You want to eat? You must pay for American inflation. No lie. Mint Images/Getty Images



Obesity is hilarious! I'm sure all those poor countries are laughing at our food stuffing faces and wastefulness.


The left totally obliterated the ambiance of Starbucks.


@1 the photo of food was a bad choice for implying what we import from poor countries. We grow most of our own food and import mostly from places like Mexico and Chile. We make ourselves quite fate from corn syrup and corn fed beef, chicken, and pork grown right here in America. The way they will suffer is being able to buy less of their own food in their own country.

The people killing the world all in all are quite fit generally. It’s a rare obese billionaire. Fatness is a condition of class and poverty most often. But keep on hating your oppressed neighbor if that gets you by. For example in America obesity affects black folk disproportionately.


Harriet but was but one of many brave African American intelligence gatherers during the Civil War, and she deserves more than just the one statue.

They served our country well, even while we refused them the vote and basic rights.


@3: How many do you suggest?

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