If America was honest about itself, we'd scratch off the words on the Statue of Liberty and replace them with "And stay out." Benny Winslow/Getty Images



bugger off


@1 France takes terrorism very seriously. The leaders of this attack can expect the CRS to show up some night.


"[Philly] is
still considering ways
to contextualize the [C.C.] statue."

he sails up
on a ship of
Shackles & hands
the Natives Trinkets
which they swap for America
they just don't Know it quite yet
and his arms grow Longer and Encompass
the Planet tentacles stealing everything there Is

we need more
Happy Endings.


The blood of the activists will water the fields of France.


Matt it seems from where I sit you are a truly good person. I hope you are well, I worry about you a tiny bit. Yes the world is full of the dipshits that populate this comment section. Yes the state of affairs seems dreadful especially if you are thoughtful and sensitive. No you don’t have to just be miserable just because people like 1,2,3,5 and Dewey have nothing better to do but sound off.


Wow, Hannah reports on Twitter "CM Debra Juarez will not seek re-election in 2023, according to her comments in today's council briefing"!


@8 she pretty much said this was her last time during the 2019 campaign. The funny part is Hannah thinking a district that overwhelming elected Harrell/Davidson is somehow an opportunity to pick up a professive seat lol

@6 I somehow doubt the comments in this blog are responsible for Matt’s dour disposition.


re: 3M

I live near where the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers converge. 3M has been using that area as a chemical waste dumping ground since the 70's. Now that area has been developed, and local water quality went to shit about 12 years ago...

I'm not claiming that all these things are necessarily connected, but I can't drink tap water anymore anywhere in this part of town.


@6 Just to be clear... it's okay for the Sloggers to sound off in their daily link posts (where some of their "facts" are pure B.S.) but it's not okay for the comments to sound off to challenge their assertions?

@8 It's hilarious, isn't it? She really believes West Seattle and North Seattle are going to vote in Nikita Oliver clones. HanHan should probably travel outside of Capitol Hill once in a while, she might learn something about the rest of the city.


Princess dear, that’s not at all what happens. Seattle water comes from the Cedar and Tolt watersheds in the Cascades. West Point is a sewage treatment plant. After the sewer water has been treated it is released into the sound, which is salt water.

Lynnwood gets its water from Everett. That comes from the Spada reservoir.


HEY, YOU GUYS!!! Happy 91st Rita Moreno!! I celebrated by watching West Side Story (the 1961 original) Monday night. Cadillac zoom en America! 12 in a room en America! {The guys} miss the life down in San Juan! {The girls} know a boat they can get on--bye bye! I just love Rita Moreno's rooftop dancing scenes with George Chakiris.
Wow---what a classic film, however tragic the modern take on Romeo and Juliet. Winner of 10 Academy Awards (including Best Supporting Actor for Chakiris and Best Supporting Actress for Moreno), and it still packs a punch 61 years later.

Good grief, Charlie Brown! There are already more than enough traffic accidents and multi-car collisions around here without additional snow getting dumped onto the PNW! Get off your Dumb phones, people, look where the fuck you're going, already, and for gawd's sake, don't slam on the brakes in wet and / or icy conditions! Oh, and the triangular shaped red sign that says "Yield" means that someone else has the right of way, and that you need to wait for the all clear in order to merge safely. That should help cover Driver's Ed 101 first day of class.
And people wonder why I put my beloved VW into fall & winter hibernation every year. I'm safely guessing they're the same transplanted idiots from elsewhere, who keep bragging about how much better they think they can handle winter driving in the Puget Sound region than the natives. Then they bitch and gripe about their smashed up vehicles being stuck in the shop during the dark, stormy months, from careless driving and for not allowing enough space between cars on the road.
Auto mechanics and body shop veterans must make a fortune this time of year.

@5: Down, Swifty, down, before some batshit crazy NRA gun nut uses your avatar for target practice.

@8 and @10: Try not to fall in when you flush, lil MAGAts. Puget Sound already has more than enough toxic waste even after sewage treatment.

@12 Catalina Vel-DuRay: And up here in Bellingham we get our water through the Judy reservoir and Lake Whatcom. It saddens me to think what gets dumped into Puget sound daily, even after sewage treatment, and that motor boats are allowed on the source of drinking water for ~ 85,000 residents.


Auntie dear, as the old saying goes, everybody poops. And they way they treat it these days is really quite remarkable. In San Diego, they are purifying sewage water to the point where it is drinkable.

That's unfortunate about Lake Whatcom. Both Cedar Falls and Tolt have been restricted for decades. Even when the Milwaukee Road railroad passed through the Cedar River Watershed, they were required to lock out the toilets on their passenger and freight trains.

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