Student debt relief application is officially open. After a brief beta period, you can now log in to the official website to have your student loan debt (partially) wiped away. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’ll change your life.

We have sidewalks over six feet wide? SDOT Director Greg Spotts would like to remind you to leave six feet of space when parking your bikes and scooters. Right now I’m writing this roundup at a friend’s house on 12th Avenue, close to where the entire sidewalk narrows to one foot of clearance between the phone pole and a wall. Give us proper sidewalks and we’ll consider leaving them clear, Greg.

The fires are getting worse. The Nakia Creek Fire near Portland continues to grow, and officials have issued evacuation orders for thousands of people. Rain is still several days away, and we set a record for high temperatures yesterday.

Stacy Abrams gave Georgia Governor Brian Kemp a solid tongue-lashing. The two candidates faced off today in another debate. Nothing too groundbreaking here, though the candidates did clearly differentiate themselves on the topic of gun control. FiveThirtyEight is estimating that Kemp will win by a significant margin.

Can you believe this guy is still going? Here’s Norman Lear at 100 years old, looking back on his career and, amazingly, making plans for the future. I interviewed Mr. Lear for my book a few weeks ago, and it’s incredible how on-the-ball he is. (And he gave me some solid gossip about Beverly LaSalle! You’ll have to get on my newsletter if you want to know more about that.)

Who needs doctors? British patients face a new scheme intended to reduce medical appointments. Health Secretary Thérèse Coffey is pushing to make antibiotics available from pharmacists, rather than taking them under a doctor’s supervision. Medical experts warn that this could lead to a rise in misuse of the drugs, leading to more resistant infections.

The Mystery of the Maltese Thiel. Evil billionaire Peter Thiel seems to be attempting to obtain Maltese citizenship, according to an investigation by the New York Times. Why would he do that? Because it’s in the EU, so once you’re a citizen of Malta you can travel anywhere in the Schengen Area. But he may be cutting some corners with his application.

What on EARTH is going on with Bayonetta? A third game in the Bayonetta franchise is coming out on October 28, and this weekend the character’s voice actress posted a four-part video on Twitter accusing the developer of underpayment. According to Hellena Taylor, Platinum Games offered her $4,000; when she told them that wasn’t enough, they recast the voice with actress Jennifer Hale. There are a lot of strange things about this situation: We don’t know how much work was actually required for the role, since past Bayonetta games haven’t had a ton of voice lines; and it’s odd that Hale, an industry veteran and one of the most sought-after voiceover talents in the world, would take a role that was underpaid. Whatever the facts of the situation are, voiceover actors are frequently exploited.

Who jacked up your rent? A computer. Here’s a fascinating story about YieldStar and RealPage, a company and algorithm being used by landlords to determine the highest possible rent they can charge tenants.

Emmanuel’s in our thoughts. You may recall the emu who shot to unexpected fame a few weeks ago for interrupting his human’s TikTok videos. Alas, Avian Flu has been particularly bad this year, and many of the birds at farms and zoos and sanctuaries have not survived. Emmanual himself is recovering from serious illness and the loss of nearly all of the birds on the farm, but his prognosis is looking up. So far this year, 47 million poultry have been affected—yes, MILLION—including those in seven separate outbreaks in King County. If you interact with birds, wild or domesticated, advice for protecting your health and theirs can be found here.

Trump overcharged taxpayers for hotel stays. I feel like this story comes out every five months, but once again documents have emerged that show the Trump family overcharging for secret service stays at Trump properties. Surely, this will be the thing that lands old Trumpy in hot water.

Nice sunsets. If there’s a literal silver lining to this weather, it’s that the view is nice in the evening. Though you have to wonder, is it worth all the heart disease and emphysema?