It's really a toss up as to which is more corrupt, Long Island or Albany when it comes to NY. So it's an absolute joke that we're supposed to take an investigation by Long Island Republicans into a lying Republican seriously. With Trump, Republicans have made it that any criminal who has any interest in running for public office and robbing his or her constituents and the government at large blind for as long as they're in office an inevitable circumstance. From now on there will be no even remotely near normal Republican in power. Every single unhinged right wing Q anon nut job who is able to control the crazy until AFTER they are elected will be going for it. All others will lose their elections and spend their time lying about stolen elections and suing people.


How sad about the blizzard situation in Buffalo, New York and Kabosu.
Being trapped in one's car in a snowstorm, freezing to death is a horrible way to die.

@1 xina: +1 RepubliKKKans are only getting batshit crazier by the minute. We shoot rabid dogs--how much longer until enough is finally enough? I'm concerned about the GOP wrenching the House back after the midterm election.


they should require negative covid tests from third-world places like texas and florida


George Santos is another sick joke at the expense of New Yorkers statewide.


"In addition to the kidnapping, 47-year-old Barry Croft also planned to 'blow up a bridge in hopes of inciting a civil war.' This domestic terrorist... "

thank you for calling a domestic
terrorist a Domestic Terrorist

we're finally gettin around to it
the KKK set the Standard ages
ago but the Terrorists were
White so how could it be
called "Terrorism"?
specially when
its Victims


The $600 1099 rule has nothing to do with paying your rent. Your landlord is already obligated to report their income, and if they don't there is no repercussion to the tenant.


Regarding Pope Benedict, death is the great leveler, and while Dog knows he participated in incredible evil (starting with his role in the vast network of sexual abuse of children), I’ll pray that, on the day he meets his God, he may receive mercy, much as I, myself, if there is indeed an afterlife, hope I may receive mercy for my own failings.


And WTF is up with the bridges in West Seattle? These are major infrastructure issues that need to be taken care of, ASAP. King County needs to find the funding. Has the Ship Canal Bridge on I-5 been repaired yet?


@10 SwampThing: O-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-kay. I haven't lived in or near Seattle since 1997 and no longer have a reason to commute to and from King County. If you reside in Seattle, West Seattle, or any of the surrounding communities, aren't you even the teeniest bit concerned about crumbling bridges--especially on major multi-lane interstate highways? I sure as my morning dump would be. It sounds like everyone living in West Seattle and Alki Beach is getting screwed on getting through town, what with detour routes and traffic congestion.
What did I ever say about "goofy grandstanding projects of the local politicians, council, et. al."? I am in agreement, however with your list of city priorities otherwise.


Am I seeing things, or is there blood on Kabosu's chin? Poor doggie!

Happy Safe and Healthy 2023 everybody!

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