So, a white man named Keith Thomas Kinnunen pulled a shotgun from his clothes, and shot and killed two elderly men in a church in a Texas town called, of all things, White Settlement. The incident lasted for less than five seconds. Kinnunen, who also wore a fake beard, let two fly before he was shot dead by an armed security officer. As the bullets flew this way and that, screaming people hit the pews. They were much closer to God in a tight situation. Their screams, however, were too primal. You don't scream like that (for nothing but your life) if you are 100 percent certain of a heavenly afterlife. Even the pastor hit the floor.

I watched the whole thing several times because it was captured live on YouTube. I was simply amazed, again and again. This is the NRA's vision of America. This is how we are supposed to live daily. Indeed, after the third shot was fired in the White Settlement home of God, about six or seven men withdrew pistols as they rose from the pews and the smoke cleared. This church was fucking packing. What does the video make clear?

These Americans came to pray and not play...

To make bizarre matters even more bizarre, the reading of this shooting is that it actually turned out pretty good. If the church wasn't packing, it would have been much worse.
From Dallas News:
Jeoff Williams, regional director for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said there was an enormous police response Sunday morning to learn more about what led to the shooting.

He said the nation has seen so many shootings “that we’ve actually gotten used to it.”

“I would like to point out that we have a couple of heroic parishioners,” Williams said. “Our hearts are going out to them and their families as well.”

He said their quick actions had saved the lives of many other churchgoers.

“The citizens in this community have a lot to be proud of,” Williams said.

The security guard is now an American hero!

Thank God for the 2nd Amendment, thank Jesus for the NRA, thank the Holy Ghost for bad guys with guns getting smoked.