This is the only picture of Ken we can afford!!!!
This is the only picture of Ken we can afford!!!! Getty/Getty Images News

The Russian government just resigned: Russian prime minister Dmitri A. Medvedev suddenly resigned. As did Medvedev's entire cabinet. Is that… pretty much the whole Russian government? Yowza. Putin allegedly had recently introduced proposals for broad constitutional changes. These may have triggered the resignations. They also may have the ability to extend Putin's reign after his tenure as president is up in 2024. Putin's proposals would have greatly shifted power in the Russian Parliament and State Council.

Another error from Seattle Children's Hospital: The hospital, which has pretty much been mold-ridden since 2001, is under scrutiny for performing cardiac surgery on an infant without the correct filtration system in the operating room. That surgery without the high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter took place as recently as last October. The infant now has an Aspergillus infection, the same infection that has sickened multiple Seattle Children's patients and killed six of them.

Impeachment developments: Damning documents from Rudy Giuliani that include text messages, notes, and a scrap of hotel paper that blatantly mentions "getting President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine to announce an investigation of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son," the New York Times reports. These documents emphasize Trump's pressure campaign on Ukraine. They also should put pressure on Senate Republicans to allow additional documents and witness testimony into the impeachment trial. There's actually a document from Giuliani that says Trump had "knowledge and consent."

Meanwhile: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is slated to announce the impeachment managers, who will act as prosecutors in the Senate. That should be happening any minute now. Here we go. The managers are Representatives Adam Schiff of California, who will be the lead manager; Jerry Nadler of New York; Hakeem Jeffries of New York; Jason Crow of Colorado; Zoe Lofgren of California; Val Demings of Florida; and Sylvia Garcia of Texas.

No snow in Seattle: I was walking around my neighborhood yesterday when I overheard two neighbors talking. "I don't know what we're going to get tomorrow," the elderly woman said. "I'm not sure even the weatherman knows." Tuesday started off with reports that Seattle was going to be inundated with 4 to 6 inches of snow throughout the night. By the time the 8 p.m. hour rolled around, there was nothing. Maybe only half of the city would get snow. Nope. We didn't even get that. Zilch. Nada. Goose eggs. Well, allegedly, some spots in Seattle got snow, but I don't buy it.

The rest of the region has enough snow for all of us: Whatcom County and Skagit County are drowning in snow. On the Olympic Peninsula, there were 18 inches overnight. Here are the closings and delays for schools in the area. Today will be the last day of snow, and then it's high winds and rains and whatever the fuck this is:

A good way to say goodbye: The snow brought us a lot of things, but mostly it brought a Fox news story about Seattle weather where they used an image of the Chicago skyline.

Washington State lawmakers want to exempt birthdays from public records: What is up with these elected officials trying to circumvent transparency laws? Democratic lawmakers in Olympia are trying to exempt the birth dates of public employees from being publicly available information. If you ask them, it's because they're worried it makes them susceptible to identity theft. The worst part is that we've been over this. The state supreme court has said that birth dates are not exempted.

Arizona HOA bans orphaned teen: A 15-year-old started living in a 55+ community with his grandparents after both of his parents died two weeks apart. The home owners association in the community wants him out and sent the teen's grandmother a letter saying they had until June to find the boy another home.

Remember that footage of the plane being shot out of the sky in Iran? The Ukrainian plane that Iran shot out of the sky, mind you? Well, the person who filmed the video has been arrested. However, the Iranian journalist who originally posted the video said that his source, the original filmer, is safe and that Iran has the wrong person.

There was a presidential debate: The last one before the Iowa caucuses. Which meant that everyone was trying to put their positive foot forward. Except for Senator Amy Klobuchar, who didn't really have anything to lose. Though her most memorable moment of the night was probably when she almost forgot the governor of Kansas's name. Despite recent reports that Senator Bernie Sanders told Senator Elizabeth Warren she wouldn't win the presidency because she was a woman, the two appeared cordial onstage. This was an odd moment:

The drama unfolded after the debate when Warren seemingly refused to shake Sanders's hand. We will have more debate takeaways later today.

In arguably more important news: I was right. Ken Jennings won it all, baby. The sporting event of the season, Jeopardy's Greatest of All Time Tournament ended with a bang, with Jennings winning the GOAT title and a $1 million prize. Final Jeopardy was a nail-biter. Jennings had won soundly in the game before and had a safe lead, but James Holzhauer, known for betting it all, could have given Jennings a run for his money if he had gotten the last question right. Jennings ended up betting zero (my friends debated why afterward—was he trying to extend the GOAT run by losing intentionally?). But Holzhauer's all-in bet didn't matter since his answer was wrong.

Look at this dig at Brad Rutter: The previous record holder for winningest game-show contestant of all time had a mediocre showing in the tournament. Holzhauer kept ribbing him about it.

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