Fines are obviously seen as a cost of doing business. Fix that by increasing each fine exponentially. Eventually it stops making sense.


Looks like out of desperation, Bob used his power to get a salon operator give him good cut and color.


Didn't notice that but did notice how Democraps are OK with postponing elections when it suits them.


Also Sad;
how much the Left hates, and fights to extinguish, Free Speech;
which is the Mothers' Milk of a Free Society.


Buying elections is not free speech.
And if Facebook wins on this, a legal precedent will have been established that perjury is an alibi.
Just stop violating state law, Zucc.


Also, in this country, there is no such thing as a "Leftist Tyrant". It's not tyranny to oppose the rigging of elections, and nobody has ever been oppressed for being right wing.


of course there isn't;
and your farts smell sweet, too


Nobody's GOING to take your fucking guns and nobody's going to try. Move on already.



that's disappointing.
cause we were really looking forward to when you try.


@12: The reason you bought all that ammo was that the ammo companies deliberately started a fear campaign to convince you that Obama was going to take your guns, in order to con you into wasting massive amounts of your hard earned money buying ordinance you were never going to need. It was bullshit-he was never going to do that and an actual would-be tyrant(something Obama never was)would never do anything as tactically stupid as sending the army to go door-to-door confiscating guns-an actual would-be tyrant would go Sun T'zu on your ass and carpet bomb a random red state. Any attempt at door-to-door gun confiscation would actually cause a massive armed uprising and a fair amount of the troops would defect to join the uprising.

Nobody who was trying to turn the country into a police state would ever give the populace that much of a chance to fight back. Thinking that they would means that you are assuming a would-be tyrant would fight fair, which is not a would-be tyrant thing, actually.


be nice

no one ever accused the Tyrannical Left of being smart


The Stranger should stop linking to Facebook on the events pages. Quit supporting this shit.


Go get 'em, Bob!


The only things that matter to them are seizing their server farms and jailing their top shareholders.

I recommend both.


"Facebook justified its refusals by arguing -- 'circularly,' The Seattle Times noted -- that because the company says it bans local political ads in Washington state, it doesn't have to follow state law when it does, in fact, sell such ads."

Orwellian Double Speak is what it's called.

fb's disobeying its own rules, and is
therefore is subject only to its own policings.

A Novel argument?
Not really.

But it's good enough to put off the Feds.

Fuck fb:
Till they can Comply
they can Fly
tf outta WA.

Let 'em go practice their Dark Arts elsewhere.


Mark Zuckerberg should be prosecuted for undermining our democracy by selling all of our data to shadowy right-wing group Cambridge Analytica. He did it for the $$$, to prop up the stock price & his own fortune. And now, FB still allows phony political attack ads.

Sheryl Sandberg, FB Chief Operating Officer, is equally culpable in playing fast & loose with our data. After FB was called out for letting a phony right-wing-doctored Nancy Pelosi video circulate, she was quoted: "We never said political ads have to be true." Pathetic. #ZuckYuck #ZuckSucks #FuckZuck #MarkZuckerbergTraitor #SlimySherylSandberg #DeleteFacebook


@15 "tyrannical left"? Please. You can't accuse somebody of being a tree-hugging, whale saving, bleeding heart Librul AND accuse them of tyranny at the same time. Real tyrants don't want to force single-payer healthcare on you and forgive your student loan debt. Nobody ever said right wing-nut teabaggers were smart.


Time to level criminal charges against Facebook executives.


Removing political adds from slipping through is akin to removing every phishing, Russian troll, Neo Nazi, anarchist or other questionable posts that print media would never allow. "Legislative Intent" would be an interesting legal question. Did those who enacted this legislation foresee it being used in global social media platforms based on the internet? Freedom of speech becomes an issue as it's far cheaper to attempt to ban such adds than to police them. Especially on a platform that changes and updates constantly.



"You can't accuse somebody of being a tree-hugging, whale saving, bleeding heart Librul AND accuse them of tyranny at the same time."

Of Course you can, silly!
If Words don't Matter
then you can say ANY thing
ya wanna -- it just don't Matter!

It's just its little Ploy
for the attention its
Momma never gave it.
It's also doublygood for
de-railing the Conversation!

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