Moonfall: A movie about an angry robot that can make a frappucino in 35 seconds, probably. Courtesy of Lionsgate



Ken Starr did the first decent thing in his entire miserable life by dropping dead.

The Republinazis can shove Clinton’s cigar straight up his dead a$$.


Is the assumption here that if the fed does nothing to interest rates inflation will come down on its own? Or should we just live with 7-8% inflation on an ongoing basis? In either case lower wage workers are going to get screwed.

As for Starbucks, the history of industry has been once you can automate something and do it cheaper than using human labor than that becomes the preferred method. That is true both in capitalist and socialist countries. This of course was one of the downsides of the min wage debate that we pretend to ignore. There will be some winners who will get higher wages but there will also be those who are now unemployed. Most fast food restaurants have already deployed self serve kiosks and now Starbucks is following suit.

Honest question here as I haven't heard it raised just yet. Is there any limit on abortion that is acceptable to the Dems/Progressives? Most of the world has some limits around week 18-20 with exclusions for medical, criminal or economic issues. Roe allowed abortion up to the moment of birth. Is anything less than that considered an abortion ban? That is what it seems like it listening to the conversation around the issue.


@ 2,

If the Republinazis were passing laws that ended straight white men’s rights to control their own bodies, they’d be aborted in under thirty seconds.


"Roe allowed abortion up to the moment of birth."

That is not correct. "The Court divided the pregnancy period into three trimesters. During the first trimester, the decision to terminate the pregnancy was solely at the discretion of the woman. After the first trimester, the state could “regulate procedure.” During the second trimester, the state could regulate (but not outlaw) abortions in the interests of the mother’s health. After the second trimester, the fetus became viable, and the state could regulate or outlaw abortions in the interest of the potential life except when necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother."



Not quite. Roe did not limit regulation for the entire 9 months of human gestation. During the First 3 months the decision was solely the mother's. During the second 3 months the state could regulate, during the third 3 months the state could outlaw. With the caveat in all cases of state regulation of the health of the mother. Which history has shown does not always account for the health of the mother....

As a Dem (but not a progressive) I think the decision should be the mother's throughout the pregnancy.

Pregnancy does is not easy physically for any woman. For all women it is physically life-changing and for some women it is life-threatening. (Get her something nice for Mother's Day).

I err on the side of trusting the woman.

If a woman determines an abortion is necessary deep into the third trimester, I'm going to respect her decision. To paraphrase Pete Buttigieg, at that point the parents have bought cribs, they've built a nursery, they've picked names. A decision to abort at that late date must mean the other options are grisly.

Republicans are all about trusting the people over the government to make decisions concerning their lives....

Well I trust women. I trust that they know what is best for them, their bodies, their health, and their families.


@5 I'm a Dem as well. I err on the side of life. At about 16 weeks, the human fetus looks like a human being and, in my opinion, should be given the opportunity to live. And yes, this violates a woman's right to bodily autonomy and, in a very real biological sense, makes her less equal than a man. This conflict of fundamental rights is why this is such a difficult issue.


@4 and@5 yes and yes


Abort early and abort often. Slightest doubt? Cut it out.


I err on the side of life....of the mother.

I err on the side of trusting the woman to make her own choices about her well being and the well being of her family.

Thirty Weeks, thirty-four weeks? Incredibly rare and indescribably tragic.

Maybe I am a conservative. At that point I think the state has no business being involved in the decision.


@6: Ditto @9. (But without the crass of @8).

Plus I take issue with the state taking away bodily autonomy period, female or male. So really, it isn't a difficult issue at all.


I see that most all the people commenting on abortion here are male. Shut the fuck up all y'all.


@4/5 thanks for the info. I find it frustrating the
Dems haven’t pushed forward a proposal on this considering 60% of the population supports abortions with some limitations. By doing nothing they allow nut jobs like Graham to drive the convo.


but whatabout
the Patriarchy

it yields
rather Reluctantly
and seldom sans Blood.

End Stockholm Syndrome:
free the Handmaids!


@6, you’re not on the “side of life,” you’re on the side of making life worse for women.


