The boys house was on fire. He helped save his whole family.
The boy's house was on fire. He helped save his whole family. DKosig/Getty Images

Trump confirms he sent Giuliani to Ukraine: Contradicting his past denials, President Donald Trump admitted that he sent his personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to Ukraine to try to scrounge up some damaging information on the Bidens. In November, when he was being investigated, Trump denied ever directing Giuliani to do anything of the sort. Now, during a podcast interview with journalist Geraldo Rivera, Trump has changed his tune.

Seattle is for couples: According to FYI Guy Gene Balk, Seattle ranks in the top six cities in the country for young people living with a romantic partner. Thirty-eight percent of the 18 to 34 population in Seattle is off the market. We're in the top five with cities we're usually never associated with—Colorado Springs, Oklahoma City, Virginia Beach, and Omaha. The difference here, Balk points out, is that most of those other cities' couples are married. Seattleite couples are cohabitating in unmarried sin.

Audio released of Seattle teacher threatening his class: James Johnson, a former Meany Middle School math teacher, is heard on tape threatening his algebra class by telling them he had "just punched a student in the face," according to KUOW. He was suspended when he punched a boy in the jaw two years ago. Here is more of what the teacher told the class:

“Well, if you put your hands on me, I’ll kill you,” Johnson says. “If you touch me because you think you’re a 14-year-old like you’re a big, bad student … I’m an adult, I’m like your parent. If you put your hands on me, they’re going to have to surgically remove my foot from your posterior.”

The Issaquah home on the precipice of a landslide: A house above the Raging River near Issaquah could slip and slide off its perch at any moment. A nearby landslide occurred too close to the house and made the ground unstable. The backyard is literally falling apart. King County condemned the property. It's tricky for the owners, too, because insurance companies don't consider this flood damage or earthquake damage, so the house is a total loss.

Treating the coronavirus in Washington: Early in the coronavirus panic, Providence Regional Medical Center staff in Everett had to treat the first-ever patient in the United States. Luckily, the hospital had just done training for receiving an infectious disease patient (they had trained for Ebola) and had all the tools necessary for biocontainment and treatment. They treated the man like a normal patient, except they were wearing face masks and two pairs of gloves and he was existing in an inflatable biohazard unit. Read the rest of the Seattle Times story here.

Rain: It will be raining, and then it will not be raining, and then it will be raining. I think?

An Alki Beach gunfight: A 21-year-old Marysville man has been arrested for his role in a fight-turned-shooting on Super Bowl Sunday at Alki Beach. One man was shot in the head and another man was shot in the ankle. According to the man, who claimed to be a witness to the shooting when police showed up, robbers had fought with the victims and shots were fired. Police discovered that the man was lying and that he was the one who had allegedly shot his friends, according to surveillance footage.

Mobile voting is no good: According to a Massachusetts Institute of Technology study, an app used in mobile elections in Washington, Utah, parts of Oregon, and Denver is deeply flawed and easily hackable.

King County Metro wants to take you for a ride: Here are some valentines from your favorite transit company.

North Korean official violates quarantine and is executed: A North Korean trade official allegedly returned home from a trip to China and violated his 14-day coronavirus quarantine when he slipped out and went to a public bathhouse. Because of that choice, the man was executed by firing squad. As of January 30, North Korea has shut its borders to China in an effort to prevent the virus from entering.

Sure, I'll click: They met on a dating app. Then he robbed a bank on their first date and forced her to be the getaway driver.

More than 5,000 new cases of coronavirus in one day: There were 121 new deaths in that period. The total number of infected people is at 63,851 and the total dead is at least 1,380. Of the infected, 1,716 of them are medical professionals working to treat the virus. Six medical professionals have died. For treatment, some doctors are thinking of using plasma from a person who recovered from the virus and somehow giving that to someone still suffering from the virus. Antibodies are the best method, researchers think. However, it would need to be tested in a controlled trial.

The purest love you'll see this Valentine's Day: Astronaut Christina Koch returned home from almost 11 months in space. Her dog was bouncing-off-the-walls happy to see her.

Los Angeles County will dismiss marijuana convictions: Nearly 66,000 marijuana convictions will be thrown out under a single court motion, thanks to District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

Some Republicans cross party lines for Iran War Powers Resolution: The Senate voted to require Trump to get congressional authorization before he pulls any more shit with Iran. And by that, I mean taking any more military action against Iran. The vote comes six weeks after Trump chose to target and kill a top Iranian security commander. The resolution may not do much, however, since the Senate didn't reach the two-thirds supermajority it would need to override a presidential veto. Notably, however, eight Republicans voted with Democrats.

Five-year-old hero saves the day: Noah Woods, 5, awoke to flames in his Georgia bedroom. He grabbed his 2-year-old sister and climbed out of the window, and then he went back in to get the family dog. Then he ran next door to his uncle's house to get help. He's being named an honorary firefighter.

All that glitters is not gold: The first person to cross Antarctica alone did it in 2018. He also pooped his pants less than halfway through and had to use the same underwear for 38 days.

A fun fact for your Valentine's Day: Your lips and your asshole are made of the same type of skin.

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