Just reminding you what this three-day weekend is all about. RS



'Don’t make fun of me.
Fuck you.

way ahead of ya there!
THNX & have a Happy
THREE DAY Weekend!

brought to you by
Wage Slaves all
over America

fought against by
Billionaires every-
where but it's
OUR Wknd


“…when (Biden) said, ‘Not every Republican, not even the majority of Republicans, are MAGA Republicans. Not every Republican embraces their extreme ideology,’ he’s really talking the difference between someone who comes to your house and murders everyone and someone who comes to your house, murders everyone, fucks the corpses, and sets the place on fire. Sure, the latter is way worse, but, you know, in the former, you’re still murdered.

‘MAGA forces are determined to take this country backwards — backwards to an America where there is no right to choose, no right to privacy, no right to contraception, no right to marry who you love.’ That’s been the Republican agenda for decades. That’s what ‘mainstream Republicans’ believe. Don’t pin that on the Trumpnuts.”



nope. they're not
Nazis. they just
Act like them.

a guy I once worked for in the 70s
went under that old concrete
bridge coming into Kirkland
in his flatbed boom truck
and when the boom hit
the bridge the truck
dropped about a
foot and came
right back up

scraping a few
Zerks off the top
of his boom but no
other damage. he was
a little shook up but he
used to race Fast cars on
the highways so he got over
it pretty quick. Fifty years
later & it's Still taking
its own Tolls.

why tf don’t they
just DIG Out
the fucker?


"Some of the highlights include a bunch of folders labeled “classified” with no documents inside"

Trump is a stable genius so he probably thought removing the documents from the classified folder declassified them.


Hannah, your love for Taylor Swift is the balm for otherwise youthful naivete. Enjoy! Haha, youth is wasted on the young.


Today's addition to the ever-growing list of Reagan-era conservative talking points that are enjoying a new life as progressive talking points: Government regulations and environmental review processes are bad! They stand in the way of progress.


@4 It may well be that the President can wave his hand and declassify anything that he wants. He can argue that he declassified all that stuff before he left office. Other Presidents went through a formal policy & procedure process but that may not be required. It's murky, but the FBI probably won't go there.


"Meta, formerly known as Facebook, intentionally broke the state’s campaign finance law over and over again"

to comply*

and Multi-Billionaire
Zuckkky's got no Time
for your petty-ante Bull
Shit so why'dja even Bother?

hand wave
go Away now.

*plus there's
Elections to
help Rig
for Fun
& Pro-

Good to
be a Billionaire!

don'tchya Wish you were too?!


@8 It’s not the least bit murky. Top secret is not the same as classified. He had both classified and top secret and eyes only material. Intentionally obfuscating the difference is what is intentionally murky.

No, a president can’t simply declassify top secret material without going through the national security and archivist system, you fucking moron. Especially defense related or nuclear secrets. Jesus Christ.

If there is no directive memorializing or paper trail with relevant departments a decision to declassify information and conveying it to the rest of the government, the action would essentially have no consequence, as departments and agencies would continue to consider that information classified and so would continue to restrict access to documents containing it. It cannot be done without the chain of organization. And in this case it was not.

Declassification of defense secrets and intelligence assets IS an official process. That IS what it is. And the 2009 executive order codified this fact. Again.


"Trump is still in trouble, regardless of the classification status of these documents, because they are stolen & he is not allowed to have any of them:"

Yes, Colbert called it "revenge of the librarians." :-)


Somebody please wake me when the Orange Turd and its loyalists are convicted and fittingly sentenced to death by a firing squad, and nothing less (shut UP, Swifty--I don't want to hear your bullshit about guns). The sooner this happens the sooner we can return to restoring our RepubliKKKan damaged democracy.

@8: Getting a wee bit scared of being an oldwhiteguy, aren't ya? I wouldn't be defending the Orange Turd if I were you, with all the glaring concrete evidence towards the heartless criminal's conviction. Its sentencing should be pretty stiff.
250 idiotic MAGAts have already been sent to prison for stupidly acting on the Orange Turd's willfully misdirecting them to violently overthrow the government on January 6, 2021. It's laughing its fat, corrupt ass off in its swamp bunker at everyone dumb enough to vote for it twice and anyone who stubbornly insists that the Orange Turd is supposed to be president--DESPITE OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY.
Get it now?


