Great time to visit Leavenworth, lousy time to drive down Queen Anne Avenue. Joecho-16/Getty Images



"The descendants of the people
buried there were not informed until
it was too late* to do anything about it."

perhaps Not.
they're doing re-
Markable things with
Tunneling these days I hear.

this could be a damn good
attny's ticket Outta Dodge

*the Bldg already
having been Built


Charles really has give one of his famous treatments on the M$FT data center.


that little Insight's
kinda Cute. I'd like to
Have one Santa for a Pet
take it out for a Roam or two
whistle and it'd Come Back to me

it could tell me all
about Mars at

Make me one!


Rainier Square Tower.

Rainier Tower it the rectangular building on a pedestal.


yeah you guys got your towers mixed up! new one bad, old one good


MORE Mastodon links!

You should honestly run a bit that helps people get up and running with it, and give 'em 10 links per Mastodon thingy that they should follow.

Why did I say Mastodon thingy? Because we need some expert journalism to help us get up and running with it.

There's got to be at least 5 Stranger journalists I should be following, right? I only heard about yesterday from you guys, but I was on a phone and figured I'd do it when I got home.

Thank you for Kathleen Clark's link, but what's your mastodon account?


Polyclinic and Everett Clinic have been absorbed by something called Optum (?) which in turn is owned by United Healthcare (which I believe also owns AARP).

As for Northwest Urbanist vs Rainier Square Tower: Calm down, Northwest Urbanist. Take one of your CBD gummies. They'll figure this out.


@6, Agree. Time to expand the horizons and throw some traffic to a more deserving platform. Twitter was always a polarizing medium anyway: nothing worth saying can be limited to 128 characters.


@7 “Northwest Urbanist” is just code for “privileged white guy with a huge stick up his ass about everything.”


@scooter -- a nasty
Epidemic it would seem.


LOL @ a guy who thinks cars shouldn't exist, for not knowing that there ARE safe ways of driving in the snow. Yes, staying off the road is the SAFEST option, but sheesh have you ever been east of the Rockies in winter?

Also LOL embedding a Mastodon link that...leads to a Twitter thread.

Also LOL Northwest "Urbanist" who also apparently has never been to a big city east of the Rockies in winter, where a minor inconvenience like walking around a few sawhorses during a blizzard is actually seen as a public safety measure. $10,000 fine per day LOLOL.


Twitter is loads of fun these days. The best place to see videos of drag queens behaving very badly.


@12: raindrop, dear, I don't do Twitter, remember?

All I want for Christmas is the Orange Turd gone, The Orange Turd gone, The Orange Turd gone.
Prosecute, convict, and also bust E-lon, and bust E-lon, and bust E-lon.
All I want for Christmas is the GOP dead, the GOP dead, the GOP dead.
Restore democracy so I can rest my head, rest my head, rest my head....


PrincessAngeline, The tragically 70's-era shopping mall that once stood along Union Street between 4th and 5th Avenues was indeed named Rainier Square. The original tower - the one that is still there on the skinny pedestal - was called the Rainier Bank Tower, because that was where the long-gone Rainier Bank had it's HQ.

I know this because one of my first - and still one of my best - jobs in Seattle was selling popcorn from the cart on the corner of 4th Ave and Union Street, outside the Butch Blum store. The apex of that job was the night that the first George Bush was elected. A tedious bore in a sports car kept driving around the block and screaming obscenities at the small group of Dukakis supporters rallying on the corner. The Dukakis supports finally bought out the entire output of my cart, with extra butter, and threw it on that jackass' car, which caused him to have a complete drama queen meltdown. (plus, they gave me a fifty dollar tip, which was half my rent at the time)

It was then that I finally accepted what my parents had told me for years: Republicans are horrible people.


@15 Catalina Vel-DuRay: You are indeed, without a doubt, a priceless gem! Kudos and well done to you--and the Dukakis supporters on the corner of 4th and Union Street for giving that creep what he deserved.
Long agreed that Republicans are truly horrible people. I've known that since Richard Nixon was in the White House. And the GOP has only gotten slimier ever since.

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