Yes it would


I recommend a large, cone-shaped (preferably orange) Hat, cause who has Time to (look up and) see someone kneeling in the very center of an intersection whilst we're ohso busy, staying well-Connected?
Be Brave
but be Safe.

(Great pic, btw)


Just what I want. Food constantly barraged with car exhaust. I'm sure nothing could go wrong.


@3 plants love CO2. All your food must come from a utopian biodome.


What you mean to ask is "May I Grow Potatoes in a Traffic Circle?"

A better question is why a useless potentially hazardous obstruction is in the middle of the intersection.



Traffic circles have been employed as a part of our civic landscapes dating back to the 1700's. L'enfant incorporated them into the Washington DC transportation grid as a hindrance to potential enemy invasion. I spent a few years working as a bicycle messenger in DC and lodged many enjoyable hours watching out-of-towners and commuters unsuccessfully attempt to navigate the basic pattern of flow around Dupont Circle..

Though it's certainly not surprising you'd struggle with them. Stupid fuck.


roundabouts are Better than trying to dodge stopsign-defying Republican scofflaws oh and say isn't that a Potatoe growing in yourear?

It's lovely btw
your Best feature
so far


Nice idea, but I think mainly you'd be feeding neighborhood raccoons & coyotes


With raspberries you could get birds and bees and racoons, coyotes (they like rapsb, right?) and bears and maybe people too.

But it's GOTTA stay low or my pet goat's gonna come eat it down to the correct level. He's got a damn good Eye for it too.

Could put in a pumpkin.


@6 Yes, plants crave CO2. Unfortunately cars don't spew carbon dioxide (CO2) but instead carbon MONOXIDE (CO); it's a small but important difference. Also, there are other pollutants in car exhaust that I personally wouldn't want my food growing right next to.


As long as you plant them on or before Good Friday, you should be fine.


@12 - cars dump out tons of CO2 along with CO. It's why they are major contributors to global warming. But the CO they put out won't be your problem either. It won't stick around on the food. I'd worry about things like benzene and various unburned hydrocarbons, that could potentially remain in the soil and those so-tasty traffic circle potatoes.


@13 - If I plant them on Good Friday, will they rise in time for Easter brunch?



Baby (potatoe) Killer!

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