Thats a nice lead there, Pete, itd be a shame if something.... happened to it.
"That's a nice lead there, Pete, it'd be a shame if something.... happened to it." JOE RAEDLE/GETTY IMAGES

Murder charges for two downtown shooting suspects: Court documents show that two of the three downtown shooting suspects have been charged with first-degree murder. The documents confirm that the shooting that killed one person and injured seven others was a fight between rival gang members. All three have been charged with varying degrees of assault and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Man found living in Auburn Haggen Northwest Fresh Market for weeks: Police have arrested the man. He was living in the store's rafters and would only come out after hours to steal items. You know, I'm not advocating for this lifestyle (because it's illegal) but my man was indulging. When he was arrested, police found a whole lot of cigarettes and some very expensive cheese he had stolen.

Will we ever know the true Iowa results? It's unclear since these babies are a hot mess and a half. There are inconsistencies in addition, in delegates awarded to candidates, and more. While the results may not marginally change the results, they may be enough to question the legitimacy of the declared winner. Many members of the Iowa Democratic Party did not follow their caucuses rules, failed to adhere to new reporting guidelines, and did not verify results before releasing them to the public.

It's close between Sanders and Buttigieg: Reports from satellite caucuses edged Sanders closer to Buttigieg and evaporated the latter's slim lead. The two are nearly tied in their delegate counts. They're separated by three delegates but there are still caucus results outstanding.

Also, lol: Technically, Joe ended in fourth place, so it's even worse than imagined.

Yes, get that local angle: In PM yesterday, Chase mentioned the hell cruise that's stuck near Japan and may be quarantined for 28 days. KING5 found a Marysville resident on that cruise. Susan Anabel is in the thick of a quarantine. She said she just wanted an adventure. Boy, she got one. And it's less of an adventure than it is a contained plague thriller. Twenty passengers on the boat have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Footage from an American coronavirus evacuation flight:

A catchy new slogan: "Turn Around Don't Drown" [imagine that I am typing this to the tune of "Total Eclipse of the Heart." It doesn't quite work. I know. Give me this.] is the National Weather Service's warning about flooding. That's how wet things are. But, how wet are they really?

Very fucking wet:

Media got a tour of the new youth jail: The highly-contentious $242 million Patricia H. Clark Children and Family Justice Center (CFJC) is swanky and modern and sleek. The conversation over the new youth jail has been fraught for years. Officials have said the 156-bed facility is a necessary improvement and a step toward getting rid of youth detention at all. Opponents have called bullshit on that.

Washington school counselors do it all: From proctoring tests to monitoring recess, highly-trained counselors spend a lot of time doing things not in their job description. Washington lawmakers want to change that. There's a new bill in the Legislature that would tighten the definition of their duties, the Seattle Times reports, so they spend more time actually counseling kids.

Have you heard about these missing Idaho kids? A 17-year-old and 7-year-old have been missing since September. Their mother and her new husband are at the center of mystery and the mysterious deaths of their former spouses and the mother's brother. The mother failed to show up to a court order to physically produce the kids. She and her new husband fled to Hawaii. New evidence shows security footage of the two repeatedly visiting a storage facility that is stocked with the children's belongings.

Christina Koch lands on earth: The astronaut just finished a stay of nearly 11 months in space. That's the longest spaceflight by a woman.

FYI: There is no downtown light rail service from Friday until Monday morning. Forget about using the light rail between SoDo to Capitol Hill. Nightmare.

Engaging with the public: San Antonio Zoo will name a cockroach after your ex and feed it to the animals on Valentine’s Day

Russian police stage drug bust: They coerced residents to consume and manufacture the drug desomorphine, or what's known as "crocodile" on the Russian streets. Then, the police busted the drug den that they had made in order to claim crime-fighting success, a court found.

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