Venice looks like this, except six feet under water
Venice looks like this, except six feet underwater Moment/Getty Images

The mold is back: As Chase mentioned in Slog PM, mold is back with a vengeance at Seattle Children's Hospital. This is an ongoing problem; one person has died, and potentially seven people have been sickened by the mold since 2018. Seattle Children's has announced that it is closing all main operating rooms. KING 5 and King County Public Health requested records about the mold back in July. The hospital sued them to block the release of the records.

Washington State University fraternity member dies: Samuel Martinez, 19, of Bellevue was found dead Tuesday morning in the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at WSU. Police are investigating the death. The death may be alcohol-related. All Greek system activities and events on the campus have been suspended for the semester. Last week, a frat member at San Diego State University died after "possible fraternity misconduct." Is it time yet to abolish fraternities and sororities?

Get ready for impeachment: The US House of Representatives is holding its first public hearings in the impeachment probe this morning. At 7 a.m. PST, CBS reports that "Bill Taylor, the top diplomat in the US embassy in Ukraine, and George Kent, the deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs, will appear before the House Intelligence Committee." My colleague Christopher Frizzelle will have a full-blown impeachment post for us all to sink our teeth into.

It's happening! Where should you watch? The New York Times has a livestream. So does Wired. And YouTube. There are more, but I'm giving you only three. You can't be so picky.

Live footage of Trump supporters making excuses for and defending the president during impeachment hearings: This could also double as live footage of President Donald Trump's defense team. Can't decide which is more apt:

Starbucks bathroom policy bad for business: According to a new study, after Starbucks opened up its bathrooms to the public—a move made after a racially insensitive incident in Philadelphia—monthly visits dropped 6.8 percent compared to other nearby coffee shops. Customers also spend 4.2 percent less time in Starbucks compared to other coffee shops. Starbucks has denied the legitimacy of these findings.

That's some bad luck: A Renton man got shot in the face when an argument he wasn't even involved in turned violent. A woman was visiting the home of a resident who asked her to leave. The victim was inside that residence. When the argument turned heated, someone waiting in the car for the woman fired a shot off into the residence. The resident ducked and the victim was hit in the face with the bullet. He is in critical condition.

The "Uber of freight" gets fourth-round funding: But don't confuse Convoy with Uber Freight. Convoy is the Seattle unicorn that just might make it big. At least that's what its investors are betting on. For its fourth round of funding, Convoy, a company that uses an app to match truckers with shipments as a means to "disrupt" the $800 billion trucking industry, received "a $400 million cash infusion raised at a $2.7 billion valuation." It's a pretty big deal and the "largest funding round for a Pacific Northwest company in more than a decade," according to GeekWire. (Full disclosure, I do know people who work at Convoy)

Some weather:

Tesla to build a factory in Germany: The first factory in Europe, which will produce batteries, will be built in Berlin. Part of that decision centered on "Brexit uncertainty."

You ever forget that the Supreme Court is terrible? Sometimes I forget about the conservative majority. Until I read something like "Supreme Court appeared on Tuesday to support President Trump’s efforts to end the program that protects about 700,000 undocumented immigrants." Yep. The court is gearing up to kill Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and side with the Trump administration's assertion that the program is unlawful.

Venice, Italy, is underwater: The highest tide in 50 years is plaguing Venice right now. It rose to about six feet of water on Tuesday night. The mayor has called for a state of emergency and all schools have closed. The last time flooding was this bad was in 1966. "Venice is on its knees," the mayor said.

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