Haha, most COBOL programmers are dead, just like New Jersey.


The Wisconsin election is all about down ballot issues - judges & stuff. It's local. The Republicans there don't care about Biden vs. Sanders.


My ex was a COBOL systems analyst for 10 years. So long as NJ can match her pay, I'm sure a decent pay package of six figures, relocation expenses, and a full match 10 percent retirement plan would work for her.

Thunderpussy TM wins!


If you're outside and nobody's around you (like jogging on the outside paths around Green Lake) - no need to wear a mask. If you're in enclosed spaces and/or around people (like on the inside paths closer to the lake), wearing a mask is must.


Hmmm, the Great Barrier Reef is bleaching again,
(ignore the alarmists)
the world is locked down from pandemic disease,
(ignore the alarmists)
how about some positive environmental news?
How about CO2, how are we doing there?

Daily CO2
Apr. 5, 2020: 416.03 ppm
Apr. 5, 2019: 412.15 ppm
Jeez, I hate to be an alarmist, but...


@5: That's only a 4 ppm increase, it could have been higher.


@2: It's a little more complicated than that. Among othere factors, there's a special election in one congressional district scheduled for the second week of May. It would have made sense to move everything to that date. But that would have boosted Democratic turnout in that race, so that's one reason Republicans opposed delaying the primary.


@5: What was the 2018 ppm? If it was less of an increase, I'll be alarmed.


It seems like very twenty years COBOL programmers are in demand. Last time it was Y2K.


Trump Optimistic About Winning Nobel Prize in Medicine
By Andy Borowitz
April 6, 2020

Trump said that he was a “lock” to win the Nobel because of his pioneering work in prescribing the drug hydroxychloroquine.

“I’ve been talking about hydroxychloroquine so much that a lot of people think I invented it,” Trump said. “You have to give the Nobel to someone who invents a major drug like that.”

He revealed that his medical discoveries had “blown away” the doctors on the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

“When I tell Tony Fauci some of the stuff I’ve come up with, he just shakes his head,” Trump said.

More @:


One comment from the NYT article: “White House Adviser Warned of Risks of Pandemic; Trump Misleads on Testing

“How are Americans combatting the virus?

By threatening the life of the preeminent epidemiologist leading the government task force.

By stockpiling guns, inevitably spiking the rate of suicides and homicides, putting even more pressure on ER wards at a time of crisis.

By firing millions of employees instead of stimulus measures to incentivize keeping them employed, causing widespread loss of access to healthcare and disincentivizing testing and treatment.

By not promoting or enforcing social distancing in red states.

By watching partisan mass media that downplayed the pandemic, ignored it, ridiculed it.

By allowing harmful disinformation, scams or quack remedies multiply on social media.

By loudly disavowing socialist healthcare provisioning as an affront to American values and rejecting political proponents in primary season, then promoting free testing without any sense of irony whatsoever.

By firing doctors, military captains and Amazon workers who complain about inadequate provisioning to discourage whistleblowing.

By providing workers a pittance in financial support, delivered too late, but a huge and secretive slush fund for corporations who squandered the bailout they already received: the Trump tax cuts.

By continuing to allow healthcare be run for profit, to ensure those not killed by the virus are bankrupted by it, and the rest of us hit by massive insurance hikes next year.”
--Xoxarle, Tampa 4/6/2020


Is ^ THIS ^ the America We, the
People are willing to Settle for?

If so, perhaps we might even Deserve the
fascism that always accompanies Corporatism.


I’m just glad trump made it ok to say merry Christmas and retarded again. The president is mentally retarded.


Too bad Hillary couldn't beat a retard.
Even outspending the retard by more than two to one.
And with the constant 24/7 shilling of the Leftist Propaganda Networks (CNN, MSNBC, etc)
Yeah, too bad Hillary couldn't beat a fucking retard.

can a doddering senile old fart with no money beat the retard?


@Smarmy Retardo

all that pro-corporate teevee
finally cracking you up?
no suprise there that
crack's been visible
to Everyone for
fawking Ages.

Check out the Brilliant Amy Goodman's
Brilliant Democracy Now! wherever Free
Speech has not yet been Outlawed forever.

NON Corporate! truly

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