Some of you settle so easily.
I guess this pandemic really has made us horny. Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Home lenders are preparing for up to 15 million mortgage defaults: An estimated 30% of Americans with home loans—15 million households—are expected to stop paying if the U.S. continues to be shut down into the summer.

Today's big COVID-19 updates: Washington's stay-home order is extended until at least the beginning of May. Not enough Americans are abiding social distancing recommendations. Refrigerated morgue trailers have started popping up around Florida. Catch up on everything here.

Amazon is aggressively moving into video games: The titan plans on releasing a science-fiction shooter game called Crucible in May. Details are scant but a promo image shows a little kitty with a gun. This paragraph really made me groan:

In a demonstration of Amazon’s commitment to video games and the imprimatur of its founder, Jeff Bezos, the company has bestowed the name Relentless Studios on its flagship game operation in Seattle. Mr. Bezos originally considered naming his company and personally registered the domain, which still points to Amazon.

This is really cute: Vulture organized over 35 TV writers and had them write out what their characters would do in a pandemic. The impressive package includes thoughts and writing from the creators of over 30 TV shows, including Sesame Street, Veep, Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock, and even Star Trek: Picard. Some excerpts:

• In Parks and Rec's coronavirus episode, Leslie Knope "would’ve known the CDC protocols for social distancing already, and they would’ve been instituted within 24 hours of the first reports of the coronavirus in America."

• In Curb Your Enthusiasm's coronavirus episode, Larry David loves the pandemic: "Isolated in his house, Larry doesn’t feel imprisoned. He feels relief. Think of all the time he’s saved because he doesn’t have to come up with a good lie about why he doesn’t want to have lunch with you or go to your poetry reading."

• In Veep's coronavirus episode, Selina Meyer is surprisingly competent: "In one of her few successful speeches to the nation, Meyer demanded citizens in every state practice social distancing. Meyer told the nation that she herself would 'stay at least 30 feet from her daughter Catherine' if she could."

• An entire scene was written for Frasier.

• Coach Taylor, from Friday Night Lights, has a whole speech.

I think we should embrace being lazy during this pandemic: But here are some really, really short workouts if you're feeling itchy.

The Democratic National Committee's presidential convention is postponed, but that isn't stopping people from speculating who Joe Biden's running mate will be. (People seem to have forgotten that Sanders is still in the race.) Consultants are confident that Biden will pick a woman as a running mate, but there's been murmuring about Biden picking Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Biden has said he is considering between six and 10 candidates and it is assumed he is considering former female presidential candidates like Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren.

Biden has said that he would put a black woman on the Supreme Court: Here's a profile on one of the leading candidates, 43-year-old California Supreme Court Justice Leondra R. Kruger.

People want to name Dr. Anthony Fauci the "Sexiest Man Alive": I'm not sure where to start with that one.

Another data privacy controversy for Zoom: On Thursday, an investigative analysis from the New York Times found that a Zoom feature "allowed some participants to surreptitiously have access to LinkedIn profile data about other users—without Zoom asking for their permission during the meeting or even notifying them that someone else was snooping on them."

Zoom removed the feature shortly after the Times report was published, even though they once boasted that the feature "add[ed] tremendous value to Zoom," notes Recode.

The FDA "eases" restrictions on gay men donating blood: Before today, it was recommended that men who have sex with men needed to be gay sex free for a year before being allowed to donate blood. Today, the FDA announced that the limit has been reduced to three months. The arbitrary move from one year to three months somehow feels more homophobic than doing nothing.

I hope this is true! A Reddit user claiming to be a manager at a local grocery store posted this nice note to the Seattle subreddit:

Thank you! from r/SeattleWA