"It's not profits that really matter, but crude class power.": Accordingly, "whenever there is a choice between one option that makes capitalism seem the only possible economic system, and another that would actually make capitalism a more viable economic system, neoliberalism means always choosing the former." (David Graeber, "A practical utopian’s guide to the coming collapse")

"Twitter can easily be replaced if it goes to the dogs.": This is true. The "tech" isn't deep. The challenges are challenges of scale that wouldn't matter to replacements unless or until they had millions of users. And compared to when Twitter started, much better infrastructure and tools are available for meeting those challenges, and lots of people know how to use them.


how does one criminalize
a lifelong criminal?


Americans are going to have get a grip on reality and demand that people get paid living wages, housing is made affordable and THE OBSCENELY WEALTHY AND CORPORATIONS PAY FUCKING TAXES. Whining endlessly about how prices are going to go up does nothing to change anything. CEOs make hundreds of times the amount of the people who do the labor. Billionaires pay less taxes than their employees. Corporations pay zero and/or negative federal taxes. The country is being starved of revenue and people are being forced to live like this is a developing country SOLELY DUE OT THE GREED OF THE WEALTHY AND THE CORRUPT, CRIMINAL, AND COMPLICIT POLITICIANS.

Enough bullshit! Labor has the power. If everyone in this country who made less than $25 an hour walked out of their jobs until they made that much or more it would bring this country to its knees.

There is no inflation. There is only price gouging.
There is no lack of funds to take care of the people in this country - EVERY SINGLE PERSON - HOUSING, FOOD, HEALTH CARE, EDUCATION, etc. etc. etc. - THERE IS ONLY A LACK OF WILL TO DO SO.
The United States of America CHOOSES to be the way it is. It's a country that serves the wealthy and the white and male and everyone else is just fucked and has to beg and scrape and fight and hope that they get a fragment of what the wealthy and the white and the male have. Basic decency, human rights, and having what is required to live are being denied to feed the insatiable greed and hate of the minority in this country and it has to stop.

This country needs to be (figuratively) burned to the ground.
People just have to have the fucking balls to do something about it.
Complaining about everything until the end of time and letting rich, racist, men (and the white women who choose white supremacy and misogyny over their own interests because they believe it will protect their place in this society) continue to do whatever the fuck they want without consequence will never bring any change to this shit show of a country. The amount of wealth this country has could literally solve the problems of the world and we choose to allow a handful of white people have it all. That makes us exceptionally stupid.

I never in my lift thought I would witness what is happening here.


I don't think I'm alone in saying I'd rather go to Seattle than Louisville, even people from Kentucky. Roughly same size and crime, but Louisville just has that gross Rust Belt look and feel. That nasty muddy river, the rust and decaying brick. Nothing around it, everyone in the sticks from Indianapolis to the Tennessee border says they are from Louisville, otherwise nobody knows or cares where they are from.


"There is no inflation. There is only price gouging. "

You mean all these awful corporations weren't price gouging until recently? How thoughtful of them to hold off while we had those years of growth with minimal inflation. Stop listening to Robert Reich, he's a complete idiot.

And stop disparaging the white race. And stop disparaging men. That's what is exceptionally stupid.


Money and consumerism are addictions. People at the top want everything for free and to control how we live, yet don't want to pay their share and on the other end of the spectrum you have people in debt. Money buys corruption at every level with trump being the real time example, talk about toxic white(orange) male.


@3, I predict we won’t be here in five years. All we can do is be kind to each other and enjoy our time.


FANTASTIC* Comment xina.
& blip. & C.L.

oh and Stay
Complicit dewdrip.
you Billionaire Pals can-
not Thank You. Enough.

*if only it Were
a Fantasy


@9: Complicit? To what? Please explain.


your Willful
Obtusity prolly
usta Be quite Charm-
ing but in Dystopia it
may prove to be quite
a Liability. never change


"My prediction? If this deal goes through, Twitter will tank."

It'll be fun to revisit this in a few months.


@11: Rather than being mature and addressing the subject of the question from any economic or political perspective, you just paint your reply with contorted text displays.

You don't change as well. We love you just they way you are.


We will always have MySpace and Friendster.


one'd be a Fool
to argue with a con-
cern troll whose whole
raisin de etre's to Disrupt
Dismay Distract and Derail so


does the murdoch/koch
Cartel truly pay you
all that Well?

'cause they're
Def getting

Happy Trolling!


@14: Like Nixon's Price Freeze? My God, my dear. Do learn from history. As Nobel Prize‐​winning economist Milton Friedman correctly predicted Nixon’s gambit ended “in utter failure and the emergence into the open of the suppressed inflation.”

@16: The word is accurate according to Merriam-Webster. You enjoyed getting pedantic over my supposed transgression, but you didn't have the courtesy to suggest another term.


well right There's your
Problem:* throw out
that 'dictionary' &
start bloody over.

pound per Pound the
biggest Racists around

tho I Do believe
I did see your Pic in
there on Several occssions


@20: Marriam/Webster is a racist dictionary? Pound per pound? Not word per word? I honestly didn't know that kristofrain. Provide a link to the dictionary that you deem politically correct. If you don't, we'll know you're projecting again.


@3 xina and @8 blip for the WIN! I share your concerns and outrage.


Will someone please wake me when the Orange Turd's obituary is released? I'm really sick about reading, seeing, or hearing about DJT, the world's biggest criminal neo-Nazi fascist kingpin and Putin sock puppet.

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