It probably looked identical to this.
It probably looked identical to this. JANNY2/GETTY EMOJI BY ME

A suspected right-wing extremist attack in Germany: A German man opened fire on two bars in Hanau, Germany. The bars were frequented by immigrants. Nine people were killed. Chancellor Angela Merkel said, "At present, there is much evidence that the perpetrator acted out of right-wing extremist, racist motives." This is the latest in a string of attacks against immigrants in Germany as the Alternative for Germany has materialized as the first far-right group in the country since World War II.

Gun-control bills fail in Washington: There was a bill that would have banned the sale of assault weapons in Washington and one that limited magazine bullet capacity. The assault-weapon ban was destined for death almost upon inception. Meanwhile, the high-capacity limit bill made it out of the house and senate committees but died before floor debate. Republicans tacked on an obscene amount of amendments to drag the debate on too long.

Trump is live-tweeting Roger Stone's sentencing trial: Stone is being sentenced for obstructing a congressional inquiry. President Donald Trump has publicly attacked all parts of this trial and may have been successful in getting Stone a reduced sentence.

Olympia woman has coronavirus: She was on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, was tested before leaving and her results came back positive. Now she's at Travis Air Force Base in California with the rest of the Americans who were evacuated. Despite her diagnosis, she's not showing any symptoms. KIRO 7 reports that she's treating the whole thing "like an adventure."

Five coronavirus patients are being transferred to Spokane: Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center has "secured airborne infection isolation rooms," KING 5 writes. The Centers for Disease Control has confirmed that 15 people in the United States are infected, and hundreds are being monitored and tested for the virus.

Seattle Children's Hospital is moldy: And they don't want anyone to know it. Seattle Children's, which has had multiple Aspergillus mold infections over the years that may have contributed to the death of seven people, is suing to block the release of public health agency records related to the mold. Last week, a 6-month-old baby died after contracting an infection during heart surgery.

Sunny weather sticks around: It will be pleasant again! And chilly. Always chilly.

Ex-dogfighting dogs need a home: A dozen dogs were rescued from a suspected Tacoma dogfighting ring back in December. Now they need homes. They range in age from a few months to 5 years old. They'll be at the Humane Society of Tacoma.

Las Vegas overtaken by pigeons wearing MAGA hats: Ahead of the Las Vegas debate, a prank group (named P.U.T.I.N., or Pigeons United To Interfere Now) released a flock of pigeons adorned with tiny Make America Great Again hats. One pigeon had a tiny orange hairpiece. I am not making this up. You'll recall that last December, someone was putting tiny cowboy hats on pigeons in Las Vegas.

So who was meanest to Bloomberg last night? The court of public opinion seems to think it was Elizabeth Warren. She ripped into Mike Bloomberg and had the most speaking time last night. Her most-referenced line of the night? “I’d like to talk about who we’re running against: a billionaire who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians. And no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg.” Someone spliced it together with Nas's famous diss track "Ether" playing beneath it:

Bloomberg blunders: The Republican-turned-Democrat was on the defensive almost the whole night. The New York Times said he "looked very much like the out-of-practice politician" he is. He took hits from all sides—on racist stop-and-frisk policies, "muzzling" women with nondisclosure agreements, not being a very good New York mayor (that one was from Biden), and more. He stumbled in his defenses.

Warren set the aggressive tone: We're in a new chapter of Democratic debates as we get closer and closer to choosing a Democratic nominee. That means it's claws out time on the debate stage. Elizabeth Warren wasn't fucking around. She attacked Mike Bloomberg, laid to rest three opponents' health-care plans (she called Pete Buttigieg's health-care plan a "PowerPoint," Amy Klobuchar's a "Post-It Note," and criticized Bernie Sanders for criticizing people who wonder how he'll make Medicare for All work).

Bernie was chillin': Bernie Sanders was the front-runner this go around. Yet, he didn't get lambasted or torn to shreds. He got some barbs from Buttigieg, but mostly his opponents were focused on Bloomberg. Here is Sanders biting back at Buttigieg, who called him "polarizing."

Canada pileup: More than 200 cars were involved in a pileup on a Quebec highway during whiteout conditions. Two people were killed.

Good thing to know: Zuckerberg’s aides blow-dry his armpits to help with anxiety sweat before speeches, book claims.

FedEx driver falls off bridge: A North Carolina FedEx driver had pulled over to help a stranded driver while on an interstate bridge. He fell off the bridge and landed on the riverbed below. It was a 75-foot fall. It took crews 45 minutes to rescue him. He was taken the hospital alive but with serious injuries.

The man who invented cut, copy, paste on computers is dead: RIP, Larry Tesler. He was 74.

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