Time to break out the Adult Pampers.
Time to break out the adult diapers. Elen11/Getty Images

Spokane is crazy: Yesterday, there were 127 vehicles involved in 47 crashes on a single stretch of I-90. Traffic was snarled.

Trump is designating Mexican cartels as terrorists: That way, the president said, there's a wider scope of action. He previously told Mexico that the United States was prepared to "go in and clear out" the cartels, the BBC reported. He reiterated his desire to do away with the cartels when nine US citizens (three women, six children) were killed earlier this month. The victims' community urged the US to consider the cartels a terrorist group.

Funeral procession at Sea-Tac International Airport: Don't worry, no one died. This was a protest funeral procession; there were coffins, but they were symbolic coffins. Airline caterers staged the protest to ask Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines for higher wages. They make all the food for in-flight meals, and they make less than minimum wage.

Monkey the poodle reunited with owner: I told you about the King County man whose truck was stolen with his dog inside earlier this week. After a shoot-out, the suspect was killed and the dog was recovered. Here's a video of the dog's reunion with his owner.

Remember the Apple Cup crash of 2018? The University of Washington marching band sure does. Last year, on their way to Pullman, one of the buses carrying the UW band crashed. The game day performance had to be canceled, and 39 students were taken to the hospital. Locals in George where the crash occurred brought them food and comfort. This year during the game at Husky Stadium, the band is planning a tribute to those Good Samaritans.

Windy in Western Washington: And cold. But also dry.

Meanwhile, weather elsewhere is nuts: Heavy snow has immobilized Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. A winter storm is plowing into the Midwest. There's supposed to be a "bomb cyclone" that smacks California and Oregon. Keep an eye out if you're traveling!

Chicago man charged for luring men into robbery ambushes: The 30-year-old man used Grindr, the gay hookup app, to rob men. He was sentenced to 18 years in prison for nine different attacks.

Alex Pedersen is sworn in: He's District 4's new council member. The ceremony took place Tuesday night at Magnuson Park.

Texas chemical plant explosion: There was a massive explosion early Wednesday at the TPC Group plant in Texas. The blast was so strong, it shattered windows of nearby homes. One man thought someone was firing bullets into his house. Nope, sir, just a chemical plant explosion. Three people were injured. The cause of the blast is still unknown.

In case you haven't gotten your fill of fog this season: This person made a time-lapse video of fog in the region. It's better watched on mute, in my opinion.

Death rates for younger Americans are rising: In almost every state, the death rates for people aged 25 to 64 increased from 2010 to 2017, the New York Times reports. This extends to all racial and ethnic groups. While overdoses and suicides impacted numbers, the people dying young also were just plain unhealthy.

The cause of the White House lockdown yesterday: Where someone entered the restricted airspace? It was probably birds.

Measles are on the rise: Across the globe, measles cases have jumped around 300 percent. In the Democratic Republic of Congo alone, 5,000 people have died from measles just this year. The World Health Organization has cited lack of access to health care, immunization gaps, and, depressingly (my word, not WHO's word, though they've got to be thinking it) a deep fear and skepticism of vaccines.

Nobody panic, but the toilets have broken down on the International Space Station: There are two toilets. They cost $19,000 each. They are both broken. Astronauts may have to start wearing diapers.

Happy holidays:

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