Gritty... how could you?
Gritty... how could you? Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

No suspects in custody: Little is known about the Seattle shooting that happened just as the workday was ending. There are still no suspects in custody. Eight people were shot. A woman is dead. A 9-year-old boy is among one of the injured. Most of the injured are in satisfactory condition. According to the company, one of the victims worked for Amazon.

Coronavirus patient had contact with 16 people: The Snohomish County man brought the virus with him from a recent trip to China. He is the first U.S. patient with the coronavirus. He interacted with 16 people upon arriving back from his trip. Public health officials are contacting those people regularly to make sure they aren't experiencing symptoms. According to doctors, coronavirus isn't contagious until someone starts showing symptoms.

Wuhan is on lockdown: Yesterday morning, when I wrote about the coronavirus, the death toll was at nine. Only a few hours later, it had been updated to 17. Wuhan, ground zero for the virus, has since been shut down. No planes or trains are allowed in or out of the city. All public transportation inside the city has been shut down as well. Eleven million people reside there. Wearing a mask is now mandatory in the city. Huanggang, the city east of Wuhan, is also shut down. Other cities nearby are suspending transportation out of the city. Beijing has canceled all major Chinese New Year celebrations.

Wuhan citizens are saying the numbers aren't accurate: The death toll and the number of infected people could be much higher than what reported numbers show, according to The Guardian. Allegedly, some people with the coronavirus haven't even been tested and no official records have been kept. Additionally, people say that relatives of sick people aren't being tested for the virus. International health officials say there could be as many as 1,700 cases.

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake: Rocked Alaska's Aleutian Islands last night. No tsunami was expected.

Seattle school to be jointly run by non-profit: The Seattle School Board approved a partnership between the Technology Access Foundation and Washington Middle School. The partnership is meant to improve STEM education and support more students of color. It will also phase out the current gifted program operating at Washington Middle School.

Periods of rain throughout the day: Look at this wet system that moved through the area early this morning.

Gritty is under investigation: The Philadelphia Flyers mascot is a wanted man beast. The mascot is being investigated for punching a 13-year-old. The boy's father said that during a photoshoot with Gritty, his son patted the mascot on the head and then Gritty took a running start and hit the boy in the back. The father is also upset that the photo wasn't good.

Speaking of bad mascots: Here's this.

Woman who convinced her boyfriend to kill himself released from prison early: Michelle Carter only served about 11 months of her 15-month sentence for involuntary manslaughter. Carter, who will be released from prison early on good behavior, was convicted of persuading her boyfriend to kill himself.

I forgot to tell you yesterday: Mr. Peanut died. You know, the mascot for Planters. My favorite response on twitter was the guy who responded to the announcement by saying he was going to sleep with Mrs. Peanut. The funeral will be held during the Super Bowl.

Bye, emotional support animals: A new proposal from the Department of Transportation will limit what a service animal is (spoiler: it can only be a dog) and no longer requires airlines to allow emotional support animals on planes.

2020 is going great: In Presidential First, Trump Will Attend Anti-Abortion March for Life

Detroit man is having a really bad week: Sauntore Thomas, a black man in Detroit, just settled a racial discrimination lawsuit against his employer. He went to the bank to cash that check. They wouldn't let him. Instead, the bank called the police who investigated Thomas for fraud. He is now suing the bank for racial discrimination.

What I want to read today: This story about why American houses have so many bathrooms.

Today's best entertainment options are: A hip-hop show with Bay Area maverick Larry June, a Firestone Walker Anniversary Vertical at Brouwer's Cafe, and the opening of Timberlake Wertenbaker's play Our Country's Good. See more on our EverOut Things To Do calendar.