@12: You really shouldn't hang out with Elmer, Whitey. He only makes you look even dumber than you already are.


@3: "why tf don’t they just DIG Out underneath the fucker?"
Or replace the span with an arched structure. It's not like a bicycle/walking path need the same structural strength as the railroad once did.


@10: "You can’t just walk out of the white house with tens of thousands of government documents, even if you used to be the president"

He can walk out of the White House with their contents in his head. For all we know, Trump could have an eidetic memory. We haven't yet developed a Men In Black memory erasing flashlight yet.

What he did wrong is to store them in an insecure manner. Where any hired help could have walked through his Mar-a-Lago residence, picked one up and walked out the door.


I thought I heard a fly?



pretty certain trumpf
Vetted all his Illegals
so the odds of there
being a Spy among
his Ranks is about


and when you're
on the same Side as
the Ruskies there's No
such thing as Intel getting
into the Wrong Hands. wee tiny
handsies well Sure but No Worries!

so let's MAGA Babies!
we got us an E-
Lection to

Q. what's the difference
between a Fascist
and a Nazi?


You did. She forgot to flush.



like Socialist
and Commie
there isn't any
discernable difference.


@17: Wow---tighty whities in a wad, Swifty? That must have been one helluva rip. Maybe you should lay off the BigMac trough meals for a while. You and Elmer are already too verbally flatulent.
It's no wonder you're hearing flies. Shit twice and ya might just fall back in.

@17 & @19: I keep forgetting you two hopeless incels are roomies. Which one of you idiots gets top bunk?


I very much enjoyed Albert Burneko's take on the infuriatingly stupid state of affairs. Specifically, how social media and the larger overriding systems effectively stifle any attempt to improve that state, or even engage in anything resembling meaningful discourse related to it.



@20: Google has predefined answers to this ubiquitous question. Nazism is a type, or form, of fascism. All Nazis are fascist but not all fascists are Nazis. Nazism is an ideological manifestation of fascism from the Nazi political party NSDAP in Hitler's Germany.
Fascism is more of a description of a severe authoritarian political movement than an ideology. Castro overturned the fascist Batista and never thought of himself as a fascist but many characterize the Castro regime in Cuba as fascist.


@18: "what's the difference between a Fascist and a Nazi?"

It's all in the body language, hand gestures and style of speech delivery.

Or maybe the colors of their flags.


Biden is giving a colossal offramp to what had previously been run-of-the-mill war criminals and international supervillains like Dick Cheney but I guess this is the world we live in now and if that's what it takes to get tfg and his enablers strapped to an anthill and covered with honey I am willing to begin the process.


@23 -- "... but
many characterize
the Castro regime in Cuba as fascist."

well Duh:

Call Biden Divisive
While Equating Him To Satan and Hitler

The party that routinely casts Democrats as demonic fascists hell-bent on destroying America is suddenly worried about political unity


yeah the unhinged so-called
'right' don’t give a fuck
about no stinkin'

Weaponizing the Lingo's
been their go-to ploy
ever since herr


Speaking of Totalitarianism

Chris Hedges and Sheldon Wolin:
Can Capitalism and Democracy Coexist?



@27: A very interesting vid - Wolin's historical perspectives especially


@25 HW3: I would LOVE to see the Orange Turd and its enablers strapped to an anthill and covered in honey!
Either that, or rolled in coal, doused with gasoline, and set ablaze (RepubliKKKans LOVE overconsuming fossil fuels--we should hit 'em where it HURTS). It'll be a pig roast coast to coast.
Thank you and bless you for making my day.


good. Excellent.
If you liked Hedges'
interview with Wolin
Can Capitalism and Democracy Coexist try this

Chris Hedges at Moravian University


to me this is The Left
at its non-violent Best.


the Title is
Chris Hedges at Moravian College:
The Myth of Human Progress
and the Collapse of
Complex Societies


and in War and
fuels News

Ukraine Nuclear Plant
Pulled Off Line After
Shelling Kindles Blaze

A fire caused by shelling forced the staff of Europe’s largest nuclear plant to disconnect from the nation’s power grid, showing that risks remained at the plant despite the presence of U.N. experts.


but not to worry
its back-up Generators
are Olde and decrepit and
almost nearly Kaput oh and Mind

the Meltdown.
there's SIX


@32 kristofarian: Thank you for sharing Chris Hedges' interview with Wolin.
War is indeed, hell. If we go nuclear, that's it--game over.
Neofascist RWNJ authoritarian shitbags = The World
The rest of us = Zero


