Move your shit. The City is planning to scatter encampments around Cal Anderson Park on Friday. Currently, there are several people living in tents along Nagle Place.

There’s just no escape from gun violence in America. Details are starting to emerge about the gunman who killed two people at a St. Louis high school this week. The gunman’s family was concerned that he might do something violent and went to great lengths to get him treatment and keep him away from weapons. But it didn’t work; he was able to get an AR-15-style gun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and then shoot his way through locked doors at the school. Details about how he obtained the weapon aren’t available yet. Surely, this will be the incident that finally leads to meaningful gun control in this country.

Ballot party! Seattle Pride is hosting a series of voting parties where you can fill out your ballot, hang out, write postcards to elected officials, and enjoy snacks. The first is happening right now (Wednesday evening until 7:30) at the Capitol Hill Library. The second is in beautiful downtown Burien, and the third is by Northgate. Check out the SECB endorsements here. As a side note, when I was starting a GSA at my high school in the '90s, one of the main pieces of advice we got was to always provide snacks so that students who were not entirely out of the closet could always say, “Oh, uh, I just went for the food.” So it makes me happy every time I see a queer event where snack availability is highlighted. Anyway, go vote!

The motor on the bus makes no noise whatsoever because it is electric. Kamala Harris was in town today to show off a bunch of clean(er) school buses paid for by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The nationwide school bus replacement program has set aside $5 billion over the next five years in the hopes of reducing childhood exposure to diesel exhaust. Of course, fossil fuels aren’t the only source of pollution from motor vehicles; even on electric buses, the tires will continue to deposit the toxic chemical 6PPD-quinone onto roadways and eventually into streams, killing millions of salmon every year. Oh well!

Oh hell yes. Thai businesswoman Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip is the new owner of the Miss Universe competition, the first woman to own the pageant. A trans woman, Jakrajutatip is also a reality TV star and a well-known advocate for trans rights. I have to assume she is planning some changes from the days when the organization was run by Donald Trump.

Get your act together, pumpkin carvers. Kids, this one video will do more to prepare you for adult life than half of your entire primary school education.

Just a few years left to hit that goal. Since 2015, Seattle’s been saying that its goal is for there to be zero serious traffic injuries by 2030, but serious accidents have been increasing.  Next week, the Center for Bike Repair will host a panel talk about what can be done about this failure, featuring a very solid lineup: Ryan Packer from The Urbanist; Anna Zivarts, Director of Disability Mobility Initiative; Mike Lindblom from the Seattle Times; Tiffani McCoy from Real Change; and Bradley Topol from Seattle’s Vision Zero team.

Cars kill. The trial of Darrell Brooks Jr. has ended in a conviction after just 90 minutes of deliberation. Brooks drove a vehicle through a Christmas parade last year, killing numerous senior citizens and a child. Brooks’s behavior at the trial was unpredictable, with him representing himself and putting forth a convoluted (and discredited) “sovereign citizen” defense. It didn't work.

What is it going to take? The saga of the healthy-street sign near Dunlop Elementary continues, with some mystery-motorist smashing it yet again. The city bolted the “local traffic only” sign to the street and a helpful neighbor put a metal planter in front of it. But by the next day, it was ripped out of the street and smashed. What do we have to do to protect this thing, hook it up to a car battery?

Oh no, not that, anything but that. Facebook may stop sharing news sites in Canada, in response to a bill that would force the company to pay for the content it uses. Oh no, whatever will news sites do without Facebook?

I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s been real depressing to watch how some people responded to John Fetterman’s participation in a debate last night. Fetterman is recovering from a stroke, and Twitter was flooded with hot takes about how it’s “painful” to watch him speak with pauses, missed words, and occasional slurring. But honestly, if you watch the video, he’s completely understandable, and certainly much more lucid than Donald Trump. Mostly, it’s just a huge bummer that some people can’t stand to see folks with disabilities doing their jobs.

How many years does it take to build a bike lane in Seattle? Too many. Maybe we should try building one on the moon.

Tech is interested in your body. Google recently bought Sound Life Sciences, a local company that develops technology to detect breathing and sleep behavior. (Speaking as someone who recently participated in a sleep study, a less invasive method of monitoring breathing patterns would be wonderful.) Why does Google want this company? Hard to say. Maybe they’ll use the machines to whisper ads to you in your sleep. Meanwhile, another local startup called Needl wants to be a “search bar for your life,” and seeks the power to locate information from all the multiple streams of data you encounter all day long.

Another day, another Herschel Walker abortion story. Another woman has come forward to claim that the candidate pressured her into getting an abortion. The woman, who is represented by Gloria Allred, says that she didn’t want to get the abortion but he drove her to the clinic and insisted. Walker says the story is a lie, which is what he said about the other woman who came forward with a similar story.

This video has made me fear clouds. Why are they so ominous? What are they planning???