Still looks like Moon and Durkan.
Still looks like Moon and Durkan. nate gowdy

Another day, another tiny drop of ballots in Seattle's mayoral primary.

Like yesterday and the day before, urban planner Cary Moon retains her spot in second place ahead of lawyer and educator Nikkita Oliver and appears almost certain to make it to the November general election.

With 227 new ballots counted, Moon now leads Oliver by 1,222 votes, down from 1,287 yesterday and 1,301 the day before. Almost all ballots in the city race have been counted except 1,275 remaining signature challenges, according to King County Elections. That means that in order to win, every one of those challenges would have to be resolved and Oliver would have to win nearly every single one. Usually, only about 50 percent of signature challenges are resolved, according to King County Elections.

Former U.S. attorney Jenny Durkan remains in first. At today's count, Durkan has 27.9 percent of the vote, Moon has 17.6, percent, and Oliver has 16.7 percent. To trigger an automatic recount, Oliver would need need to reach within .5 percent of Moon.