Moral of the story? Younger generations and undecided voters of registered age, get out and VOTE while you still can! The senseless four year disaster of Donald J. Trump, a.k.a. The Orange Turd that should NEVER have happened in the first place was largely due to a number of contributing factors:
1.) People saying "Meh" and not voting at all in 2016 because they didn't like either candidate
2.) Many Bernie Bros, angry that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was not confirmed as the Democratic candidate for #45th President of the United States said "Fuck it! We're voting for Trump then!"
3.) People who voted for Independent Party candidates inadvertently cast their votes for Trump
4.) The Electoral College is outdated and really should be done away with
5.) RepubliKKKan propagandists and RWNJ fear mongers flooding the airwaves with negative press on Hillary Clinton
6.) Conspiring Russian hackers, who, along with Trump were and still are Vladimir Putin's willing sock puppets
7.) Registered Democratic voters who chose to skip out Election 2016, thinking Hillary had it in the bag and our country couldn't possibly have enough people stupid enough to elect a heartless psychopath and criminal mastermind like Donald Trump, a reality TV show host and unscrupulous shyster as White House material
8.) Our deeply divided country, after 246 years as a nation, STILL has too many backwards thinking sexist idiots who won't elect a woman president, no matter HOW well qualified she is
9.) A number of people got brainwashed into believing that Donald J. Trump, who has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy four times and gotten bailed out by Wall Street banksters, had their best interests at heart and was like a "breath of fresh air" because he claimed to "dig coal", and
10.) Gerrymandering, redistricting of voting districts, and banning of mail-in ballots, particularly in conservative states.

May the inexcusable corruption of two truly stolen elections--November 7, 2000 and November 8, 2016--never happen again.

May the GOP crime syndicate feel the butt-hurt of the nationwide rage at the polls after the Orange Turd-appointed neofascist Extreme Court's atrocious overturning of Roe.
Women are not second class citizens, nor are we farm animals forced to give birth! Our bodies, our choice!
If you don't have a uterus, SHUT THE FUCK UP.


Democracy demands recognition of the legitimate victor of an election. That includes George W. Bush in 2000, Donald Trump in 2016, and Joe Biden in 2020.


no, dewey, our Not supreme ct
Handed To gee dubya bush
the Presidency when Gore
had MORE Votes.

they decided Counting
would be displeasing to
gee dub and Gore could
just fuck right off so we got
Afghanistan and Iraq and Wars

History is your Friend
but Demands Fealty.


No Kris, Bush won. Wikipedia:

After an intense recount process and the United States Supreme Court's decision in Bush v. Gore, Bush won Florida’s electoral votes by a margin of only 537 votes out of almost six million cast (0.009%) and, as a result, became the president-elect.


If you want to complain about the electoral college, fine. Then also make the case why John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B Hayes, and Benjamin Harrison should have their presidencies stricken.
I'm sure you can come up with some rebuttals over Florida saying Gore won the state. Fine. Go ahead. But the fact remains that Gore conceded and there was a peaceful transition of power. Gore respected it, you should too.
Richard Nixon probably won Illinois in 1960 and was urged to contest but he didn't want to tear the country apart.
A peaceful democracy also includes those who may have actually won a few more votes put the country first instead of tearing it apart. Thank you Al Gore and Richard Nixon.

If you're harping that GW Bush stole the 2000 election, then you're no better than the "MAGA Republicans" belly aching over 2020.


What has to be done to fascists of any stripe is to scare the shit out of them.

Done by anti fascists in WW11 and in the streets here and now and elsewhere. They need to return to their ratholes where they came out of thanks to Trump.

Locally, this Mayor Bruce Harrell is talking a lot like Trump and one major way is his hate campaign towards the homeless by using the police to sweep them when there is very little concrete and positive emergency housing offered. He wants people to not sleep in public places so anyone napping in the park may be risking prosecution if he gets his way. This is in violation of international Human Rights laws that was signed onto by the USA after WW11.

When one group of people are singled for police persecution that is called discrimination. Such as historically, people of color, jews, gay persons, gypsies, workers and the poor etc.

Working class people can easily become homeless because, generally speaking, we are one paycheck away from disaster. With some of the richest people in the world living in this area and benefiting from the Seattle environment/infrastructure there is no excuse for homelessness. Social housing is an answer to this. Vote for the bill. Thank you.


