proven himself to be a delusional asshole over and over and over. I quit patronizing that corporation a long time ago. So many reasons!

If you’ve got the stomach to get through his autobiography, the hubris and delusions of grandeur are ridiculous. He’s just The Prick Who Sold The Seattle Sonics to most Seattelites.

When the chain becomes just another island purveyor, like the Murray’s cheese counters, all the employees will be in the same union as the rest of the store, but will probably have to wait 90 days like new hires. That’s when the unionizers will quietly disappear. These stores want to end hazard pay for the breathed-upon workers while management continues to meet remotely!
It’s not a great place to work. If you show any OTJ injury before you are in the union, they fire you.

Krogers, parent company of QFC, did multiple stock buy backs while they were price gouging the public during a pandemic crisis. Billions in buy backs. Under cover of “supply chain” and “inflation” they took usurious advantage of consumers. Not even close to ethical.,past%20few%20years%2C%20while%20executive%20profits%20have%20increased.

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