It actually never goes away. It's like this the whole time. Exhausting. Thomas Faull / GETTY



The oligarch-owned media is pushing these false polls as an act of psychological warfare against decent people in this country in order to depress turnout.

If enough people vote for Democrats, then the Republinazis won't be able to carry out their treasonous national terrorist attack by defaulting on the national debt, rescinding women's rights, and ending Social Security and Medicare.

We've got to vote like our lives depend on it, because they do.


The progressives who wrote that letter were way out of line. It's not our place to negotiate anything with Putin.

Are you really suggesting we should stab Ukraine in the back? Let them finish the job and hopefully finish Putin as well. Crazy motherfucker can't accidentally fall out a window soon enough.


Jayapal didnt fall on the sword, she threw an unknown aide under the bus by suggesting they released it without her knowledge. Pretty cowardly. Just own your shit and apologize for being completely out of touch (this is common for progressives though)


thank you Rich for DCfC's
Song! first time I heard it
was on Scrubs where they
used it on an End of Life
Episode fucking brilliant

"… Boomers, whose white population was largely fooled by the myth of stagflation into blaming US economic decline

not on financialization and globalization

but on unchecked union power—or, put another way, high wages."

once again
the Common man
ripping off the fabulously-well-to-do

will it Ever end?


@7b -- oops
wrong place.


Yeah. “Progressives” are so out of Touch on Russias illegal invasion and war crimes.

Meanwhile the GOPutin take mountains of Russian oligarch dark money, literally want to cut all Ukraine aid, tried to blackmail Zelenskyy, praise Putin, and want to all but pull out of NATO.

But. Those bad out of touch progressives!


Joe Kent is a shit show. Just fucking great.


Fetterman should have left the race after his stroke. I'm still hopeful that a "stealth" post-Dobbs wave of reticent female voters will enable Dems to hold the Senate, but Pennsylvania is probably a goner. Biden had better more honest about his health if he really does run again (which unfortunately is looking more and more likely since his wife is apparently on board with it).


not Hardly.

see: Democracy Now

or the
Thom Hartmann Program

and have your
Mind Blown

watching FOX'll
make you go
blind & DEAF


@1, @2,@3, @12, @13, and @14: Eat Trump's shit and die, you worthless trolling MAGA turd.

@4 Original Andrew for the WIN!!

Joe Kent's workplace is deeply inside the cavernous walls of the Orange Turd's fetid buttcrack.


@9 right. Some idiots in the Republican Party suggest cutting off aid and that makes what jayapal and the progressives did ok? Negotiating with Putin is every bit at feckless as cutting off aid. Progressive are out of touch and your
Comical defense of them is sad.


@15 kristofarian: TarZany's already beyond blind and deaf. Like his equally hopeless Big Brother, David in Shoreline he's a lost cause. MAGA stupidity, propaganda, and massive RepubliKKKan brainwashing has shriveled TarZany's brain into the size of a peanut. TarZany lives to shriek like a howler monkey on speed because his sorry, pathetic little ass is being devoured by the flesh-eating bacteria of the GOP. It's all he has left. TarZany and his ilk are batshit insanely thrilled to lose everything, going down for the end of the world.
I predict that just seconds before TarZany's imminent death from the Apocalypse, enlightenment will strike a little too late: "Wait.................................WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!? You can't mean ME!!!!""


@18: Let the true voting begin, pigfucker. Progressives didn't steal the election of 2020. You and your fellow MAGAt pawns of the Orange Turd are certainly trying to steal this one like you did in 2016. You're corrupt as fuck, sore losers doing everything to make otherwise fair and impartial elections rigged games in your favor, with gerrymandering, redistricting, and filthy outside campaign money. Crawl back into your red neofascist state of confusion buttcrack and die there. The world will cheer.


@18: ....said a truly batshit crazy mental health case study himself, deeply in grossly misinformed action. Look in the mirror, TarZany. You're nothing but smoke and mirrors, programmed just like the Orange Turd and its neofascist RWNJ army of insurrectionist baboons want you to be. You're the deranged nutcase in this entire thread, not I, MAGA tool.


@21: And I rest MY case, you pathetic trolling MAGA turd. Go chug some hydroxychloroquine, keel over, and die, already. Donald Trump is too busy laughing hysterically at your sick, sorry little ass.
Keep your word and shut the fuck up already.


Districtshitbag is so full of shit.

The GOPutin house minority leader Kevin McCarthy literally announced he will cut aid to Ukraine when they get majority. Putin polls higher with republicans than any democrat.

But it’s democrats that are the problem? Because it always liberals with you. You’re a shill and troll. You don’t fool anyone with this performance.

It was the democrats who that unanimously voted to continue and expand aid. It was republicans who unanimously voted to end sanctions. It was republican white nationalist cult that adore Putin and elected his stooge proxy. It was you buddies in the GOPutin who attempted a coup to overthrow a free fair election.

You’ve never met a Rightwing lunatic you didn’t love, shitbag.


I'll see your Fetterman Comments, Tar, and raise you a Hershel Walker. TBI.


@24 democrats are fine. Progressives are the issue. Your whataboutism doesn’t change the fact progressives are responsible for the coming red wave. It’s their policies that are going to enable the republicans to take over congress.


@26: So who's got bottom bunk in Elmer's mother's deep, dark fruit cellar tonight, you or TarZany?


@29: You first.


Rich, I feel genuinely sorry for "Wendy". She deserves better than senseless MAGA trolling and cyberstalking.
The usual MAGAts are truly desperate.


@34: I read about the loss of your mother in another SLOG comment thread. I had no idea. I'm truly sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your surviving family.
Meanwhile, I would prefer you address me by my screen name here.
How about this: I address you as raindrop and you address me as auntie grizelda. Fair enough.


@36 raindrop: I'm sorry about the loss of both your parents. My mother passed away in 2008; my father joined Mom 2 years later in 2010, saying, "Kids, I love you, but I miss your Mom. Take care of yourselves." Whenever my beloved VW and I go on road trips, my parents accompany us in spirit.

I'm glad you enjoyed The Drowning Pool (Symphony No. 1 in d minor), from 2007. It is based on a true story.

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