Trump is guilty of attempting to overthrow the government on January 6, 2020.

In other places in the world that can get you shot usually by a firing squad.


you can fuck right off with the
who I gotta fucking Respect

gee dubya bush
sued FLA to Stop the
Recount and Justice Scalia
claimed continuing the count-
ing'd cause 'Irreparable Harm' to
the bush campaign. his 'logic' was
Infallible and when Gore conceded
I lost all respect for that feckless guy.

kinda like when McMitch
'Turtleman' KkKonnell
told Obama his USSC

pick could just go fuck off & mum-
bled something about it being
'too Close to an Election.'

you don't gotta believe me
but look where the Roberts
court has ended up -- in the
fucking Toilet. they've lost all
Credibility/Legitimacy and are
now Overturning Precedent and
Settled Law in their mad dash to Fascism.

oh and they'll be coming
for the Gays plenty
soon enough.


"oh and they'll be coming
for the Gays plenty
soon enough."

Actually, they won't. Any more scare tactics lefty?


our friendly Fascists
have Outlawed Abortion
or made it Impossible to get
for about Half the Country so far

'Just US!' Clarence "Uncle" Thomas's
taken Gorsuch's foul deed to Heart &
announced that Gay Matrimony is next
on the Fascist's Chopping Block -- when
one looks at Germany in the 30s one can
see the template Goebells Hitler Himmler
et al laid out for our American Fascists today.

your willful blindness
was endemic in Germany
some 90 years ago as well.

good luck.


These Nazi Germany comparisons are so old and tired and above all, inaccurate. We're different societies, with nearly 100 years of technology and socioeconomic progress between the two.

You can't play that card anymore.


maybe I cannot play it

but the Fascists


keep your head
in that Warm
Cozy sand


I've noticed you love to play with concepts like "fascism" that you don't fully understand.


no, there's no Fascism to see here.
Fuck you fuck off oh and

see also: The Four Horsemen
of the 21st century: War,
Capitalism, Fascism
and Mass Death

Billionaires won't give up
on corporate rule. The angry masses
embrace fascist demagogues. This won't end well.

It is hard to be sanguine about the future. The breakdown of the ecosystem is well documented. So is the refusal of the global ruling elite to pursue measures that might mitigate the devastation.

We accelerate the extraction of fossil fuels, wallow in profligate consumption, including our consumption of livestock, and make new wars as if we are gripped by a Freudian death wish.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — Conquest, War, Famine and Death — gallop into the 21st century.

Those who rule, servants of corporations and the global billionaire class, accompany the suicidal folly by cementing into place corporate tyranny. The plan is not to reform. It is to perpetuate the corporate pillage.

This pillage, more and more onerous for the global population, necessitates a new totalitarianism, one where the billionaire class lives in opulence, workers are serfs, rights such as privacy and due process are abolished, Big Brother watches us all the time, war is the chief business of the state, dissent is criminalized and those displaced by conflicts and climate breakdown are barred entry into the climate fortresses in the global north.

Portions of the human species, the most privileged, will, in theory, hold out a little longer before they succumb to the great die-off.

--Chris Hedges


you can protest
alls you wanna dewey
but that changes Nothing
feel free to comment
on thee most banal
and thee Least con-
sequential dewey
as is your wont


speaking of Fascists
Scare Tactics and
Religulous* Rule

Arab States
Demand That Netflix
Drop ‘Offensive Content’

Egypt joined six Gulf Arab nations in insisting that streaming services take down programs that go against “societal values.”

In Egypt, the authorities often prosecute gay people on charges of “immorality” or “debauchery.” Police raids targeting gay men at private parties, restaurants and bars are common.

But Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have taken steps in recent years to loosen rigid social codes, based on strict interpretations of Islam, partly in an effort to appear more welcoming to foreign investors, expatriates and tourists.

Saudi Arabia defanged its once-feared religious vice squad and now allows men and women to mix in public. The Emirates made it legal for unmarried couples to live together.

But L.G.B.T.Q. rights remain all but unthinkable.

more at


"But L.G.B.T.Q. rights remain all but unthinkable."

it can't happen Here?

it WILL happen here just as soon
as your 'chrisrian' fascist friends
gain the Power they so
blatantly Crave.

& we're just two Elections away

have you thought much about
where you might Flee to?

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