The federal government is edging student loan borrowers: The White House promised us that they'd make the application for student loan forgiveness available this month, but the app has yet to materialize. Well, the folks over at Washington Post got a little more detail about the process: the application will be "short" and won't "require borrowers to upload any documents or give their federal student identification number." Nice. But did they get a firm release date? Nope.

Jill Biden is coming to the Puget Sound area later this week: The First Lady is swinging through Bates Technical College in Tacoma, reports the Seattle Times. She'll then shake hands and kiss babies at a military and veterans' event at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle after campaigning for Sen. Patty Murray at a fundraiser. Packed schedule! If you were hoping to get a glimpse of Biden you're shit out of luck—none of the events are open to the public.

Speaking of Biden: Old Joe made his way down to Florida today to survey the damage wrought by Hurricane Ian, reports NBC News. He had to hang out with a stank-eyed Ron DeSantis as well as Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott before giving a speech on a debris-strewn wharf in Fort Myers. It's all about addressing the situation at hand and putting political differences aside blah, blah, blah. But in his decades of politicking, Biden still hasn't learned what a "hot mic" is and said this to the mayor of Fort Myers: 

Also: Experts are now calling Hurricane Ian the "deadliest storm" to hit Florida since 1935, reports WaPo. So far, the state has counted 72 deaths while county authorities have tallied "at least 103." Data shows that most victims drowned, "underscoring what experts call a frequently overlooked reality: Water usually kills more people than wind."

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is slashing oil production by two million barrels per day: And the White House is pissed

Europeans say adios/au revoir/auf wiedersehen/tot ziens, etc. to the Lightning cable: Apple will be forced to scrap their device-specific charger in the European Union by fall 2024 in order to comply with new rules mandating a switch to USB-C for all electronic devices. Great—now do the USA!

This seems... ominous: Grenades keep washing up on the Oregon coast in the Newport area and officials aren't exactly sure why. Obviously don't touch it and call the coppers if you find one on a dilly-dally along the shore.

What a bummer: Beloved Malaysian restaurant Kedai Makan on Capitol Hill is shutting down for good on October 29. In an Instagram post, owners Alysson Wilson and Kevin Burzell said that while they were grateful for the support, it was "time for the next chapter" of their lives and noted that their spot is currently up for sale. A huge blow to the Capitol Hill restaurant scene! 

An update on the tragic Rust shooting: Actor Alec Baldwin has reached a settlement with Halyna Hutchins's family in the wrongful death lawsuit filed against him and others, CNN reports. Hutchins was accidentally killed on the set of Rust after Baldwin aimed a loaded prop gun at her. According to a statement, filming will continue with Hutchins's widower, Matthew, coming on as executive producer. Director Joel Souza—who was also injured in the shooting—is also expected to return. 

What a pretty trail: Astronomers in Chile captured this image of the 6,200-mile-long debris trail left behind by the moonlet smacked by a NASA rocket, reports BBC. It'll take scientists a couple of months to determine if the impact shifted the trajectory of the comet, but for now, we can admire the space dust! 

Have the hankering to donate blood? Now would absolutely be the time to do it as our regional blood supply has hit "dangerously low" levels. Find more information about donation over on Bloodworks Northwest's website

Another day, another rate hike: First electricity. Now your trash. Yesterday, the Seattle City Council approved Seattle Public Utilities' rate increase of 2.2% for recycling, garbage, and composting for the next three years, reports CHS Blog. Council Member Kshama Sawant was the lone 'no' vote, saying that "[e]lected officials have an obligation to make sure utility rates are covered by increasing taxes on big businesses and the super rich instead of any rate increases on working families." Can't argue with that. 

Filing away to read after work: "The Instagram capital of the world is a terrible place to be" on Vox.

For your listening pleasure: The formerly-of-Seattle-now-based-in-NYC DJ livwutang's set for Shift Radio in Montreal from last week.