I don't think McConnell is lying in this instance. He's never been gung-ho on the culture war, being laser-focused on lowering taxes for the one percent and deregulating fossil fuels. Forcing swing-state Republicans into a politically damaging vote on abortion is not on his to-do list and probably never will be. (But that doesn't mean a national ban couldn't happen on his watch. A Senate majority willing to jettison the filibuster can do whatever it wants, whether the leadership is on board or not.)


We need a ban on RepubliKKKans. Men should NOT be making all the decisions on women's health issues--PERIOD! I would personally like to see forced castration on all RepubliKKKan men. May their punishment aptly fit their willful crimes against humanity. Mitch McConnell just turned 80 and has mismanaged as a U.S. Senator for 37 years too long. McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and their ilk need to be ousted, never to return ASAP.
And now the Orange Turd is proclaiming that it will pardon all insurrectionists who stormed D.C. on January 6, 2021 if re-elected a second term of global disaster in 2024!
When is this shit going to STOP?


@1 and @3 Original Andrew and @14 schmacky for the WIN!! The world needs more guys like you!

@6 oldwhitesupremacistpig: BULLSHIT! You are erring on the side of controlling women and sending half the population of the U.S. back 1, 000 years. We are not farm animals forced to give birth! Eat my shit and choke on it, you shameless misogynist turd.


@6: “… about 16 weeks, the human fetus looks like a human being…”

So do you, I’m guessing, but that does not entitle you to an organ transplant from a teenaged gang-rape victim, even if she’s your only match and you need it to survive.

@2, @12: Are you really that ignorant on the topic you’ve freely chosen to address, or are you lying to attack liberal Democrats? Because either way, you sound like CM Sawant and her crowd, albeit from the opposite direction. States could and did restrict abortion under Roe, and it’s unclear what you think the Democrats should or can do. The US federal system doesn’t allow Congress to wave a magic wand and restore Roe.


@1: Monica Lewinsky, who might be expected to express similar sentiments, is spectacularly gracious:

"as i’m sure many can understand, my thoughts about ken starr bring up complicated feelings… but of more importance, is that i imagine it’s a painful loss for those who love him."



Meanwhile, a judge in iowa ordered a teen who killed her rapist to pay his family $150,000.00. So if she's pregnant, not only will she have to pay for being raped but carry his child. WTF!


you'd think the Starbucks employees would welcome a little assistance for those time-consuming drinks.
you know how many tik toks there are of Starbucks employees bitching about how long it makes to make X drink? at least...several. several tik toks.


Moonfall came out over 6 months ago; it's not a new movie.

There was a patch of time where I would catch a ride home from work once a week with a guy whose car was missing a muffler. It was a bit embarrassing riding in that car due to the noise it made. He was try to drive only on small sidestreets so cops wouldn't notice him on the main roads. I still wonder if he ever got that car fixed.


@18 of course Congress can wave a magic wand and restore Roe, that's the whole point. Roe was never enshrined into law. It was a loose decision based on a right to privacy between doctor and a patient. Even RBG recognized this and warned Roe could easily be overturned due to the flimsy legal foundation upon which it was built (

At any time in the last 50 years when the Dems controlled Congress and the presidency they could have passed legislation to enshrine Roe into law or some version of it. Even now they could put forth a proposal and put moderate Republicans on the defensive, much the same way moderate Dems are fighting back against the defund the police narrative, but for whatever reason have chosen not too. I'm not sure why you think that is Sawantesque.


Let's face it, Charles: there is a market for self-driving cars bc there will be plenty of people (like me) who will appreciate close to point-to-point travel in a clean, safe, conveyance. Hell, I'd even be good with sharing the vehicle with others if I knew they weren't some drug-addled vagrant and was capable of conducting themselves at a basic level of decorum - and people like me would happily pay for it!

Remember Uber Pool? That actually worked really well until COVID put the kibosh on it. Now take those pesky drivers (who always seemed to bitch about Uber Pool) out of the calculation, and you have a potential game-changer.

Transit doing the same thing, for cheaper? How do you figure? I like transit, and in many communities it does work. The only problem is they're not in America bc here we're too woke to enforce basic standards of conduct. We let vagrants, punks, and drunks board without paying and let them behave like animals because, well, DIVERSITY! EQUITY! INCLUSION!!!

