It's nothing but a good feeling to find someone who feels as strongly as you do about something you think everyone completely missed. In this case, it's the piano solo at the end of Art of Noise's "Beat Box (Diversion One)." It calmly but confidently rises from the final bombardment of the cut's drum machine. And there it is, for a little over a minute. But it swings so marvelously, that its main idea is fully revealed. There are chunks of church in the chords, and measures of Keith Jarrett and English classical in the right-hand melodies (the former when the right-hand is working those left-hand church chords, and the latter when it's responding to them).

The brief movement is accompanied by enthusiastic finger snapping. The gentleman in the below YouTube video does not do the piece justice, and he admits as much; but the love he expresses for it is exactly the same as mine. He says: "It was on cassette... and I would fast-forward to the solo. And listen to it and rewind, listen to it and rewind." I did the exact same thing as a teenager. And I loved the whole track. But I often could not wait to get to that piano solo.