Starbucks broke the law, says the National Labor Relations Board: The board filed a complaint saying the coffee corporation illegally refused to negotiate with unionized workers at 21 stores in the Pacific Northwest, reports the Seattle Times. Starbucks kinda dodged the accusations, saying in an email to the Times that by the end of the year they will have "appeared in-person for more than 75 single-store bargaining sessions." Yeah, and???

Devastating news: The iconic Shiba Inu from that world-famous "doge" meme has leukemia and liver cancer. Kabosu's owners told NBC News that she is in "dangerous condition." Prayers up for Kabosu.

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Also in terrible shape: Pope Benedict. Totally understand if you did the opposite of "prayers up" for that guy. 

Another day, another bridge closed in West Seattle: This time it's the Spokane Street Bridge. It'll close for only two weeks so that its hydraulic system can be repaired after it failed to close all the way on Friday, reports the Seattle Times. The West Seattle Bridge, King County Water Taxi, and First Avenue South bridge should be used in the meantime. 

Liar, liar, pants on fire: New York's Rep-elect George Santos (if that's REALLY his name) is still in deep shit for lying about his work history and education. According to the New York Times, a Long Island district attorney is looking into the matter to determine "whether he could face criminal charges." Reactions from his supporters are mixed, but several prominent Long Island Republicans have called for further investigation. 

And in Michigan: The architect of the plot to kidnap and possibly assassinate Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been sentenced to more than 19 years in prison, reports the Washington Post. In addition to the kidnapping, 47-year-old Barry Croft also planned to "blow up a bridge in hopes of inciting a civil war." This domestic terrorist is the second to be sentenced this week, with his mate, Adam Fox, getting 16 years.

If you're flying Southwest, get behind me! The airline canceled 2,500 flights today, and more than 2,300 Thursday flights have already been canceled as well, reports the New York Times. Customers have been without bags—and refunds—for days and Southwest CEO Bob Jordan has apologized to everyone whose stranded with grandma's gift. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says they are "past the point" of it being "a weather-driven issue," rather this indicates a "system failure." Dad's mad!

For those of you invested in that dumb new $600 tax reporting for payment apps rule: The IRS has decided to delay the rule's implementation for at least another year. Breathe easy, people who pay rent through Venmo. Your time hasn't come... yet. 

In Seattle weather news: Nothing else dramatic is coming our way. Rejoice in the dreary grayness.

Terrible stories coming out of Buffalo's blizzard: At least 34 people have died in Erie County as western New York got hit with a deadly winter storm, reports NPR. Most tragically, a woman died after snow trapped her inside her car. Things are getting so bad, the National Guard is going door-to-door to do some wellness checks over the next 48 hours. Some relief seems to be on the way with 50-degree weather in the forecast.

If you're reading Slog from China for some reason: Hello! If you're coming to the US, the government is requiring all travelers from China have a negative COVID test in light of the surge in Beijing.

Headline of the evening: "Drunken man poops on PT Cruiser, tells hospital staff his blood will be 'Pure. Natural. Ice.'," from MLive. We've all been there!

For your listening pleasure: Sharlese killin' it for Berlin's HÖR.