Its no Snowpocalypse but hey, snow is snow, right?
It's no Snowpocalypse—but hey, snow is snow, right? David Ryder

Not quite Snowpocalypse: But there is snow on the ground! And it's still snowing. Some people watched playoff football yesterday. I, on the other hand, followed the weather. It didn't start snowing until like 9 p.m. in Seattle, but here we are. More than 100 schools in the region have canceled or delayed school.

Whatever happens, though, it won't be like last year: There won't be another 10 days' worth of snow. The biggest threat to the region is black ice going into Tuesday as melted snow freezes. More snow could happen tonight and Wednesday night.

I'm trying to find other Seattle news: But it's all snow coverage. Do you know how to drive in icy conditions? Roads are getting cleared. The highs today will be in the upper 20s and 30s which means that maybe the stuff on the ground is going to freeze? Other than that, grocery stores have been decimated as per usual.

Iranians protests downed plane: Iranian leaders have apologized for accidentally shooting down a passenger airplane last week and killing all 176 people on board. Protesters are calling for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has been in charge for around 30 years, to step down. President Donald Trump and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu have voiced their support for the protesters. On Sunday, security forces fired into the crowd of protesters. Iran has denied shooting at protesters.

The Oscar nominations are out: They are bad. Joker was nominated for 11 awards. They did throw us a sliver of a bone by nominating Little Women and Parasite for best picture. It was assumed that Parasite, a Korean film, would be relegated to the foreign film section. The Stranger's Jasmyne Keimig will have more later today.

Seahawks lose: A whirlwind of a season ended on Sunday with a 23–28 loss at Green Bay against the Packers. Marshawn Lynch, who came back from retirement for three games, had some sage words of wisdom for younger players:

Vegetable airdrops in Australia: The New South Wales government is participating in a program dubbed Operation Rock Wallaby where they are dumping thousands of pounds of carrots and sweet potatoes to feed wallaby colonies across the region. This is a post-wildfire relief effort to make sure that wildlife gets fed. Officials have dropped more than 2,000 pounds of vegetables so far. Seattle should employ this in major snow events and airdrop bananas and bread.

Meanwhile, the navy is delivering beer: 800 gallons of it to Mallacoota, a coastal Victoria town whose road access was cut off by fires.

Nonviolent climate activists listed as extremists: The civil-disobedience group known as the Valve Turners have been listed as extremists by the US Department of Homeland Security for their strategy of simply turning off the valves of crude oil pipelines. They are listed next to white nationalists and mass killers, according to the Guardian.

Quick reminder that your president is lying to you: Trump claimed that Iran was going to target four US embassies as the reason for killing Iran's top general. The Pentagon chief has officially denied those rumors and said there was no concrete threat of embassies being targeted.

The impeachment trial: It could come as soon as Wednesday. Most recently, Trump has tweeted "that senators should dismiss the House’s charges of high crimes and misdemeanors against him outright."

A Colorado stabbing spree: A suspect is in custody after an early morning stabbing spree in downtown Colorado Springs, where he allegedly stabbed eight people. All the victims have survived.

This woman got $10,000 of free Popeyes chicken: Because of her dumb answer on Canadian Family Feud.

Today's best entertainment options in Seattle are: National Geographic Live: Pursuit of the Black Panther, Porscha Shaw and Jay O'Leary's meditation on black healing titled Revive, and a show with indie-rock and bedroom-pop acts Beauty Queen, Racoma, and Coach Phillips. See more on our EverOut Things To Do calendar.