Happy Friday: It’s the weekend, so I'm going to the best site to figure out how to make the most of the next 48 hours: EverOut. Check out this week's list of the coolest (and cheapest) things to do in Seattle this weekend. Some highlights include a "Mama Mia"-themed dance party, El Centro de la Raza’s Día de los Muertos celebration, and DSA’s labor movie night. 

Forecast: Time to bust out the raincoat (I know you insufferable motherfuckers wouldn’t be caught dead with an umbrella) because it is gonna be a rainy weekend! According to Weather.com, you can expect rain in Seattle tonight. It might clear up during the day tomorrow, but the wet weather will probably return Saturday night through Sunday. 

I’m not fucking around: The wind and rain are so bad, that according to KIRO 7, over 10,000 customers, mostly in South Seattle, lost power today. Be safe out there!

Good for them! According to the Seattle Times, demonstrators blocked northbound traffic on I-5 and backed up traffic by four miles for about a half hour. The demonstrators stand in remembrance of the two year anniversary of the start of Ethiopia's genocidal war in Tigray. Earlier this week, the Ethiopian government and Tigray reached a peace agreement

A very bad day ahead: On Sunday, Daylight Saving Time ends and we have to turn our clocks back an hour, which means it will get dark even earlier. If this is your first Seattle winter, welcome to Hell! I hope you have your fancy lamps and supplements ready. 

But wait, didn’t congress...? No. Congress did not make Daylight Saving Time permanent. Earlier this year, the people (minus a couple losers/haters) rejoiced when the US Senate passed the Sunshine Protection Act, which would put an end to the ritual of turning back the clock every fall. But the bill didn’t pick up steam in the other chamber, so it never made it to the Presidents desk to become law. Tragic. Write your State Rep! 

ACAB: Some creepy cop at WSU resigned after an investigation found that he “engaged in predatory grooming behavior while in a supervisory role, made sexually explicit comments to coworkers, subjected coworkers to nonconsensual physical contact, and engaged in sexual activities while on duty and on university property." This is the fourth cop the department lost over this same case because three top cops resigned in August to avoid getting into trouble for mishandling claims involving the predatory police officer, KOMO reported.

ShotSpotter: Capitol Hill Seattle Blawg covered a meeting of the African American Advisory Council, which advises the Seattle Police Department. This week, the good people at ShotSpotter tried to make a compelling argument that their gunshot-detecting software does not suck. Some members seemed to believe that this detection software will prevent shootings. Unfortunately, the tool by nature is completely reactive and will in no way address the causes of gun violence. 

Sorry! Democrat candidate for State House Clyde Shavers gave a half-assed apology on his website late last night after his father accused him of lying about his military service. Shavers used to say he served as a nuclear submarine officer, but has removed those claims from his website. But he apologized “to any supporter who felt misled by any statement I have made regarding my service record,” which feels like a shitty boyfriend saying, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” The Everett Herald has the full story.

Some potential 3D chess from Democrats:

Also, go vote! Democracy fans, your ballot is due Tuesday! Here’s where to find your nearest ballot box. 

But Hannah, I don’t know who to vote for: Well, you’re in luck! We did all the thinking for you. Check out our endorsements here, and if you need some clarification, we have this helpful video for the most confusing ballot prompt:

MAGA 2024: Insiders told ABC News that former President Donald Trump could announce his 2024 presidential run as soon as Nov. 14. According to Will's story from earlier today, many candidates for this election would call this his third term if he wins... and probably even if he doesn't. Logistical details remain “extremely fluid,” for the official announcement, but I hope they hold the presser at Four Seasons Total Landscaping for old times' sake. 

Nice try, Amy Coney Barrett: The Supreme Court rejected yet another attempt from Justice Amy Coney Barrett to block the President’s student loan forgiveness plan. According to CNBC, this doesn’t really change anything because the program is still on hold due to challenges from the right. The Biden administration still encourages borrowers to apply.

Pelosi attack: David DePape, the man accused of attacking Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, waived his court appearance today. So far, DePape has pleaded not guilty to all six of his state charges, including attempted murder, burglary, assault, false imprisonment, and threatening the family member of a public official, according to CNN. Watch out for the status hearing on November 28 and a preliminary hearing on December 14.

I just need to tell someone about this: Last night, the Seattle Human Rights Commission discussed legislation to condemn the City’s relentless sweeps and give the mutual aid group, Stop the Sweeps, thousands of dollars that the City Council gave the commission to throw a Human Rights Day celebration. Disagreement over procedure, and if the commission even has the power to change how to spend that money, extended the meeting past its scheduled end point. This pissed some commissioners off and caused them to log-off before the commission could vote. The sponsor of the legislation said he wants to respect commissioners' time, but reminded the remaining members that people living outside do not have time to wait. He called for a vote, but the commission no longer had enough members present to meet quorum. I’ll keep you updated when they finally do get to that vote.  

Some new music to check out. NSFP (Not Safe For Pandemic):