Most seniors find things like "boomer remover" amusing, so I guess the jab will never have its intended insulting effect.


Yep, tax cuts for millionaires is the only way to get out of this one. What do we need taxes for anyway? Looks like a great opportunity for some entrepreneur. Just waiting for someone to develop a 'Public safety app'. If you need the police, paramedics of firefighters you just see whos available in your area and pick from the best qualified independent contractor. What is the government doing for renters? Well, they get to say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays so there's that.


"Maybe we should be tightening our laws against slumlords."

Then where will you live?


"but Sawant and groups like Working Washington want more" - #always
@3 "Maybe we should be tightening our laws against slumlords." Unfortunately generalizing all landlords as slumlords and imposing insane laws like "you dont get to pick who you rent to anymore, 1st come, 1st serve" which are illegal and unconstitutional ironic considering it was passed to prevent discrimination but only increases it... causes landlords to quit, rents to rise and more evil out-of-state landlords...


5 with the headshot! No recovering from that since we all know its impossible to operate rental property without being a slumlord.


General adaptation syndrome; intense periods of stress responses which trigger fight or flight adrenaline rushes. Continuous depletion of your cellular reserves leaves you exhausted. But it will also make you more resilient.


2: Most millennials don't use terms like "boomer remover" anyway. Just saying. Just randomly saying that people are using that term doesn't make it a statistically significant fact. It's just trolling.


10: How nice to see our resident reactionary troll still on the hunt.


I lived in dumps in my youth. You know what I did? I didn't blame the landlord for giving me a cheap place to live, I bought some Comet, paint and roach traps and also made sure I'd have the education and skills to not be stuck there for ever.


13: Thanks for your bootstraps anecdote. Don't worry about evidence when you have a personal fable to tell.


Glad US Soccer has a woman leading it!

Q. How many Boomers does it take to change an incandescent light bulb?

A. One to infect it with COVID 19 and 499 to catch it and spread it before a Zoomer replaces it with an LED bulb and removes the infection source.


Hey everybody a guy on the internet got himself out of poverty, whats your problem?

Register for my 3-day intensive course at the SeaTac Ramada and you too can make millions flipping houses in your spare time. Its only $5000.


The youth can bitch and moan all they want about Boomers, but until they show up and vote they have only themselves to blame. They are the largest demographic after Baby Boomers. VOTE!!!!


Smart, Qualified People Behind The Scenes Keeping America Safe: "We Don't Exist"

“I know most Americans like to believe there are selfless, ultra-intelligent operatives like me out there watching over everything from an underground control room,” said the Rhodes Scholar Navy SEAL national security official who for the past 10 years we have all mistakenly presumed to be an actual human being. “Unfortunately, though, I’m not employed by the U.S. government, I’m not working at all hours to foil terrorist plots, nor am I part of some secret network of sharp, capable agents, because no such network exists.”

“And again, neither do I,” the imaginary man added.


"... the teens . . . 're reportedly calling coronavirus "Boomer Remover."
Can't wait to see how angry you are about this in the comments."

Angry? This Boomer LOLOL'd.
(and didn't even die) !

Happy (Belated!) Birthday, Nathalie!


@15 Your soft bigotry of low expectations is showing.


Meghan Rapinoe. Hero.
Cultural Warrior.



@22 -- has a certain natural Talent for twisting the knife.

If only it could do Good
and leave the Dark Side
but it's just ... too 'Happy' there.

C'est la Vie.


That story of the sad and universally depraved great mammal who's habits have left him shunned by his peers and destined to live alone is just heartbreaking.

But enough about Ted Cruz.



22: Cool story bro.


@22. You belong on 🎶Lowered Expectations🎵


I'm a millennial who hangs out on the internet a lot but this is the first I've heard of the "boomer remover"l It has a nice ring to it, but did anyone consider the "corona cleansing"?


“Boomer Remover”: As a Boomer and former smart-ass teenager I find the term clever and amusing.


All I know is poor people need to get their shit together and pull themselves up by their bootstraps and also we need to give Wall Street $1B straight cash.


@17: What are you babbling about? He would have been a good tenant in your Skyway mother-in-law.


Speking of Babble:
People are now renting out
space in their mothers-in-law?
Wtf? A 'room in the womb'? Sic.

Make Housing A Human Right.
And leave the poor mothers-in-law be.


@35 They should remind themselves that they were hospitalized for being too horny for the Flintstones.


@34: A "mother-in-law" in that context is a cottage on the property for that could be rented, used for guests, or house your mother-in-law.


"They [we Geezers] just remind themselves that these terms [Boomer Remover etc] are coming out of the mouths of the tide pod generation."

Disparaging Youth for Corporate America's Fuckups?
Not so 'funny.' Fascism is Never funny.

(do Not see: 'The Producers'
aka 'Springtime for Hitler')



"Everything is funny until it happens to you."

-Dave Chapelle

Thank you for the levity.

Deutsche Wurst needs to calm down before he starts scaring the womenfolk and children.


