This is the only picture I have of KCRHA CEO Marc Dones, but its okay because I bet they're smiling just like this rn :) Shitty Seattle Channel screenshot



I also miss Galaxy Rune and Miley's stoned era. :'(


is a huge
step for KCRHA and
it could get even better."

GOOD News!
now peeps just
gotta Look UP!
unlike the Movie
tho Musky Was good

"Why don't computer hackers do something more valuable with their skills, like eliminate student debt?"

that's the $1.3 TRILLION query
and I Like your Style!

'If I was Kent, I’d just disappear.'


batting 1.000 Grrrl.


"Anyway, Monday
might not be the former
[Superhero] president's best day ever."

great news!
he'll likely Slip
outta Justice's Jaws
as per Always but at least

"Republicans"'re gonna Attack
from Day One and Kavanaughtius
Maximus is waiting in the Wings to dish
out a little a' that Retribution he Promised

how Fugly
will it Get?


I am among those glad to see The Willows go, too. Hopefully those formerly employed will find better jobs.
Whether the restaurant had a James Beard Award winning chef or no, $875.00 for a romantic meal for two, bottle of wine, plus tax and gratuity [according to retired columnist from the former Cascadia Weekly, Alan "Mr. Cranky" Rhodes, reporting from Lummi Island] is pretty damned steep--especially for Whatcom County. I'm amazed that The Willows got so much national news, including from The New York Times. All the scandal must have been what largely made the press.
Mr. Rhodes in his commentary cited chickens from CostCo on the menu, despite the establishment's boasting that all food on the premises was allegedly grown, hunted, or fished. So much for truth in advertising.
I understand (another SLOG commenter mentioned this in a past comment thread in The Stranger) the former owners are now opening a new restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Good luck to any locals seeking jobs. Only the wealthy will be able to afford to eat there.

@2 kristofarian: +1 for the WIN! Agreed and seconded.

@3 kristofarian: There MUST be a way to take down the Orange Turd and its obedient bootlickers!
We still shoot rabid dogs, don't we? RepubliKKKans love their guns. Maybe if they saw ammo pointed at them, via a firing squad--would that break Trump fever?


There must be a way to get Joe Kent to flee Washington State with its limp dick between its legs. Or at least get the bastard castrated.


Miley’s stoned era and that SNL performance were da best! Miss, for sure.


smilin' Marc Dones has been a giant waste of money, unfortunately like most of the homeless endeavors by the city.

@4 yes i'm sure te formers owners of the Willows will LOVE the amazingly low minimum wage and lack of employee protections in Mexico. I wish them nothing but power outages and bad press.


When are they going to fire Marc Dones? He has been at the job for almost 2 year, making $250K/year and he's added 6 housing units.

He's as bad as Seattle's former Street Czar.


@8: If you think actual permanent housing of real human beings is in any way, shape, or form connected to Seattle’s massive expenditures on homelessness, well, you simply haven’t been paying attention.

For years.


Surely someone must have worried that the AquaDom was Murphy's law just waiting to happen.


Sorry for the loss of Joe Bar; it was a reliable stop before and after Film Festival showings at the Harvard Exit.


Glad the city’s are taking a regional approach using KCRHA to combat homelessness. Now we just need to make sure to annually audit them.


@12 You're in luck! The county's publicly available Annual Comprehensive Financial Report is audited by the Washington State Auditor's Office.


Isn't it "NFT" not "NTF" for Non-Fungible Tokens? Still trying to get those acronyms straight.... If anyone Googled "Melania" in the past year, the news, what there was, was that she was working on creating NFT's. The woman is sicker than I thought.


@13 thanks. I didn’t realize it done annually and available.


@14: Yes, it's "NFT". Melania's are much nicer than Donald's and there are a few left:


@14 tillie: Agreed. Anything Trumpian, anyone Trumpist, and any woman stupid enough and willing to marry and have children with the Orange Turd, a.k.a., Donald J. Trump is beyond sick.

@16: raindrop, dear, please seek medical help for your mindless MAGAt addictions. Stop feeding the ugliest of orange trolls and its latest bimbo bride. By buying their NFTs you're only falling into their trap, paying their legal fees.


speaking of the trumpfster:

Trump Faces a
Week of Headaches
on Jan. 6 and His Taxes

After five years of dramatic headlines about controversies surrounding Donald Trump, the coming week will be consequential.

& not a Moment Too Soon.


No worries auntie, NFTs, like cryptocurrency, are essentially meaningless - nevertheless NFTs are an intriguing concept and perhaps have other uses no one's thought of yet.

Ivana was never a bimbo. She had the business savvy. Donald was the "bimbo" in that relationship.


@18 kristofarian: All I want for Christmas is the Orange Turd gone, the Orange Turd gone, the Orange Turd gone!
Kill the GOP and then go bust E-lon, go bust E-lon, go bust E-lon!

@19: Face it, raindrop. The Party of Trump is a crime syndicate, regardless of whose business school Ivana, Marla, Melania--or even its daughter, Ivanka graduated from. Everything the Orange Turd touches turns to shit. The Orange Turd is no King Midas.

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