I have really enjoyed taking public transit in HK, Japan, and Australia. The trains and coaches are clean and safe bc in those societies they understand if people are going to live in close proximity with each other, there must be a social contract, an agreement to live by a common standard of civil behavior. Sometimes social mores are enough to keep people in check, and in other cases people are willing to enforce those standards.

Those societies work bc there, 'Diversity' doesn't mean celebrating deviancy, 'Equity' doesn't mean making pushing everything down to the Lowest Common Denominator, and 'Inclusion' doesn't mean 'Anything Goes'.

If uber-liberal Seattle doesn't shape up, only two kinds of people will be left here: people like me who can afford to insulate ourselves from the Great Unwashed, and the Feral People. That is why self-driving cars are coming, and will stay.



blip is right.


@23: Ok, you don’t understand what Roe did, you don’t understand how the US federal system of government works, and you throw out anti-choice propaganda, including that flat-out lie about what Roe meant. So there’s no real reason to believe you’re arguing in good faith.

Here’s a hint: voters in Washington state codified Roe at the state level, when we voted for I-120 in 1991. Why did we do that? Because if Roe ever fell, as it has, Washington state’s laws would not change. That’s what needs to be done now, in every state, because Congress does not have the power to legislate in this matter. (Until every state is health-friendly, Congress can ensure any citizen of any misogynist state can travel freely to a health-friendly state for her medical procedure.)


@28 If congress does not have the power to reinstitute Roe or some version of it you might want to tell Patty Murray and the rest of the Dems because they are campaigning hard on that issue. I'd actually be interested to hear why you think the fed has no power in this matter and its solely a states rights issue.


@23: “At any time in the last 50 years when the Dems controlled Congress and the presidency they could have passed legislation to enshrine Roe into law or some version of it. […] I'm not sure why you think that is Sawantesque.”

Because CM Sawant has aggressively pushed exactly that same lie:

“I am bringing a resolution for a vote TODAY by City Council, urging Congressional Democrats to codify Roe v. Wade, in solidarity w/ thousands who'll protest this week.”

Congratulations, I guess: you’ve been pushing the same lie as CM Sawant.

@29: As you did not supply any quote or citation to support your claim that Senator Murray or any other Democrat at the federal level has campaigned on codifying Roe at the national level, I’ll here just assume you’ve confused CM Sawant’s lie with actual truth.

“ I'd actually be interested to hear why you think the fed has no power in this matter and its solely a states rights issue.”

It’s not a state’s rights issue, because states have no rights. Misogynistic states long defined abortion as murder. Murder and other intra-state, interpersonal crimes of assault have always fallen under the authority of the states. That’s been American jurisprudence for as long as the United States have existed. Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution defines the topics upon which Congress can legislate, and several Amendments give Congress other powers, but none of those allow it to define crimes such as murder.


@25 blip joins Original Andrew and schmacky for the WIN!!!


@31: Agreed, blip absolutely nailed it @25. Luckily, we have @23 and his bestie, CM Sawant, to remind us it’s really all the fault of the Democrats.


@32: No, it is NOT The fault of the Democrats! I suggest you read blip's spot on comment @25 again, and more thoroughly than just a yeah-whatever skim-through. Blip is aptly stating that Democrats shouldn't be making compromises with the RepubliKKKans. The GOP will only steamroller anyone who compromises. RepubliKKKans are heartless, self-serving, bullying criminal masterminds who will stop at nothing to get their way. They don't care about the cost. FFS, The Party of Orange Turd is willing to destroy the Earth to forever stay in power! It is THEIR fault that our country has lost its democracy and Constitutional rights.
Word up, tensy: anything Elmer and his trolling pal, District 13 post should be taken with a grain of salt or, better yet, a scroll down.


@33: “I suggest you read blip's spot on comment @25 again,”

I suggest you learn about a concept known as ‘sarcasm,’ and also re-read my comment @30, wherein I repeatedly use the word “lie” to describe exactly such blaming of Democrats.

You’re welcome!

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