Film/TV May 9, 2022 at 3:00 pm

Turn off the internet and touch some tapes.



Add "The Fabulous Baker Boys" to that list (according to Moira MacDonald of the Seattle Times).


Please add "The White Dawn" (1974) to the list. There is a local connection to this film. Three whalers are shipwrecked and saved by an Inuit tribe in Arctic Northern Canada. The Inuits go on a polar bear hunt and the chief kills a large polar bear. I was shocked when I saw the film because the death seemed real. Further investigation revealed that the polar bear was on loan from the Seattle Zoo and when they released it from its cage, it was the first time it had experienced snow. The footage of it frolicking was edited to make it look like it was being speared to death.


Last week was particularly strong with two of my all-time favorites “Dogma” and “All That Jazz”


@4 I’m signing up for the rental service this week and will definitely report back.


I still use Netflix's disc service, it's great for older movies but not everything is there of course. This year I watched everything they had on Jackie Chan as well as a bunch of their Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. City Hunter was particularly worth watching for the first time.


@7 What's your favorite Jackie Chan movie? I think I have a crush on young Jackie Chan.


@8 It's not easy to pick, especially since some of them start to run together in my mind, but I think I would have to give it to Jackie Chan's Project A. It had a ton of great stunts, likeable characters, some beautiful scenery, and an explosive ending. Another one I really liked was Dragon Lord, it featured him as a spoiled son of an aristocrat so he got be a bit wackier than you'd see in his traditional crime-fighting roles.


@9 Adding to my list. Thanks!


Looks like you can stream To Live and Die in LA on Xfinity stream. And I definitely watched it on one of the bigger services in recent history, but sadly can't remember which, and it may well be gone by now.


@11 scratch that. It wouldn't actually stream it.


fyi, I've watched a couple movies recently found on weird sites. I'll go to bing (don't laugh, they're a trillion times better than any other search engine in formatting video results) then do a search for whatever movie and include "-youtube," so that you don't get a bunch of weird clickbait-y youtube videos that are one-and-a-half hours of a link to malware pay sites. You can also filter results for longer lengths to omit previews and trailers. I recently watched Idiocracy (which seemed pertinent given the times) via this method. Also my namesake 1958 horror classic can be found here..

(spoiler. It's pretty awful.)

Also, also, Richard Linklater's early film Slacker is on youtube. Apparently, he doesn't care about the copyright or whatever and has made no effort to have it taken down.


The Doom Generation! Damn I loved that film. It's hard to believe that's Rose McGowan given her current state. That film has one of the best soundtracks, too.


Add 'High Tide' to this list -- Australian film directed by Gillian Armstrong and featuring a stellar lead performance by Judy Davis, it's about a back-up singer for an Elvis impersonator who gets fired and finds herself in a trailer park, where she finds the daughter she gave up to her mother-in-law to raise. It's a lovely movie and isn't available on dvd or streaming anywhere, to my knowledge. (It's listed on Amazon Prime but can't be streamed.)


Great balls of fire. 1939 I think. Absolutely hilarious


Add the entire filmography of Bruce LaBruce.


Def add The Grey Fox. I tried @13's trick, but just ended up with the malware sites, maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I've been waiting for this to get re-released for forever...

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