El Fake 'prez' has
positioned hisself Perfectly:
HE is Not Responsible for the Bad Shit
and gets FULL Credit for ANY Good Shit.

The PRO-Life party cares for Lives
ONLY when they're inside a Woman's body.

After that?
Fuck off, Freeloader.


Patty Murray - how nice to hear from her again after all these years.


do we have 2 senators? I can't remember. if we only had a rich senator with alleged hi-power biz&tech connections and a strong background to help organize a great response to the clown-in-chief. oh well, wishful thinking i guess


Good luck getting the Narcissist-in-Chief to go along with it.


Patty looks tired.

And frumpy.

It's sad how she has let herself go to Hell.

She'll probably blame the virus, but.....


Only patty has the balls to do what others won't, expect someone else to take care of it.

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