Jas, you're missing one key point of congress forcing the FOUR (of 12) rail unions to take the deal that the other eight approved: they created a separate bill that mandates union members receive seven paid sick days on top of the deal that they'd negotiated back in September. It passed the House, but will it pass the Senate? WHO KNOWS!


fuck off.
we can be Inconvnienced
we'll live. We're fucking AMERICANS. let us
Not Sacrifice our Workers for the $upply Chain

out of those twelve
four branches having
55% of the Union members
& with no guarantee of ANY PTO

where's Biden shouting
about their Stock Buybacks
and Shareholder rewardings?

or is OUR President -- of the
Workers as well as Wall Streeters

is he gonna leave all that up to Chas?


“Enough Is Enough!”
Rail Workers Decry Biden’s Push
to Impose Strike-Breaking Labor Deal

And so, we could have seen Biden actually opt for telling Congress he would like to see Congress pass legislation that mediates an end to the conflict under which more favorable terms to the workers, which is to say a handful of sick days.

And that’s what this has come down to. Railroad workers traditionally have had no sick time. And now with the very, very harsh attendance policies that we’re faced with, railroad workers get very, very little time off work.

--Ron Kaminkow, locomotive engineer and organizer for Railroad Workers United,

more on this and other, Un-corporate News at

seems like a Hellova Lot
to Ask for doughnut?
It For US! or We'll
get somebody
Half your age!
and Female!


"Having a railroad strike right now"

It's always the wrong time to do the right thing in America


I bet you do.

re Native Relocation

Q's could build their new higher homes
and airbnb the others. beachfront
prpty! (smallish) waves in
your kitchen! mind
the crab! oh look!
the State Bird - a
Gooeyduck. alls
you can eat! I
hope $25M's
a lotta


Rest in peace, Christine McVie. Lovely woman in a classic band. Thank you for the music.

So it's about to get toasty for the Orange Turd? It's about fucking time! Let the DOJ do its job.
The rest of us 99.99999999999999999%ers would already be cornholed for life in federal prison for doing 1/20th of the same heinous crimes against humanity, nature, and democracy willfully committed by Trumpty Dumpty. May the Fall of Mar-a-Lunatic spell the end of the GOP, and the Orange Turd get cornholed raw--first, by angry cell bound RepubliKKKans turning against it, and then forever in Hell.
I hope Mitch McConnell ends up like Warden Norton, cowering in his locked office in The Shawshank Redemption when the Feds showed up. Fess up, Turtle Boy. May your Coke Bottle lenses fall off, shatter, there be Time Enough at Last, and the Evil Spell Be Broken.


@4,@5, and @8 Rock on, kris!


Whether it's a good day for it or no, I gotta pass on gluten, Jas. It doesn't like me anymore.
For you and those with no dietary restrictions, though, enjoy!


I know Stevie Nicks gets recognition as the voice of Fleetwood's Mac's heyday of popularity, but Christine McVie was a hidden gem who sang some of the most beautiful songs they ever produced.

Farewell Songbird


@13 Urgutha Forka: Welcome back! Agreed about Christine McVie. She blessed Fleetwood Mac with a lovely voice.
Rest in peace, Songbird.


If you want to sum up the 'Seattle is Dying' story, just re-read the top 5 streaming artists for our zip code. Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop. I think that just confirmed Seattle is officially dead.


Thanks for the warning on Avatar runtime. Looks like Babylon is 118 minutes.

So don't get the big drink.

As to crime, it's all a media fiction. They're too lazy to do anything but repeat cop tales without asking any real questions.


@15: STII: And Christine McVie was quite the gifted keyboardist, too.

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