It is a bit concerning that we have all these corporate heads being praised and shaking hands with Trump, while he downplays the need for symptomless people. I don't like to throw around fascism, but this is clearly some kind of posturing to show that corporate control over the public health response is somehow superior and the more effective than those taken in countries with coordinated government healthcare.


@37 -- not mine.
She's Dead.


When the TV news reported on AIDS in the 80s, they took pains to tell their viewers that it was only infecting gay people, intravenous drug users, and Haitians. Anybody who remembers the reactions of all the people NOT in those groups is having some deja vu right now, except on fast-forward, as the time elapsed between "good thing only other people can get it" to "oh shit, I might get it?" is much shorter this time around.

There were also some equivalent witticisms to "boomer remover" making the rounds back then, but they don't bear repeating.


The 'Pandemic' is not damaging the economy.
The gross over-reaction to a new strain of flu is damaging the economy
More over-reaction will inflict more damage.
You Fucking Moron.


"Everything is funny until it happens to you." --D. Chapellee

That IS funny.
Thnx, Leviticulus!

Also -- when The Sausage
calms down, that's when
I begin to Get Worried.


Amidst all this doom & gloom allow me to change the subject to happier thoughts, like, I don't know... how about atmospheric Co2?
Daily CO2
Mar. 12, 2020: 414.11 ppm
Mar. 12, 2019: 412.14 ppm
See, look at that- a measly 2ppm increase!

Or global temperatures-
See, those so-called "scientists" at NOAA and NASA have to admit it- temperatures peaked in 2016!
We're cooling! /s


is that the wind?


@49 [edited]

'is that the wind?'
--Uncle Junior Soprano

[Dude -- you GOTTA read Hunter S Thompson] !

(But, if'n ya do, do so With Caution: HST suffered
Reich Wing Fools poorly. Good luck!)


Reporter asks Trump about Bolsonaro testing positive for the virus.

"He tested negative."


It requires more skill to compete in men's soccer than women's soccer. That is indisputable. Would any female soccer player be able to compete in a men's league? I'm in favor of players getting cut of overall revenue. If the men's league makes more, men get paid more. If the women's league make more, then the women make more. Simple.


Is there any female soccer player who could compete in a men's league? If not, doesn't that mean men's league does indeed require more skill and physical prowess? Player's should be paid a cut of the league's revenue. If the women's league makes more, then the female players should earn more. If the men's league makes more, then the male players earn more. Simple.




@53 -- blip, using reason (in @46's case)
is similiar to 'reasoning' with Fake "prez,"
or a turd.

It don't want Dialogue
all's it wants is
to Piss US OFF.

It Needs /Feeds on other's tears/fears
but I still believe there may be Hope.


"It turns out pandemics are not easy on the ol' mental health. Try to be kind to yourself somehow."

Consider it done.
(pours third glass of Scotch)


Anyone else not seeing new comments post?


oh my this thread on the whole is the least funny you people have been for a long while. @34 excepted -- it middling hippie word whimsy, but in the land of the mirth-blind George Carlin's 2nd cousin thrice removed is king.


the OG troll (as opposed to me, the pixel-fluid ghost), is having an off day. You must admit though that he has become markedly funnier over the past year or so. Honed his craft and now has a killer tight five.


@58 Not just you. comments are wonky.
I was asking myself- did I say something?
Or was my comment so lame that I finally dipped below some threshold?


not showing till ya post
But by GAWD
all the

Jesus are we
getting Farmed?
Fascism's finally arrived?

"It requires more skill to compete in men's soccer than women's soccer. That is indisputable.

Would any female soccer player be able to compete in a men's league?"

Excellent point. Women can never (never say what?) play alongside men.

But, the Real Question is
can the men
play alongside The Men?

If it's Merit you want

(and I can see why you
wish to change the Subject)

then shouldn't How They Play count?

We all KNOW how The Women's Team did.
World fucking CHAMPS

The men's team?
You know, I dont seem to
remember having heard
how the fared.


Let's base pay on Merit
and the men can Step Up

or they can whine, make up excuses
and/or try to change the subject.

Grow up, Dude.
It's 2020.


@fiveinchdick? -- we know it's You, Silly!
Your game's 'up' but Sadly
yo're Rudeness vastly
Exceeds it Value.

Anybody can Troll.


But not everyone can Fucking EDIT.


"Boomer Remover"? Good one. Now that you mention it, I see guys selling "Little Smartass-B-Gone" brand heroin on the street outside my office all the time.


@63 I love that you throw around five inch dick as an insult! Incredible humble brag. My speedo is doffed to you sir!

Editing though is what one reserves for audiences that make a difference. On here fuck if i could not care fuckin' les how fat the thumbs get


@52 -- re: Income/Pay:

From Senator Elizabeth Warren

"The @USWNT is #1 in the world & contributes higher revenues for @USSoccer than the men’s team, but they’re still paid a fraction of what the men earn.

Women deserve equal pay for equal (or better!)
work in offices, factories, AND on the soccer field."


Perhaps instead of Asking for equality
women Demand BETTER Pay
and perhaps the Boys'd be
Happy to settle (outta ct?)
for Parity.

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