Traffic on the extraterrestrial highway is probably bonkers this weekend.
Traffic on the extraterrestrial highway is probably bonkers this weekend. David Becker

Washington woman quits job to find dog: Carole King from Deer Park lost her dog, Katie, on a trip to Montana. She stayed there to look for Katie, quitting her job as a postal worker in the meantime. King combed the community day and night, put up 500 flyers around the county where Katie was lost, and posted all over social media. Ultimately, the community helped King find Katie. After 57 days, the two were reunited.

Fairview Avenue Bridge closes for 18-month rebuild on Monday: The bridge, which serves as the main corridor from Eastlake into South Lake Union, is the last timber-supported bridge in the city. The wood is decaying and the concrete support is cracking so... replacement time. It will be a big headache for commuters who will need to start figuring out alternate routes. This bridge face-lift was supposed to start in 2017. It didn't due to delays.

Bill de Blasio will stick with being mayor: New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has dropped out of the still-crowded presidential race. For some reason, de Blasio still continued his campaign despite not even qualifying for this month's debate. Oh, Bill.

Just when I thought the kids were alright: This asshole in the Tri-Cities has to screw it up by pimping out his friend. Diego Pantoja Vallejo, 15, is accused of selling his 13-year-old friend to an adult man, 23, for sex. Vallejo allegedly charged the man $100 to have sex with the girl. He received that and $20 for condoms and $20 for cab fare. Vallejo will face trial in November. The man has been locked up in Franklin County Jail.

Took a DNA test and turns out...: That the Seattle Police Department inadvertently destroyed it. Seattle Police Department evidence warehouse staff goofed up in a not yet specified way and 107 swabs from misdemeanor convictions were destroyed. That's an oopsie if I've ever seen one.

I love a soupy day: I also love "soupy" as a word in general but especially as a weather descriptor. It's going to be soggy and soupy today. And the rest of this month. I am thrilled.

Train vs. truck: An Amtrak train headed to Seattle struck a truck that was parked on the tracks in Idaho. The train was probably going somewhere around 80 miles per hour when it struck. Talk about a crunch. No one was injured.

The Global Climate Strike is here: People are pouring into the streets in cities around the world. It's time to act on climate goals. The Seattle rally kicks off at 9 a.m. in Cal Anderson Park. It will head to City Hall at noon. Will I see you there? Here's a scene from Berlin where initial reports say more than 80,000 people are striking:

Greta Thunberg is one of a kind: The 16-year-old Swedish activist will go down in history. Hopefully, we'll be able to reflect on her as the change-maker that got us on the right track, not a loud voice that fell upon deaf ears that did too little too late. Anyway, she made a speech to Congress. The whole text is here. Here's an excerpt: "No matter how political the background to this crisis may be, we must not allow this to continue to be a partisan political question. The climate and ecological crisis is beyond party politics."

Orcas stop by to say what up: The southern residents were in local Puget Sound waters Thursday. They even brought their new baby to say hi. Normally, they're in the San Juans this time of year.

More on that whistle-blower: There still isn't a ton of information about a whistle-blower complaint by a member of the intelligence community that alleges President Donald Trump made some sort of promise or commitment to a foreign leader. Two sources believe Ukraine is involved.

This is so fun to watch: This Brazilian women's soccer team just decimated the opposing team with this combination.

Nevada towns prep for alien seekers: What started as a Facebook event to swarm Area 51—an internet joke to "see them aliens"—is bringing a fuck-ton of people to tiny Nevada towns. The towns, Rachel and Hiko, are already seeing an influx of people. There are multiple events planned, two festivals, speakers, etc. Local government has requested emergency funds. This whole article is absolute gold, but my favorite part is when it shows what paranoid residents are doing to prepare:

Arnu said he installed outdoor floodlights, fencing, and “No Trespassing” signs on his 30-acre property. He’s also organized a radio-equipped night watch of neighbors, fearing there won’t be enough water, food, trash bins, or toilets for visitors.

Headline of the week: Michelangelo's David at Risk from Weak Ankles.

A fun fact for your Friday: During World War II, there was a whole department of British intelligence devoted to pigeon spies.

The Global Climate Strike is still going: I'll leave you with another scene from the strikes around the world. Motivation, you know?

Your best Seattle entertainment options this weekend include: Kremfest, Fremont Oktoberfest, and the Local Sightings Film Festival.