the only possible action upon space
is the negation of space

-Italo Calvino


I'm surprised there is not yet an entry for Diamond on the website yet.


Why didn't the union have the courtesy to walk off the job before filling the cement trucks? That should make the case for Glacier Northwest.


Winter yesterday, spring today? It was actually nice to go walking outside in the sunshine in January, but that's human-made climate change for you. We can only expect further erratic weather patterns from now on. At least the PNW isn't under six feet of snow. We're supposed to get flooding from existential rains coming north from California soon. Everyone be prepared and stay safe out there.

Matriarchy NOW!!! And while we're at it, death to the GOP.


We covered this in yesterdays PM slog but the faux outrage can’t be denied. The ability to change the landmark designation for that building is NOT part of the SCC authority. That is up to the preservation board. The council merely sets rules for the preservation. Erica and TS should direct their ire where it’s due. At this point it’s moving from uniformed to willfully ignorant. I’d tell Erica on Twitter but she is so thin skinned she’d accuse me of misogyny and block me lol.


NY-2, NY-3, NY-4, NY-17, and OR-3.

Think about those five districts over the next two years of Republican idiocy.

Without Progressive Stupidity those five districts would have stayed Democratic.


"that negative creep, Roger Stone, "
Trump's little girl ain't a girl no more.


We usually get a clear dry spell covering parts of January and February. It kinda sucked when I used to snowboard but now it's my favorite time of the year to clear out blackberry bushes.


@9 skidmark: I hear ya.


@7 STII: Independents--NOT Democrats--fucked us over again. Right, Toby?


I’m so glad that The Stranger is finally advocating for the truly oppressed in Seattle: the real estate developers. Between The Stranger and Erica C. Barnett, I expect the affordable housing problem to be solved by the end of the month.


@7 haha. First time I've seen that analysis made by someone who wasn't goofing on dipshit totebaggers. Or maybe that's what you've been up to this whole time ;)


@7 BS. The DNC failed to turn out enough voters for those candidates. What's your plan? Be more racist? More gun-humping? Scream more about the kids today and how they don't know how good they have it? That should bring 'em out!

People don't vote for Team D because it's too liberal. They don't vote for it because they aren't D-voters. Go find more voters -- or get on those redistricting panels and get rid of the gerrymandering. 60% of the voters in this country vote D in every election -- but the power to elect is by far on the side of Team R. Address that issue, and "progressive" will be the new "neo-liberal/rational democrat" and we'll still have permanent majorities.


Mr. Redzepi was born in Copenhagen and is hardly an immigrant. While his father was an immigrant from another part of Europe his mother was definitely Danish. He may not be blond haired and blue eyed but he is white.


While I think Charles is tedious and inscrutable, we can at least agree on Ryuichi Sakamoto.


Chuckie, tedious as usual so you are starting out the New Year on a high note. I though you might be a little too happy about the death of someone though in your little story.....but that is how you all roll here at TS.


@14 -- ya think?

@15 -- but
the Tobster's
a LIBERAL. he's
professed it ad Naseem.

ya think
he might
be spoofin us?


@18 Bizarro: David in Shoreline? Is that you spewing nonsensical word salad?

@19 kristofarian: I have an ongoing theory that the Tobster is a strawman. Lately he's been grasping desperately for straws. He must have gotten sucked into a vacuum of white noise when the Big Bad GOP wolves blew away his house of weed in last November's midterms. Did he lose an election bet? Was his money riding on a heavily forecast red wave, that instead fizzled into what couldn't fill a squirt gun or piss him out a free beer? And now he's mad. Yet he blames the Democrats, the party with his best interests at heart (Griz still believes that Joe Manchin and particularly Krysten Sinema are really RepubliKKKans in the U.S. Senate, posing as Democrats--when they have only proven to be Mitch McConnell's sock puppets).
I think the Tobster is really pissed at the Independents, NOT the Democrats, but doesn't wanna fess up to it. That's easier than owning up to his falling for yet another RepubliKKKan ruse in the elections.


The original building for all the clone bank buildings (including the Seafirst bank in richland where I had my first account) must be preserved. So I go back to my hole to mourn Jeff Beck. BTW who is Diamonds and Silk??

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