That was the sun in the sky. Those were snow-capped mountains in the distance. How different today was from yesterday, which was so beautifully bleak. Almost no light until 10 am. The rain constant but not hard—rain, in short, for a hood rather than the un-Seattle instrument called an umbrella. And then today. What a difference. Sometimes the weather is like the human in Björk's "Human Behavior": "They're terribly, terribly, terribly moody / Oh, human behavior / Then all of a sudden turn happy."

I'm mystified by this incident. My mind tried, again and again, to picture it, to make sense of its causal form. But it failed. 


The Pierce County Sheriff's Department said a woman was likely killed while she was moving cars in the driveway outside of her home in South Hill Tuesday morning... Based on surveillance video, deputies believe she was moving vehicles around in her driveway when one of the cars hit her.

The police are of two minds on this most puzzling matter. One part says this death is suspicious; the other, "it was an accident." As a person who never learned to drive, what happened to that South Hill woman is like "a grimpen, where is no secure foothold, And menaced by monsters, fancy light."  

Eric Barnett shows that the South Lake Union Walgreens building the Seattle City Council will probably protect as a landmark is hardly exceptional. There are copies of its style all over the place.  

The man is trying to make the union representing the Seattle concrete mixer drivers who went on strike last year pay. The man claims the drivers made a bunch of cement go hard in the spinning drums when the strike began. The man lost the most important thing in the whole universe, money, because of this. The money (I mean man) wants the union to pay for this crime against the universe itself. SCOTUS will hear the case and, of course, vote in favor of the man.  

Diamond of the Black and Trumpy Diamond and Silk duo just died. Pennies are now on her eyes. Some sources report that COVID sent her to the hospital "during the Thanksgiving holiday." Some die for what they believe in. The opposite appears to be the case with Diamond, the more articulate of the duo. She thought COVID was a part of a grand conspiracy against her leader/king/god Trump. It's also reported that she was an anti-vaxxer. So early in 2023, and already it seems we have a winner of this year's Herman Cain Award. If all of this wasn't sad enough, that negative creep, Roger Stone, called Diamond "my sistah."

The best restaurant in the world, Copenhagen's Noma, is calling it quits. And not because it's not profitable, but because its owner, chef, and founder, René Redzepi, thinks it's unsustainable. He instead wants to devote his time and energy to the research and development of "dishes and products for its e-commerce operation, Noma Projects." In the Glass Onion, the soul-empty Elon Musk character goes on and on about "disruptors." Redzepi is the real deal. He is a disruptor in exactly that Muskian sense. He made rich people eat ants and deer hearts.   

Here is what I had to say about Redzepi in 2016:

But here is the most important thing you will learn about Redzepi: His father is an immigrant and a Muslim. And so the most praised chef in Northern Europe is not blonde and blue-eyed. He is the son of an immigrant who worships Allah. This should make you stop and think very deeply about the immigration crisis in Europe. 

In short, they want the army, whose chief is Black, to be whiter.

The next two years of a Republican House will, of course, be about Republicans. New York Times: "Republicans pushed through a measure to create a powerful new committee to scrutinize what they have charged is an effort by the government to target and silence conservatives." When these people say silence, they mean to be loud enough to silence others. It seems the tremendous noise they are already making is not loud enough. It's not there yet.

Let's end Slog PM with a slamming jam by the great and seemingly unstoppable (in terms of artist growth) Ryuichi Sakamoto, "Decision."