Cars can enter city streets, but an electric scooter is not allowed to enter a highway? This, of course, is considered to be the original order of things, or a law written into stone by God Himself. This is why the story of a "woman in her 20s riding a motorized scooter on the shoulder" of I-5 in the "Marysville area" is so big. Drivers had never seen the like of it. Had the whole world gone bonkers? Was this a sign of the final fall? Recall Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, recall the omen of the emperor's fate that's seen on the streets of Rome:

Against the Capitol I met a lion,
Who glared upon me, and went surly by,
Without annoying me...

This strange sight in the ancient play found, in terms of impact, its exact match in the young Marysville woman on the motorized scooter. It was just unbelievable. A thing of a "strange-disposed time." But according to KIRO, the young woman was just "[t]rying to get where she needed to go. Thinking that it was a safe way to get there..." And what's wrong with that? "Technically it is trespassing. You’ll see the no trespassing signs on the ramps,” said Sgt. Chasity Van Auken. KIRO's headline for this story? "Woman slows down traffic riding motorized scooter on I-5." Drivers rubbernecked the lion on the streets of their Rome.

There is talk of wind happening in the region. But so far, in Seattle, I'm not feeling it. Maybe that's just me. I would love the wind to come. I'd also love temperatures to drop even lower. The colder the light, the better. How did I, an African, get this way? 

Yes. Of course. I would have loved to stay as the Speaker of the House, but also, we need more young blood in positions of power. And you, Pelosi, like Biden, and so many, too many others at the top of America's governing institutions, were young a very long time ago. The sun also rises. This world keeps on turning.  

Surprise! Election denier denying her loss in the run for Arizona's governor.

Surprise! GOP's House members want to investigate Hunter Biden, who is not the president and has never held a government position. But what else is there to do, when you have a slim majority and no idea what to do about inflation? 

Last week, the GOP and mainstreams pundits recognized the absence of a Red Wave. Last week, the GOP also lost the Senate. Last week the right was publically licking its wounds. But this week, the GOP has decided that winning the House by a few seats is enough to erase from history all that happened just last week, when they were supposed to win a buttload of House seats.   

The deniers are denying and will continue denying. The Hunter haters who are still convinced that his laptop will have the same (if not double the) force of Hillary's emails are here to stay. And there is forever Fauci. What does this tell us? That Trump has left a permanent stamp on this party. All of these issues have their origin in his presidency. And so does the promise to impeach Biden. (An eye for an eye; an impeachment for an impeachment.) There seems to be no history for this party beyond Trump, which is why it makes perfect sense that he runs for president. Beyond him is, for the GOP, the land before time.

There was hope. That God is now gone. Lauren Boebert, a citizen of Hell, is coming back to the House.

In case you were in doubt, Snoop Dog really meant it when he rapped: "[I got] my mind on money and my money on mind." The Cut: "What do Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, and Noah Centineo have in common? They all endorsed Rick Caruso for mayor of Los Angeles." Caruso is a Republican billionaire who shamelessly put on sheep's clothing (he suddenly became a Democrat) in the race against Congresswoman Karen Bass. Bass, thank God, beat the billionaire, who was also supported by Katy Perry. She too: "Laid back, with my mind on my money." No diggty.

I'm also a filmmaker. And if I was to shoot the scene of that young Marysville woman on the motorized scooter, her cruising on the southbound shoulder of I-5 as drivers stared at her in amazement (is this a sign of the times?), this would be the tune on the soundtrack: