I got it handled, Mother.
"I got it handled, Mother." WIN MCNAMEE/GETTY IMAGES

Washington's primary is up for grabs: Sorta. In a new Crosscut/Elway poll conducted just before Washington state primary ballots were sent out to voters, "undecided" came in first, with Bernie Sanders coming in second. 21% of respondents said they would vote for Sanders. After that came Bloomberg (15%), Warren (11%), Klobuchar (11%), Biden (10%), and Buttigieg (9%). The poll had a 5% margin of error. Perhaps because of our uncertain outcome (although I can't see Washington going for Bloomberg), Buttigieg just announced a rally in Seattle.

Seattle's sporting a bunch of James Beard Award semi-finalists: The local shoutouts include Saboteur Bakery, Kamonegi, and Hood Famous Cafe and Bar. Seattle's beer scene was recognized, too! Congrats, Cloudburst!

You don't need to worry about the coronavirus any longer: Really, you don't! Mike Pence is in charge of it now! Trump "sought to reassure the country"... by naming Pence as the lead coronavirus point person. You know, the cuck who helped enable an HIV outbreak in his state. Meanwhile, a breaking coronavirus case in California may be "the first infection without a known link to travel abroad."

As cases of the coronavirus spike around the world the first U.S. soldier has become infected, reports AP. More:

A U.S. military statement said Wednesday that the 23-year-old man is in self-quarantine at his off-base residence.

It says the soldier was originally based in Camp Caroll in a town near the southeastern city of Daegu, where most of South Korea's virus cases are clustered.

South Korea said Wednesday it had almost 1,150 cases of the new coronavirus, the biggest outbreak outside mainland China.

How are we preparing for a coronavirus outbreak in Washington state? One of the ways Gov. Inslee is prepping is by making sure our nurses are ready to respond. He's "stepping into the rancor" of the negotiations between Swedish Health Services and its labor union, reports the Seattle Times. Inslee has brought in a new mediator from MIT who will meet with each side and then hold four days of negotiations starting on March 5.

Biden remains ahead in South Carolina: A new poll shows him leading by 18 points, something the Biden campaign desperately needs so they can reassert that he's the electable candidate. It should be noted that "three percent of [the poll's] respondents were under 25, 14 percent were under 40, 20 percent were under 54, 21 percent were under 64, and 43 percent were 65 or older."

But then what? "Even if he succeeds in South Carolina, his lack of resources and thin campaign organization in California and other states that vote next week on Super Tuesday present a daunting challenge to a candidacy already on precarious footing," writes the New York Times. "Interviews with party leaders in half a dozen Super Tuesday states suggest that the same vulnerabilities that plagued Mr. Biden beginning in Iowa—subpar organization, limited outreach to local Democrats and a late start to campaigning—are holding him back in the states that next week will dole out a third of the total delegates in the Democratic primary."

The kids are alright: Be like Malia.

Earth temporarily has an extra moon: Just when you thought things couldn't get weirder.

👀: Keep an eye on this tomorrow.

Geekwire did a price analysis and found that Amazon Go Grocery is undercutting its nearby rivals. I wasn't crazy when I found the prices to be cheaper than its main competitor, QFC, in the area. (Note: "A QFC Advantage Card shaved about $10 off the price of goods." Do you shop at QFC without the card? Get the card!) Also, the Capitol Hill grocery wars are heating up: A giant H Mart is coming soon to Broadway.

Potato prices are going up around Washington due to a $10 million loss of crops in Skagit Valley. "Relentless rains" in the early fall caused one farmer to guess that he had lost up to 12 percent of his potatoes this year.

Get ready for an art dispatch! Staff writer Jasmyne Keimig is coming through with some arts blurbs. Take it away, Jasmyne:

SAM curator Chiyo Ishikawa to retire after 30 years at the museum. Focusing on European painting and sculpture, Ishikawa had a hand in some of the biggest exhibitions at SAM; from an exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s Leicester Codex to one featuring masterpieces from the Picasso Museum in Paris. I remember going to Gauguin & Polynesia—which Ishikawa curated—when I was still in high school. It was one of the first fine art shows I’d ever seen! As Deputy Director of Art for the past 15 years, she most recently oversaw curatorial vision of the newly renovated and expanded Seattle Asian Art Museum. Ishikawa will be stepping down in the summer and the SAM’s search for a replacement will begin immediately.

Means TV debuts as the first worker-owned, post-capitalist streaming service: There will be no ads, product placements, corporate backers, or VC cash funding their product. The Detroit-based cooperative launched today with a library of leftist documentaries, movies, and shows (including live weekly ones covering news, gaming, and sports) and is available across all platforms. I haven’t signed up yet, but Spanish film Nosotros and original series The Trillbillies look pretty good! It's $10.99 a month.

Portland rapper Aminé drops “Shimmy”: Here, he’s making good on his assertion “Yes, there are Black people in Portland” by merging a Black aesthetic with the Pacific Northwest. Yes, we wear bright green gore tex because it’s cold as fuck. Yes, we rockclimb. Yes, we camp because we, too, enjoy the natural beauty of the region we’re in. Interpolating Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya,” Aminé stunts in front of different Portland landmarks while flashing his grill. Check it out here: