In case you need a pick me up: Anyone else feel just a little *bad* right now? Maybe it's the smoke, maybe it's the late-stage capitalism, I don't know. Either way, I always say society is three missed treats away from total collapse. So, if you've skipped out on treats (and even if you have not!), I encourage you to find something fall and festive to munch on. EverOut has the hook up.

Let's talk politics... and money: As the election approaches, I wanted to quickly check and see who is trying to buy your vote this cycle. According to the Public Disclosure Commission, the race for Secretary of State is the most expensive non-Congressional race in the state of Washington. Steve Hobbs has raised over $600,000 (holy shit) and his opponent Julie Anderson is about to crack $300,000 (half as much holy shit). This sorta makes sense because it's a statewide race, but candidates that represent much smaller legislative districts have also raised a fuck ton of money. Right now, the most expensive legislative race is in the 46th Legislative District for Position 2. That's Darya Farivar, who we endorsed, and Lelach Rave, who the Seattle Times endorsed. Farivar's done a decent job fundraising, with about $140,000 raised. But Rave. She's a fucking machine. Rave has raised $280,000. 

Speaking of which: Remember to register to vote. If you live in Washington, you have until Halloween (October 31) to register to vote by mail. I'm giving you some notice, but even if you don't get it done by then, you can always register and vote in person on Election Day, November 8. 

Uh oh: Don't get too comfortable, now. Despite low levels of COVID-19 in our region, King County Public Health warned that this may be the "lull" before the storm. COVID-19 is on the rise right now in Europe and that is not a good sign for us in America. In a news briefing, county Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin said:

"... the waning immunity, the increasing gathering, the return to pre-COVID activity is leading to a surge in COVID in Europe. This should be a clear warning for us because in the past, major surges in Europe have been a good predictor of what we can expect to see in the U.S. in about four to six weeks.”

Dommy mommy grocery woshwee store:  Kroger wants to merge with its rival, Albertsons, to make one giant grocery chain. That would mean Kroger would own basically every major grocery store in Seattle—QFC, Fred Meyer, Albertsons, and Safeway. The decision could be announced as soon as this week. 

About as likely as finding fentanyl in your kid's candy: 

Now to Will with the cop's budget: Did someone say PIRATES? Yup, that's where we landed after a conversation about moving some of the budget for the Seattle Police Department's harbor patrol to the fire department so they can handle the search and rescue work instead of the boat cops. Senior Deputy Mayor Monisha Harrell explained the administration's resistance to the idea by saying people living on houseboats have reported burglars escaping with stolen property "via water vehicles." Because of these scalawags, we have no choice but to uncritically agree to whatever the cops ask for since it's not like there's any other way to find someone who escapes via boat into a lake.

Crybaby cops: The Bellevue Police Department tried to win sympathy points on Twitter by lying about the state vehicular pursuit law. I'm no lawyer, but if my reading of the law is correct and the driver did what the cops said, seems like the cops could have totally chased after them, even though it is incredibly dangerous. But NTK is a lawyer, so take it from her: 

First Family of Phở: I can't resist a catchy, little headline, and the Seattle Times got me today, calling the Phams the "first family of Phở." Great alliteration. And also an interesting read for the foodies in the audience. 

Social Security hike: Social Security recipients rejoice! Starting next year, the average recipient will see an extra $140 a month on their check, according to a Thursday announcement. Even though this is the largest hike in Social Security payments in over 40 years, it's still not enough. People living on these payments say the bump still won't account for the dramatic rate of inflation. 

Subpoena for Donnie J: After more than a year of investigating, the January 6 committee voted today to subpoena the former President. If you don't know what that means or why it's important, don't sweat it. Neither did I. But basically, it means Trump is now required to make an appearance in court and provide evidence.

Rough day for Trump: Trump actually wanted to get involved in the dispute over the classified documents he had stashed away at Mar-a-Lago. He issued an emergency request to the Supreme Court, but the court rejected it, CNN reported. 

School shooter avoids death row: This morning, a jury gave a life sentence with no possibility of parole to the gunman who carried out one of the deadliest school shootings in US history, killing 17 people at a high school in Parkland, FL in 2018. The ruling surprised some who thought the killer would get the death penalty. But under Florida law, every member of the jury must agree to execute someone and one jury member said another jury member insisted they not sentence the gunman to death because of his mental illness. Reuters has more. 

I feel complicated about this album but I like the TikTok where the singer makes up lyrics at the end of this song on tour: